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Thursday, January 28, 2010

About Blue Ridge Boat Club, Hinjewadi Pune

First ever private boat club created by any developer in Pune:
"Blue Ridge Boat Club marks the fulfillment of yet another promise made by us to our clients who have booked flats at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi.

We had promised them amenities which are unparalleled and unmatched so far, and we have made sure that they were not empty promises.

And we are proud to say that we have been able to make this happen only because of the unstinting faith and support extended to us by our 1000 plus customers, because of whom we have been able to sail past smoothly during the time of recession," Shashank Paranjape, MD, Paranajpe Schemes (Construction) Ltd.

Welcome to Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi:
140 acre township that blends residential housing with an IT/ITES Special Economic Zone (SEZ):

Blue Ridge and it's 1.5 km stretch of Marina:

"We are very conscious of not only preserving the beautiful environment, but also tremendously enhancing it, so we have made sure that there are no motorized boats at our boat club, since they are polluting.

Also, rowing, sculling and kayaking provides good exercise in natural surroundings.

We also are going to give a radical makeover to the 1.5 km banks of the water stretch at Marina with amazing landscaping.

That’s not all – we are planning to plant atleast 10,000 trees in the entire Blue Ridge project, which will have a positive carbon footprint, because when we took over this land, there were hardly any trees,” Shashank Paranjape.
A zero discharge of water into the river:

Blue Ridge, 90 lakh sqft constructed space, will have a zero discharge of water into the river flowing by, because there is a high-tech sewage treatment plant, which will treat the water, and the treated water will be used for cooling, gardening and flushing purposes.

Blue Ridge Boat Club: First ever private kayaking facility in Pune and More:

The membership of Boat Club is free for the residents of Blue Ridge Hinjewadi. Now, they are free to enjoy their favourite water sports – boating, kayaking, sculling and punting, over the 1.5 km stretch of Marina, amidst the serene and scenic surroundings of the water belt.

And as one enjoys the boat ride, they will be greeted with a breathtaking view of the river banks, beautified with spectacular landscapes, using local shrubs, flora and fauna, making it truly a place of tranquility and relaxation.

The Blue Ridge Boat Club will, certainly, have lifeguards and all safety aspects will be taken care of.

What’s more – those who do not want to get into a boat in the water, can walk along the marina, where coming up soon are a fruit orchard, a butterfly garden and even a pet zoo!

That’s not all – also on the cards are the barbeque corner and the fishing point, making the marina complete.

Thanks to Usha Karnani, Director, Inspirations!

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  1. How long will this boating fantasy last?
    Would the river be owned by Blueridge people?

  2. no...they can't own a single inch of it...it's public... I can even get my boat in the waters there...

  3. I didnt understand. They are talking about membership to the boat club. How will they allow outsiders to access the lake?

  4. I just feel that we Indians have too much of crab instincts.. Instead of
    - appreciating that new modes of entertainments are coming in my town
    - asking if being an outside can i also get the membership and how much will it cost to get membership?
    - can a non-memebr takes his/her own boat in that waters etc..

    We are jumping and spilling all negativity around..

  5. Can someone please confirm the carpet area of BlueRidge 3 BHKs?

    Ravi - I read in one of your blogs that the 1730 sq ft 3 BHK has a carpet area of around 1300 something. Whereas a friend of mine calculated it to be around 1100. He has looked at the flat layout and the dimensions mentioned therein to arrive at the "actual" carpet area. Where is the gap of this 200 sq ft? Can you please clarify?

    Also what is your view of the project now? Is it a good buy at 2900 per sq ft?

  6. Ref: " - I read in one of your blogs that the 1730 sq ft 3 BHK has a carpet area of around 1300 something. Whereas a friend of mine calculated it to be around 1100."

    Not mentioning carpet area of the flat is illegal. You have a right to ask the carpet area of the flat you are planning to book with an architect's certificate.

    Carpet areas i have mentioned were published in Blue Ridge's initial brochure. Now, there may be some change. Salesman will have a final area statement with him. Please, see that.

  7. Ref: "Also what is your view of the project now? Is it a good buy at 2900 per sq ft?"

    According to me, in February 2009, Rs.2,700 per sq.ft. + 1 lakh infrastructure Charges + Stamp Duty @ 2% (approx) + Registration fees 31,000 was the right price for Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi.


    In February 2010, how much more would you like to pay?

    For me, 2700 + 100 rupees is the best property rate, at this point of time, for Blue Ridge.

  8. Well answer to the very first question, yes paranjape do own the part of the river where they have started the boat club. No one can get their boat in there. They have purchased a part of river along with the land. The approx lenth is 50m from the dam wall on the extreme left to 900m stretch on your right, if you stand on club plank.


  9. Recently there were 50+ bookings made by Blue Ridge at 2900 for Infosys folks. Did you think that was a good move? Also what do you think will be the trend for Blue Ridge going ahead? Now Builder is quoting 3500. Do you think its still a good point to enter? POssession is after 3 years (Dec - 2012). Seems too far away. Is there any progress on the road connecting hinjewadi and Balewadi?

  10. Ref: "Recently there were 50+ bookings made by Blue Ridge at 2900 for Infosys folks. Did you think that was a good move?"

    Yes, that was a good move for Infosys folks. They paid a rational property rate. Every property buyer who wants to book a flat, i believe, should get this property rate. You can visit this blog:

    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2009

    What should be the rational property rate of Blue Ridge Hinjewadi?

    Ref: "Now Builder is quoting 3500. Do you think its still a good point to enter? POssession is after 3 years (Dec - 2012)."

    As a real estate salesman, i know that, when i quote a property rate at a booking stage, i charge you the price of a ready possession property - constructed property. Which happens only after 2 / 3 years. It only means that - today you pay me, the builder, the property price of tomorrow!

    Considering the inflation, for the property which would be ready after 3 years, i believe that, Blue Ridge's calculation is OK. It is safe to calculate at the rate of Rs.3,500 per sq.ft.

    Ref: "Do you think its still a good point to enter?"

    Good point is / was at Rs. 2,900 per sq.ft. Isn't it?

    Ref: "Seems too far away."

    It is far away. However, it is also close by! Every thing is. Isn't it?

    More than investing in Blue Ridge, for me your comfort and happiness is more important. Please, be kind to yourself. Do what is comfortable to you. Have a great time.

    Ref: "Is there any progress on the road connecting hinjewadi and Balewadi?"

    Progress depends upon citizens efforts and initiative. Do you know someone who is perusing this plan? If you are interested in this road, please, take a lead and make it happen. Nobody else is going to do it for you and me. We own the city and we should run it too. Isn't it?

  11. Can you pl. let me know the 1 BHK costing at Blue ridge..

  12. Rs. 3500 per sq.ft. + 20 per flr rise + 100000 infrastructure chrgs + Stamp Duty & Reg.
    The Stamp duty & Reg is a very minor amount compared to pune city.
    The snaps say a lot of things. Great to see such a wonderful thing in pune.
    If you check the google earth image, the road connecting to BR & Balewadi is a sooner dream com true.

  13. Still getting it at 2800 per sqft .... and these are ready possession apts!

  14. Hello ! sir I'm very pleased by ur posts since I'm an investor looking for a some investment in pune I saw bBlue Ridge ND few other projects I'm confused dnt know which way to go limit is 80lakhs ur suggestions will be considered and appreciated.
    Thank you in Advance.