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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

To know more about Tanaji Malusare City at Karjat, please, visit their website www.tmcity.in

Milind, Rekha and all who called me - this is for you:

From the moment i posted the blog Tanaji Malusare City, 100 acre low cost housing scheme near Karjat, to offer 10,000 flats at Rs. 999 per sq.ft. all of you are calling me to ask "how to book a flat in Tanaji Malusare City? At last, i found their website www.tmcity.in, which gives enough details about the project and answers most of the questions.

My builder readers are also curious to know the details of the project. "How is it possible?" means "Is it financially viable?" means "Is it that profitable?" they want to know!


Website tells you about the Karjat - an extended suburb of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.
1) Importance of Karjat as a railway terminus.
2) How trance-harbor link between Sewari - Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is going to make Karjat more attractive location.
3) How infrastructure developments in Raigad districts - Reliance SEZ, Navi Mumbai SEZ, new international airport at Panvel makes Tanaji Malusare City very attractive investment destination.

Next What?...... Daund?

What is the ideal location for an affordable housing for Pune?

Fringe villages, Ambegaon, Wagholi and Fursungi are out of question. Thanks to Amit's Bloomfield, Kumar Properties' Park Infinia and Bhandari Associates and Harmony's Savannath! Here property rates are already in the range of Rs. 2,200 per sq.ft. to Rs.4,000 (!)

We can not think of Loni. Because Magarpatta City is launching a township project there. Experience of Nanded City Pune tells us that integrated townships financed by Farmer's Direct Investment are as expensive as Blue Ridge and Megapolis, townships financed by foreign direct investment. And more expensive than Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. Means if you want to live in India, Indian knowledge workers should live in Indian City or village or better he should shift to Silicon Vally!

So what's next? One of my builder friend said "Daund!" "Chale ga?" he asked in Hindi. I said "Daund! Daude ga!!" What do you think? Is Daund good location for an affordable housing? Please, let me know in the comments. I find it an ideal location. As good as Karjat!

To know more about an affordable housing in and around Pune:

Keep your fingers crossed and:
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  1. As foreign architecture firms set up more offices in India, they are also bringing back Indian architects who left the country many years back for better opportunities abroad. After designing for Indian real estate developers for the past few years, some marquee names in the world of architecture—such as Burt Hill, Bregman+Hamann Architects and Skidmore, Owings and Merrill Llp., or SOM—have now started expanding their front offices across India to be more accessible and do more work.The trend is accelerating in recent months as both commercial and residential construction slumps in countries such as the US, where a slowing economy is taking a heavy toll on new projects. This has left many firms, including some white-shoe ones, scrambling to find work for their roster of architects, with West Asia and Asia offering new hope.Fuelling demand has been the rush of construction in India, with big builders falling over each other to tout the design and architectural help they are getting from firms based outside the country. A perceived shortage of domestic talent has also helped foreign firms find projects within India in the past couple of years.For more view- realtydigest.blogspot.com

  2. Ravi,
    Daund has the potential to become the "karjat" of Pune..
    A four lane highway will definitely reduce the time required for travel.
    A Daund Pune Electric Local service similar to Pune-Lonavala (once electrification is done)will ensure you are in Pune in 45-50 minutes.
    Cost of living is fairly low.
    No issues on water supply front and social security. climate is good.
    Only thing which this place lacks is a good political leadership which would have helped the town develop a good infrastructure (similar yo Baramati) but lets hope and pray it happens soon.

  3. Daund is good place to live but at the same time if you are willing to travel 40 Kms or 1 hour. It's more alike Mumbai's daily life where a person spend 3.5 hours dai;y for travel only. I feel life sucks if someone stay far away from office location and thinks he got the house at lowere price.