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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Yes! I can own a home!!"

On 8TH January 2010, you know, my friend Sachin Kulkarni, M. D. of Vastushodh Projects, launched his first satellite township Anandgram Yavat. On Pune Solapur Highway, 35 Kms from Magarpatta City, Hadapsar.

On 10 acres of land, Anadgram Yavat has 720 homes. 1 Room Kitchen Flats - 210 units. 1 BHK Flats - 400 units. And 2 BHK Flats - 110 units. All in the budget range of Rs. 3.25 to 7.25 lakhs. For those who earn Rs. 5,000 to 10,000 per month. Anandgram Yavat has roped in Micro Housing Finance Corporation (MHFC), to provide home loans for those who are unable to submit any proof of income.

From the day, i visited the plot of Anandgram Yavat for the first time, i was completely fascinated by Sachin Kulkarni's concept. After the press conference, Sachin Kulkarni realized that i was not the only one who found Aanadgram Yavat an interesting idea. Newspapers, you know, don't print "contact details" in the news story. But, people took trouble to Google Vastushodh's address and phone numbers. Some called to congratulate Sachin Kulkarni for constructing houses for this income group. Some visited Vastushodh's office to appreciate the builder!

The response to the news, number of hits on my blogs and your comments were telling me that something exciting was going to happen at the 3 day launch event of Anandgram Yavat. So, to experience it first hand, I requested Sachin Kulkarni to let me participate in the launch event on 8TH, 9TH and 10TH of January 2010. I would like to attend the property buyers and sell the flats, i told him.

Obviously, Sachin said yes, but on one condition. I had to do a little homework and pass the test. Considering, our friendship and professional association, it was not fair of him but i accepted his terms and conditions. Mr. Sachin Kulkarni, M. D. of Vastushodh Projects, told me to do 3 things.
1) Take a walking tour of Yavat
2) Find a room on rent in Yavat
3) Write my sales talk

Test was quite easy. Sachin's questions were rather difficult. But, answers were very simple. Within no time, i found out two best facilities in Yavat which offer rooms on rent. Shri Datta Kripa and Chavhan Nagar, both on the station road. For a double room with a bath (Mori) they were charging Rs. 1,000 per month. And 2,000 rupees was the deposit. You have to pay the electricity bill of your meter. Water and Toilets were common. At both the places rooms were not available and were not going to become available in the near future. Same answer i got at main town of Yavat.

Conclusion was, if you don't own an ancestral property or land, or if you are not a businessman there was no chance of getting any kind of a shelter. Besides the private residences, practically, no houses are built for selling. So, most of the families were renting rooms for years. For them owning a home was beyond imagination.

As usual, i shot a few photographs, which you can see below, and went back to Anandgram Yavat's site office. Of course, i passed the test. Sachin Kulkarni told me that i would find the same situation in most of the satellite towns of Pune. No housing!

Now, tell me what would be your sales talk, Sachin asked me. No sales talk, i told him. I have to convince the site visitor that, now, he can own a home and tell him how. Convince him till he really believes that "Yes, i can own a home!" Because, for him, owning a home is as good as being able to fly. You know what? I got the job!

Today, you know, Anandgram Yavat has become a hot property in Pune real estate market!

A home in Yavat

A home in Yavat
Shri Datta Kripa Rental housing in Yavat
Rental Homes in Shri Datta Krupa
Mr. Chavhan and his son, owners of Chavhan Nagar
Chavhan Nagar, Rental housing in Yavat
View of Chavhan Nagar
View of Chavhan Nagar
Common water tap in Chavhan Nagar
Common toilets in Chavhan Nagar
Washing and cleaning in front of your home
College Students in Yavat  

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  1. Yes, Please tell your friend to go to each and every village and construct flats.

    People just don't have their own homes or even if they have they are in so pathetic condition.

    So let the builders build good homes for them with the usual 100% profit!

  2. sahi hai. ab gareebon ko bhi looto.

  3. Ravi:
    No use displaying EWS projects here. They can bearly afford to pay their bills. They may not even have internet access and if they have the access, they will not know how to use it. They can not reach your product display.
    Best ad for such flat would be by sticking bills on MSEB poles.... no pun intended... seriously. or going to some advanced slum and playing loud on the loudspeaker.
    or displaying the ad in a cheapest local news paper.

  4. Ref:"No use displaying EWS projects here."

    Sir, in India those who earn Rs. 5,000 to 10,000 per month are not considered EWS.

    This is a news blog. Housing for this section is a big news for the society.

    Considering the speed of urbanization, housing in the satellite towns is a good news for the citizens of Pune.

  5. "Considering the speed of urbanization, housing in the satellite towns is a good news for the citizens of Pune."

    I think I got your point. So with current RE rates sky-high in Pune who can afford flats?

    Almost everyone is in EWS category with respect to these prices (75L, 1 crore are now normal rates!).

    Yes, please advt. here so that we helpless souls can at least think of staying in pigeonhole-flats some 50 to 60 kms for Pune.

    Three cheers to greedy Pune Builders and their greedy agents!

  6. # Ref: "Yes, please advt. here so that we helpless souls can at least think of staying in pigeonhole-flats some 50 to 60 kms for Pune."

    You sound sad. I feel sorry for you.