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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Star City Shirwal - it's all about Vastu Shastra!

Visit to Star City on Pune Bangalore (Bengaluru) Highway at Shirwal:

View Star City Shirwal in a larger map

Yesterday, i visited Star City at Shirwal (www.star-city.in). I went with my builder friends. From my home on Paud Road, Star City is just 50 klms away. It was a pleasant drive, may be of 50 minutes, in the cloudy afternoon, on the familiar road. So, we had a good time.

At the site of Star City, as i was told, there was nothing much to see. Not even the digital presentation. Because, there was no power. Like, any day in Shirwal - no power for 4 hours.

While waiting, we tried to read the floor plans of Star City Shirwal. But couldn't. Because in the floor plan of 1 BHK Flats, room dimensions were not given, at all.

In the floor plans of 2 BHK Flats, dimensions were printed, in the centimeters, and were too small to read. Plus, 120 cm - means 3 feet 11 inches - wide and 2455 cms - means 80 feet 6 inches - long passage in the 2 BHK Flat's buildings in Star City Shirwal - became a big topic of discussion. We started debating over "What is important in real estate marketing? Information or impression? Planning or Presentation? Pricing and Profit or Interest free finance from the financial institutions through so called investors?"

One of my builder friend told us to shut up and look at the table. One gentleman, wearing shirt, trouser and glasses - must be a graduate - as innocent as an IT professional - must be investing housing finance company's funds as if they are his own funds - was writing a cheque of a booking amount. We got the answer!

Someone tried to talk about the same room size of all 3 bedrooms in the 3 BHK Flats of Star City - only 10 feet x 10 feet 3 inches - but we ignored and kept on "viewing" the happenings at both tables - bookings!

Now, my builder friends started enjoying the visit. For them, there is nothing like "viewing" the property buyer booking a flat. Booking - without much information. Booking - without a sample flat. Booking - without any major site development. Booking - in a project developed by an unknown developer. Booking - in a town like Shirwal, so far away from Pune City. Booking - at Rs. 1,600 per sq.ft. on National Highway 4. Oh! what a sight!! One of my friend thanked me for inviting him to witness this divine happening!!

Every thing was going on well, till one of my builder friend lost his cool. We got an opportunity to meet the salesman. As we were taking our seats, a friendly salesman, actually brother of the builder of Star City, casually said that from tomorrow - they may increasing the property rate. My builder friend started arguing. Just like a typical property buyer! "Why? Why are you increasing the rate by 100 rupees? You should not increase the property price! This is not fair. It's pure greed!"

"He is upset because he had liked your project. While we were waiting, we studied the brochure. Thought that today, we will block the one we like (flat) and send a cheque tomorrow. Now a days, who carries a cheque book or a cash in his pocket?," other friend not only said but took out his valet and showed more than a dozen credit cards.

"No problems! Since we are on the main Pune - Mahabaleshwar - Satara - Kolhapur road, in the last 18 days, many people have stopped here on the way, liked our Star City and booked the flat with whatever amount they can spare at that point of time, even 1,000 or 2,000 rupees. In the next couple of days, of course, they have sent the cheque of balance amount!," young friendly man said.

"Good! You are a customer friendly builder! In Pune, you wont find any. Now, give us a good flat in a good building. Where is your building layout? It is not there in the brochure!," my builder friend said.

I had seen the layout plan of the Star City in New English School Tilak Road, so i was not shocked. But, when the young man showed the layout plan, he was using like table cloth, my builder friends started looking at each other.

"Do you have to get the plans and layout sanctioned from anybody - like PMC in Pune - or you can plan as you want?," one of my builder friend asked very politely. "Shirval is in Satara District. They sanction it," young builder said (now, we were completely aware that we were talking to the family member of the builder of Star City!)

Looking at the layout plan of Star City, one of my builder friend said,"This looks great! I am loving it!!" "Yes, every one likes our project at a first glance! One investor has booked 80 shops and 48 flats in his first visit on the day of a launch !" the young builder said proudly.

"Really! You have shops in Star City? I would like to buy one! Where are shops in this layout?," my builder friend asked. "All gone! Now, you have to buy from that investor! We sold him for 2,700. Now, he asks more than 3,500!," the young builder said and showed the shops located on the both sides of 9 meter - 29 feet 6 inches - wide road in the center of Star City! "This shopping street in Star City at Shirval would be as good as Tulshibaug in Pune!," one of my builder friend said. Young builder took it as a complement!

By this time, one more SUV had come with the visiting property buyers from Pune. They were waiting for information. Looking at them, one of my builder friend said, "There is something special special about this site. I am feeling something since we entered!"

"You are feeling vibrations! This is all because of the 6 months treatment of Vastu! We have "resized" this plot as per Vastu. We have put tons of special metals in the plot as prescribed in the Vastu. There are hundreds of Pyramids placed at the specific points as per Vastu. The size and the location of the main gate is exactly as per Vastu. Hundreds of litters of "Go Mutra" (urine of a cow) is sprinkled on this plot to purify it as per Vastu. This booking is all because of the Vastu!," the young builder said with a smile.

Without talking or looking at each other we got into the car. At the gate, i told the driver to stop for a moment. I got down and shot the photographs of the site of Star City Shirwal, given below. After i finished shooting, i realized that my builder friends had left without me. Suddenly, my complete body started shivering. It stopped, only, when i asked myself, "Ravi Karandeekar, Pune real estate consultant, how about becoming a Vastu Consultant?"

Would you like to share your experience of booking a flat in Star City Shirwal Pune?

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Contact Star City Shirwal:

Site Office
Gate No. 336 / A, Opp. Pandharpur Crossing,
Adjacent Pune - Banglore Highway,

Corporate Office
Off. No. 154, 155,
Connaught Palace,
Bund Garden Road,
Pune - 411 001

Tel.: (020) 4007 7796 /
Mob.: +91 8805 50000 / 95454 55945 / 95454 55950 / 98904 44067

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  1. Very nice real estate stuff I ever seen! Thanks for the info.

  2. I wish Buyers also had access to some Vastu Shastra tips to get flats at lower prices (at 1/2 or 1/3rd prices).

  3. According to me it is advisable to build a flats with the Vastu Shatra science.

  4. I liked your post. Its a common sight in pune where so called investors corner all he property in the under construction project and sell almost all that he has booked by the time the building are ready in 2 years so he ends up with a HUGE profit at really no risk.

    But what about people who actually want to buy a house to live in ? Well your post is of 2010 and now its almost end of 2011 the rates might be running in Rs. 3000 /sq ft thanks to the so called investor LOL.

    Is there are place to get a decent 1bhk for 9 Lakhs anywhere near the mumbai bangalore route?

    Problem is Shirval will sent the bench mark for prices so anything upto 49kms will be costlier than star city.

    <a href="http://www.skyweb.co.in/blog>Dharmanath</a>