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Monday, January 25, 2010

About launch of Nandan Inspera, 2 BHK Flats at Wakad Pune

Three hundred 2 BHK Flats booked in pre-launch offer!

This weekend, I went to Nandan Prospera, opp. Sadanad Hotel on Baner Road to interview Mr. Shamkant Kotkar, Chairman and M D of Nandan Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. I was curious to know about the up-coming launch of Nandan Inspera, 2 BHK Flats at Wakad Pune on this 26TH January 2010. I was very much sure that it would be a huge happening more than any recently launched project in Pune real estate market.

Yes, of course, one reason was it's Nandan's project and my friends Rugwed and Rutuparna Deshpande of Setu Advertising were in charge of advertising.

Plus, equally important reason was the location of the project. Wakad Pune! The launch of Nandan Inspera, i was very much sure, will bring back the glory of Wakad. Which lost it's shine after lackluster launch of Park Titanium in Park Street Wakad and Kolte Patil's 24K Glitterati in Pimple Nilakh. Completely thrown into oblivion by Celestial City Ravet and Woodsvile in Pradhikarn!

Launch of Nandan Inspera will be a proof, i was sure, that builders in Pune offer all property buyers an equal opportunity to boost the real estate market and boast about it!

At Wakad, Nandan Buildcon is offering an opportunity to IT professionals who are all the time suspended in the transit mode and at present working in Hinjewadi. Whereas, at Dhayari on Sinhagad Road, Paranjape Schemes, Darode Jog Properties and Mittal Group are grounding 'permanently settled down in Pune' type property buyers. All are getting an equal opportunity to boost property prices from Rs. 3,500 per sq.ft. to Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft. Which was not even in the last real estate boom in Pune!

Carrying great expectation about the launch of Nandan Inspera in my mind, i went to interview the builder, Mr. Shamkant Kotkar. Interviewing the builder, particularly on the eve of project launch, i haven't done before. Yes, since i have started this blog, i don't meet builders on my own. Not every builder, even if he called me! Only because, over the years, i have heard them enough. Now, except few builders in Pune, i enjoy hearing you. Any property buyer in Pune real estate market!

My nervousness reduced when the receptionist at Nandan Inspera asked, "Have you visited the site before?"and started searching my name in her computer. "I am not a property buyer! I am a friend of Mr. Kotkar," i said. Yes, this was good, i was visiting this builder because of my long acquaintance, i told myself and sat on the couch.

No! As a blogger i should not feel shy to meet a builder who most of the time is at the site office, i said. Actually, i should feel proud to meet the builder who invites the property buyers to design the flat of their choice, i told myself! Completely convinced about my decision to meet the builder, i started talking to myself, "Mr. Shamkant Kotkar, on the eve of launch of Nandan Inspera, I, Ravi Karandeekar, feel proud about you. After the grand launch of Nandan Inspera, i am, sure whole Pune real estate market will be proud of you..for boosting the market and increasing the property..." till the receptionist told me that i can go in!

"Kotkar Saheb, i have come to interview you on the occasion of launch of Nandan Inspera at Wakad. Can you, please, spare a few minutes for me?," i said, pulling the chair.

"You wasted your time. You should have called me. Now, have a cup of coffee and if you haven't come on the cycle, i will drop you," Mr. Shamkant Kotkar uttered the words with a great difficulty.

"Oh! Sore throat!! Sorry to bother you. Please, don't trouble yourself. I will call you tomorrow to talk about the launch," i said.

"Don't call me. on 26TH we are not launching but starting the works...pre-construction..because those 300 property buyers who have booked and designed their flats are going to construct it too..." Mr. Kotkar said.

"What does it mean? Design your flat...construct it...and live in it.....! Sounds interesting!!," i said, without understanding what it really meant!

"Come over some time in the coming week and i will tell you," Mr. Kotkar said. "Anytime for you, sir!," i said and took his leave.

"Now, what should i post?," i asked myself. To confirm, i called Setu Advertising and asked, "Is it true that there is no big launch of Nandan Inspera on 26TH, as declared?"

Rugwed said, "Yes. No big launch. You know 300 flats are already booked. He is not pulling your legs!"

"That's fine! But what about other builders? Who will boost the market in Aundh annex?," i said without expecting any answer from him.

