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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visit to Alliance Nisarg, Wakad Pune

1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats in Wakad Pune?

Something strange is happening in Pune real estate market! Look at this - On this weekend, Saturday, 19th June 2010, a launch ad of a project in Wakad was not in 'Times of India' or 'Times Property'. But, it was published only in Marathi Newspaper, Sakal's real estate supplement, "Property Today"! As if, the project is on Sinhagad Road or in Ambegaon!

The ad wasn't in Marathi but in English!

Look at the size of a launch ad of a real estate project - it was not a full page, nor a half page - not even a quarter page - but even smaller than that!

However, name of the project - "Alliance Nisarg" - sound familiar. But the builder was not R. K. Lunkad Group! How can any other builder start a project in Wakad and name it "Nisarg"? Strange!

Oh My God! This "Alliance Nisarg" project is located near "Ginger Hotel"! Means - in the neighborhood of Horizon at Wakad or what? It is not "horrible" - terrible - awful - but not exactly "pleasant" - wonderful - attractive - neighborhood. Right?

However, one sentence in the ad was very attractive - "To know more of 'launch offer' please visit our site."

- "Sure! I am coming! I want to know 'more' of launch offer!" What would it be? More attractive than Horizon's launch offer? Less 'launch' property rate than Rs. 2,550 per sq.ft.?

"Why am i expecting less property rate than Horizon at Wakad?," i asked myself. This ad was not that 'stupid'. In fact, when i started comparing, i realized that the launch ad and offer of Alliance Nisarg was quite "smart"!

Alliance Nisarg (www.alliancenisarg.com) was offering 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats. Means, the property rate may be more - because sizes and budgets would be smaller - means within reach!

Plus, the ad was not at all talking about "amenities" - no club house and no swimming pool - means this builder - Alliance Nisarg Developers - is small, but, for sure, not a newbie! He knows the limitations of his project, what property buyers are looking for and what is their budget. I must visit Alliance Nisarg to find out how many flats were booked on the day of a launch, i thought.

From Kalewadi Phata to Dange Chowk: On BRTA Raod!:

"Ginger Hotel" Wakad Pune:

When i left home to visit Alliance Nisarg, for me purpose of my visit was not to find out what the project was offering. But, i wanted to understand what property buyers are accepting - and buying. So, i left my critical cap at home.

To acclimatise myself with the reality, i got down at Kalewadi Phata and walked up to Dange Chowk. However, i made one mistake. I took a bus to Ginger Hotel.

When everybody said that they didn't know where "Chowdhari Park" is, i called the phone numbers given in the ad - 91 93739 05906 / 98230 79076. I got upset when i was told that the site is in the lane of Chandra Maaooli Mangal Karyalaya lane, near Aurum Platina, off Dange Chowk Hinjewadi Road (Aditya Birla Hospital Road).

"Instead of all that rubbish, why didn't you give the location map in your ad?," i said.

"But, every one knows Ginger Hotel! When they call us from Ginger, we tell them how to come!," the sales executive said.

Reaching the site office of a real estate project and Considering "Is this the place where i want to raise my children?" are two different things. What say you?

Don't you think that - if you reach the site in the right frame of mind, - possibilities of liking the project increases? Look at me, the name "Ginger Hotel" reminded me of "Horizon at Wakad" and it's surroundings. But, if the ad had refereed to Aurum Developers' Platina, which they mentioned on the phone, i would not have associated Alliance Nisarg with a project or a location i don't like. Right?

Chandra Maaooli Garden Mangal Karyalaya to Chaudhari Park:

View Alliance Nisarg Wakad Pune in a larger map

Aurum Developers' Platina, Wakad Pune:

Chandra Maaooli Garden Mangal Karyalaya to Chaudhari Park- Continue..:

OK. I must clear my prejudiced mind about the location and walk back to Chandra Maaooli Gardens, i said to myself. When i reached the Y junction at Chandra Maaooli Gardens - which is a wedding hall - for a moment, i enjoyed the procession and dancing.

Of course, I visited my friend's project Aurum Developers' Platina. On the way found out that this area was known as "Kala Khadak" (Black Rock). Saw the hoarding put on the site of Alliance Niasrg and enjoyed looking at all well known residential real estate projects on Wakad Chowk to Thergaon Dange Chowk Road. And realized that it's so easy to reach here! A few new residential complexes around told me that "It's not some waste land or a back yard of Wakad - it's not that bad neighborhood!"

"Chowdhari Park" was a plotting scheme planned some 15 - 17 years ago by, of course, Mr. Choudhari. Good thing about Chowdhari Park is the proper layout with right size - suitable for the bungalow plots scheme - internal roads and open common space for garden. (Means, the garden shown in the layout of Alliance Nisarg is a common open space of Chowdahri Park!)

Now, price of a plot of 1 guntha in Chowdhari Park is more than 12 lakhs, Anesh - sales executive of Shivam Developers (Builder from Chakan who has done a few projects in Pimpri Chinchwad and Pune) told me. Shivam has almost completed residential project Aashiyana next to Alliance Nisarg - soon launching a new project! - which was launched an year ago at the property rate of Rs. 2,300 per sq.ft. and last flat was sold at Rs. 2,700 per sq.ft. Really? It gave me some idea about the property rates at Alliance Nisarg!

