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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Megapolis Smart Homes Carnival, Hinjewadi Phase 3

"Is there some kind of a function or what?"

Pointing at the car park i asked the security guard, "Is there any function today?". He said, "No. On Saturdays and Sundays it's always like this!," "Really?," i said and went ahead and joined the group of kids watching big fat golden fish (fishes!?) in the pond.

"Can i see Mr. Hemant Kulkarni?," I went inside and asked the receptionist. "Would you like to see the sample flat?," he asked me. "No, no! I said, "Can i see Hemant sir?," i almost shouted. "Sure...sure, but you have to wait for a while!," he said looking at the crowd all around in the reception. "In the mean time, would you like to see the sample flat?," he shouted back in my ear.

Looking around i realized that, waiting alone in this reception among all these families, would be like standing alone in the interval of a family movie, that too without popcorn!

To avoid facing this awkward situation, i shouted back, "How long? What else can i see?" "Film!" he said. "Cartoon films?," i asked. "No! Film on Megapolis. Someday, may be cartoons, who knows!," he said smiling at children all around.

Visit to Megapolis Smart Homes from RaviKarandeekar on Vimeo.

After hanging around for a while, Mr. Hemant Kulkarni, General Manager, called me inside.

"Karandeekar Saheb! Now, we are friends!! This time, i am giving you official information about Megapolis," Mr. Kulkarni said. "Great! Thanks!!," i said. "I am arranging a Victoria!," Hemant Saheb said. "Queen Victoria?," i asked.

"Victoria! Remember Horse Buggy on Chowpati in Mumbai? Ride for a 4 anna!," he said. Looking at child like enthusiasm on his handsome face, i said, "Oh! i had almost forgotten about it. What about Victoria?," i asked him.

"We will start a ride for the kids! While parents are busy in the site office, kids should have a great time! Lots of chocolates, balloons, games, Victoria rides of Megapolis!," Mr. Kulkarni said. "What do you think? Isn't it a good idea? I saw you shooting. You like kids too. Right?," General Manager of Megapolis asked me.

Considering that it was our first official meeting, i didn't disclose that more than kids, i like their moms and said, "Yes. Very much! But, i am here to know about the bookings of Megapolis Smart Homes. How is it going?," I asked him in a serious voice.

"Come on, you have been here for a while! I am sure, by now, you must have got all the answers! Haven't you?," Mr. Hemant Kulkarni said with a smile.

"Come on let us go out, enjoy the fountain and have a cup of tea! We serve best tea here. I have personally trained my staff. You will enjoy our tea!," getting up Hemant sir said.

"Snacks! We should make arrangements for snacks too!," sipping flavoured tea Hemant said. "Pithala Bhakari and Bhaji? Wada Pav? or Pizza? What should be the menu?," he asked me.

"It looks like you can have everything! How many?," i asked him.

"Yes, we can! More than 400. Out of 1,200 Smart Homes!," Mr. Hemant Kulkarni, General Manager of Megapolis said with a smile.

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  1. 400 out of 1200 is excellent response. So what official information did Hemant Kulkarni share with you? Anything beyond what has been discussed in the previous posts

  2. Wow, 400 bakras already? Gr8 going. There is no dearth of fools in Pune. With the way it is going they can even afford to serve lunch buffets for the people who come to visit their sites and not to mention helicopter rides for their kids.

    btw I didnt understand your love for moms :)

  3. Ref: "btw I didnt understand your love for moms :)"

    - That's all right! You haven't most of the things. Thanks! Have a great time. God bless you!

  4. Ref: 'Anything beyond what has been discussed in the previous posts"

    - Yes, quite a few. In the next post!

  5. Ref # Wow, 400 bakras already? Gr8 going. There is no dearth of fools in Pune.

    Friend - Intelligence and Foolishness are relative terms. Regarding response to Megapolis Smart Homes from people at large - One wise person told me, you can get the same price (Rs/sq ft) number of times but not the location. Now I am not stating Hinjewadi Phase 3 is the ultimate place at this point of time but same was the case with Aundh / Balewadi / Pimple Saudagar some 4 Yrs back. What I am stating you will not have a township of this scale in this at this location.

    Remember early bird prizes...:)

  6. "What I am stating you will not have a township of this scale in this at this location.
    Remember early bird prizes...:)"

    Oh yes! Everyone should RUSH and become
    early birds which is good for the builder.

    Actually the builder should build and retain all the flats as an investment.
    He will be the BIGGEST early bird!

    And this would be the only township in this location unlike others where townships will be destroyed and rebuilt 'n' number of times, people should blindly buy Megapolis Smart Homes...

  7. Smarten up people. Investing in a township is a risky affair in todays times since it takes 5-7 yrs for the entire township to develop. Moreover in a place like Hinjewadi where the basic infrastructure is missing inspite of having big IT companies, it is a reason for worry. Check the fate of Ekta Worldwille which was launched in Hinjewadi for a rate of 4000+. The project now stands scrapped because of lack of buyers. Invest in such projects only if you have excess black money to park somewhere.

  8. Ravi, we are eager to know abt you discussion with Hemant Kulkarni....

  9. Ravi ji - kindly tell the inside story :-)

  10. I have been to MEGAPOLIS couple of days back. I remember it was tuesday. I saw lot of customers happily moving in the huge campus of MEGAPOLIS. They were waiting for marketing officers for bookings. The GM Mr. Hemant was also seen explaining his scheme to a big group with the side of township model. The way he was explaining I was realy impressed. I have never seen such polished man in real estates. He is with great vision. He had tremendous respect for the customer. I booked the flat. I am confident, I am in safe hands.

  11. I too booked a flat in Megapolis Phase II along with my friend. Towers A1 to A11 are booked and they had opened booking for Tower 12 on 26th Jan 10. It will be a good location once the project is completed.

  12. After Ravi's recommendation, I have booked a flat. I have created a yahoogroup alos:


  13. Has anybody observed that megapolis people removed Tenis Court from smart home aminities.

    And one more changed, earlier master bedroom was 10.6*14 but now it is 10.6*13.6. But still on paper sq ft is 950 and costing also for 950 sq ft.

    No official confirmation from megapolis.

  14. I have booked a flat in A5 building