Oh! My god!! I didn't ask about the current property prices of Nandan Prospera and Nandan Inspera. At least, i could have written about it, i realized and called Nandan Buildcon's office. Here is what i have learned:

Nandan Propspera: - Property rates
1) up to 7TH Floor - Rs. 4,500 per sq.ft.
2) From 8TH to 11TH Floor - Rs. 4,800 per sq.ft.
3) For 12TH Floor - Rs. 5,300 per sq.ft.
4) Only few 3 BHK Flats, costing around 90 lakhs, are available.

Nandan Inspera Wakad - Property rates:
1) Rs. 3,300 per sq.ft.
2) Only 2 BHK Flats - Saleable area - 973 sq.ft. & 1100 sq.ft.
3) Living room - 12' x 16'
4) Bedroom - 12'x 14'
5) Specifications of Nandan Inspera - as per Nandan Prospera
6) Price of 2 BHK Flat - Rs. 40 laks - Rs. 43 lakhs

In short, property buyers have done a good job! They have not only designed the smaller version of Nandan Prospera for themselves at Wakad but property buyers have made Mr. Shamkant Kotkar's job easy! Yes, ultimate truth is: Only property buyers can increase the property prices, boost the sales and revive Pune real estate market! Are you listening Aditi?

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  1. khot, khot, khot. kiti khot boltat he lok.
    4500 rupees rate ani tari few flat remained.
    wakadmadhe 3500 rupees dyayala lokkana ved laglay ka.
    he lok grahakanna evadhe vede ka samjtat.amche paise kahi utu chaale nahit.

  2. ha ha ha, ekdam khare bolata ho tumhi

    RE lobbywale kahihi sangat bastat. Tumhi vicharal tar sangtat ki pratyek project madhye facta 'Ek" flat shillak asto, ghai kara. Usually me ulta lakhsat thevato, mhanaje "Ek" flat shillak ahe ase sangitale ki samajayache fat "Ek" flat vikla gela aher, baki sagle rikame padlet..yeil re he sagle pattyache bangle ahets, tuch kan dhakka lagel kenva tari and padtil patkan ..

  3. 300 flats already booked before January 25, 2010?
    means there is no flat remains to buy now.
    Congrats and keep it up(lies).

  4. for me this blogs seems to be more biased towards few builders..
    No Doubt about inspera the project is value for money. and the builder is also good..

  5. Ref: "for me this blogs seems to be more biased towards few builders.. "

    Yes, you are right! But, calling "biased" is too moderate! I don't feel shy to express my love for the good projects by the good builders - freely and frankly. Not only that, very strongly, i recommend my favorite builders' projects. Isn't this more than so-called "biased"?

  6. I loved ONLY this project and booked a flat at 6th floor. Yes builder is not ready to negotiate, but very co-operative and trustworthy.

    1. I am planning to get a flat on rent in nandan prospera . Is you said 6th floor flat available on rent?


  7. Ravi Sir : Is the backside of nandan inspera going to have a school that too some vekateshwara international school as told my the sales guy ...? Where can this fact be verified? any site which give details about pcmc area tagging details ? Also can road structure (size/ future expansion plans) be verified?

  8. Mr. Ramesh,
    Although i am giving reply to your querry a exact year later. This is only for your information.

    Ans. Till today the place looks same as year back. It will look even after 2012.... sorry 2013.....forget about the School Plans, DP plans, expansions, blah blah. See it to believe it.

    Everybody is looking at expansion of PS road connecting to Kasarwadi, not but atleast for 4 years... it is still going on and you know the trouble that the residents were having (every single day and night). Hip Hip hurray to PCMC. why not another hip hip hurry to PMC also, even they are also eligible for this..... :)

  9. hi raj
    I own flt no C2 605in Nandan Inspera.. I have purchased the flat thinking that good builders do not dupe the customers. To m astonishment This builder happens to be like others giving promises while building and now no one to reply. society is formed but member are not given an details and the do not know even what to collect from builder. Even the cop of Society by law (Sealed and signed by sub registrar , original) is not given. The society is getting tanker water as the builder has provide one line to 6 buildings. I was promised stilt parking and given open parking and allotted more than one parking to few though by law does not permit selling of parking lot and allotting additional parking to individual is the desecration of society and not builder. i have asked get assistance to get the Pigeons shit falling on to terrace due to pigeons siting below the emergency passage.
    No replies received to the mails on this regard.