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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs near Warje Pune - almost surely!

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The other day when i visited my dear friend Sachin Kulkarni, M. D. of Vastushodh Projects, I saw a few architectural drawings on his table.

"2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs near Warje Pune?," I asked him.

"Yes, it's almost sure!," Sachin said and started to put the drawings back in the file.

"Come on, let me have a look!," i requested him. "Now, Vastushodh's Google Group has almost become "famous"! More than 90 property buyers have already joined the group! My blog on "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" is one of the top 5 popular blogs! Sachin-saheb, please, share some exclusive news and i will blog it!," I tried my best to convince Sachin Kulkarni.

"Now, only the members of Vastushodh's Google Group will get an exclusive news! If you are looking for a news join the group!," Sachin Kulkarni said.

Let us go on a long drive!

View 2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs near Warje Pune in a larger map

Realizing that i am not going to get an exclusive Pune real estate market new, i changed my stand.

"OK. How about going on a long drive? May be towards Warje...Shivane...NDA-Gate...let us go to Khadakwasala Dam! Or why not go to Agalambe? Recently, i heard, you visit this area quite often. Right?," i asked Sachin Kulkarni.

"Who said so?," Sachin asked.

"It's all over the web! I read it on Indian Real Estate Forum! Someone has said that the location of the "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" is Shivane! Is it?," I asked.

"Not exactly Shivane. But you are almost right. Do you really want to see the plot i have finalized?," Sachin asked.

"Yes, of course! Let us go for a long drive!," i requested Sachin.

"It's not a long drive! You can go there on your own! Do you have a monthly pass of PMT Bus. Right?," Sachin asked.

"Yes, of course! I can travel even out of PMC & PCMC limits. Which i have to do often to visit the upcoming projects. By the way, now, it's called PMPML!!," i told Sachin.

"You can use your pass to visit the site!," Sachin said.

"I can go up to Agalambe! Should i?," I asked Sachin.

"Why not? As you wish! But, remember that our "2 BHK Flat for 20 lakhs" is not a weekend home. It's residential project for a young first time home buyer who has just started his family!," Sachin said.

The Young Family and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance!

"Means our property buyers' days of going on long drive are over! Now, he is married and has a small kid! Oh! How boring!!," i said.

"Boring? No! Not at all. He has something unique about him!," Sachin said.

"What is it?," I asked.

"His motorcycle has a petrol tank! So, he doesn't have to compromise like those who's vehicles have only a corroborator. So, the member of Vastushodh's Google Group is not forced to accept any kind of property - at any rate - in some odd location of a well known area of Pune! He has a freedom to choose!," Sachin Kulkarni said.

"Come on. You are doing well. I assume you are talking about Horizon and Alliance Nisarg at Wakad and one collection agent's group housing project somewhere near - nobody knows where - project! Right? I enjoy one builder criticizing other! Please, keep on talking!," I requested Sachin Kulkani.

"I am not talking about any builder or a project. I am talking about a location of our "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" project," Sachin said. "I only want to tell you that the location of "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" is in the popular residential area. Which is, of course, not a glamorous, but, for sure, very convenient for a young working family," Sachin added.

"Nothing glamorous about the location? No greenery? No hill view? No lake view? How sad!," i said.

"View? I was talking about immediate neighborhood. Views would be worth watching!! How about a view of NDA? or a Khadakwasala Dam?," Sachin asked.

"That would be great! Are you planning to build a high rise?," I asked.

"Mostly, Girish has suggested 11 story building. That's what i was studying," Sachin said.

"Means, you have appointed one of the best architect in Pune. He has given you a layout plan. Must have given the floor plans too. Right?," i asked.

"Yes! How can i decide about the plot without checking the possibilities? Can I?," Sachin said.

"Then why are you not showing me the rough plan?," i asked.

"Because, you are not a member of Vastushodh's Google Group! Be a member to know the details of "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs near Warje Pune!," Sachin said.

"Good! You are talking to - or not talking to - someone who helped you to form your Google Group!! OK. I will join Vastushodh's Google Group today. When are you giving all the details about "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs"?, i asked.

"Soon...very soon!," Sachin Kulkarni, M.D. of Vastushodh Projects Pvt. Ltd. said.

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