Plot of Alliance Nisarg is cleaned, has a proper compound wall and construction of the site office was going on. Sample flat will be constructed only in the building - because of the size of the plot, there isn't enough space on the ground, i was told. In a temporary pandal a few sales executives - mostly paid temporary volunteers - were busy in chatting. However, Rahul, must be a salesman, (91 98604 46094), got up and invited me to the table. Not bad! I know this builder is small and may not have a sales team - i said to myself.

When Rahul was oping the brochure of Alliance Nisarg, i said, "Good brochure, must be very expensive!"
"Yes! 100 rupees!," Rahul said.
"Good! I am here to know more of "launch offer"!" I said.
"It's over! Under the launch offer at the property rate of Rs. 2,700 per sq.ft. - 30 Flats were booked on the day of launch - yesterday. Now, we have increased the property rate - Rs. 2,800 per sq.ft.!" Rahul said proudly.
"Good for you! Tell me about your scheme and give me the pricing of a 2 BHK Flat!," i requested Rahul.

Alliance Nisarg is one single stand alone building - in C shape - of Parking + 7 floors. Completely ready to add more floors because of the 2 lifts and 2 staircases all already provided - thanks to property buyers for funding the expensive TDR!

Alliance Nisarg is divided into 2 wings - A & B. On each floor - in each wing - there are 6 flats - 1 BHK (1 Flat) + 1.5 BHK (1 Flat) + 2 BHK (4 Flats).

2 Flats of 2 BHK & 1 Flat of 1 BHK on the first floor are garden flats - because there is a podium which connects the C shape of the building - on which common garden is provided and under the podium, obviously, car parking - very convenient layout - glamorized and made popular by Nandan Prospera at Balewadi and Oval Nest at Warje!

In general, i realized that those property buyers who took an instant decision to book were quite smart and very practical.
# They have understood the limitations of the size of the plot.
# These property buyers accepted the small carpet areas ( as small as 610, 614, 621 sq.ft. for a 2 BHK Flat!) because, - besides the belief that Wakad Pune is their destiny - it may be the best offer in less than Rs. 30 lakhs for a 2 BHK, 25 lakhs for a 1.5 BHK & 22 lakhs for a 1 BHK in Wakad, near Hinjewadi, Pune!
# Quite practical and rational decision!! Including accepting that - parking (covered 1.5 lakhs & 75 for open!) is not compulsory - you have to pay MSEB & Other charges ( 80,000 / 90,000) in cash!

What say you?

When we all know that today's minimum budget of Rs. 35 lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat in Wakad may go up to Rs. 50 lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat, which is already there in good projects, isn't it wise to accept your destiny and book what is on offer?

You have to understand that not all have a motorcycle with a petrol tank to travel from some town near Warje to Hinjewadi and a freedom to choose a 2 BHK Flat for 20 lakhs! Right?

You have to accept that many fear the unfamiliar and can not dare to book a 2 BHK Flat of 760 sq.ft. carpet area on the 14 floor of Magapolis Smart Homes in Hinjewadi Phase 3 for Rs. 27.8 lakhs including not only stamp duty and registration charges but service tax and VAT too.

In fact, i believe, there is no need to justify your decision to book a 2 BHK Flat - 650 Carpet + 14'x6'9" Terrace for Rs. 32.38 lakhs (approx) in Alliance Nisarg, at all. After all, it's your life! If you like to live in Wakad, you have a right to fulfill your wish and fancy at any cost. Did anybody question when someone paid $5,200 for Marilyn Monroe's bra? In fact all admired the gentleman! Right?

From Alliance Nisarg to Dange Chowk:

I decided to walk up to Dange Chowk and visit my favorite statue of Shivaji, before catching my dear PMPML Bus.

When on the under construction Aditya Birla Hospital Road - Dange Chowk to Hinjewadi Road - i couldn't see the single bus stop i asked a Panwala "Why?" and "Howcome..". He said this is Tathwade which is merged in PCMC only an year ago. Now, PCMC is widening this road. So, sorry for the inconvenience!

At Dange Chowk, since it was a Sunday, there was a weekly bazaar - someone told me that villagers from the near by villages come here for shopping as well as selling their produce. If i waited up to 8 pm, i can get a good vegetable for a throw away price.

At the statue of Shivaji, i realized that, i was the only one who was admiring it.

In short - we all live in different "Times and Liefs" at the same place - Wakad, favorite residential neighborhood of IT professionals working in Hinjewadi, Pune!

Would you like to share your experience of booking a flat in Alliance Nisarg at Wakad Pune?

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  1. Is megapolis township built on leased land? If it is leased then it is leased for how many years?

    The ratesheets mentioned by you for megapolis smart homees and ratesheet mentioned in http://www.megapolis.co.in/costing.html is different. Are these two listings for two different projects or same project?

    I have gone through http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/megapolis-smart-homes-hinjewadi-pune.html and still want to confirm on the rates.

  2. I found the salesman out here lying all the time. He named all the rklunkad schemes as their own schemes. riduculous. i enquired at rklunkad and they said this is fraud builder trying use their name.