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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karan Rhea, off Kharadi Magarpatta road, near Kumar Primavera, offers 1 bhk flat in 22.7 to 23.5 lakhs!

It's Kalyani Nagar Annex!

I liked the location of Karan Rhea. It is on the Kharadi Magarpatta road. Plus, under construction, D. P. road connects you to "Adlabs Multiplex" at Kalyani Nagar. Which transforms this part of Vadgaonsheri into Kalyani Nagar Annex.

1 bhk terrace flat with amenities:

Property rate at Kumar Primavera and Karan Rhea is same. Rs.3,000 per sq.ft. But Karan Rhea has 1 bhk flats. Which Kumar Primavera doesn't.

Or if you compare it with other projects, which have 1 bhk flats, in the same area, only Karan Rhea has all amenities of a township - Multi Purpose Hall, Amphi Theatre, Childrens Play Park, Swimming Pool, Skating Area, Well Equipped Gymnasium and many more!

Budget: less than 24 lakhs including every thing:

In the present economic conditions, it's safe to go for the moderate budget flat. One of my reader from US told me. Was my friend in US more nervous than us? No, he was more realistic. What do you think? Do you find 1 bhk terrace flat, saleable are 641 or 774 sq.ft., including every thing in the budget of Rs. 22.7 or 23.5 lakh, with all amenities, at Kalyani Nagar annex, worth considering?

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To know more about Karan Rhea and Karan Group, please, visit www.karangroup.com

Karan Rhea:
Call: Makarand: 91 97301 91919
SMS: KARAN to 54646

Karan Group
Promoters & Builders
Regd. Office:
4. Abhivadan Apt., 1284,
Shivajinagar, Opp. Balgandharva Rangmandir, Pune 411005
Tel: 020-25539298/99
Fax: 020-25539154


  1. Ravi,
    Can you tell something about Karan builders like construction quality, delivery schedule. How satisfied there customers are. They are very hard to negotiate rates.

    Thanks you in advance.

  2. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for providing useful information in your blog. Recently I went to Pune and visited Solacia (from Belvalkar's housing) in wagholi. hey are quoting rate of 2800/ sq ft in that area.

    What do you think about Wagholi area for an investment of say 3-4 yrs and whether that area commands a rate of 2800 / sq ft.

    Any comments from you will be useful.


  3. can you please tell us what about future of poposed dp road? if it won't come all money will be waste.Also can you please compair kumar vs kunal for 2bhk? also price if you know...

  4. # Ref: "kumar vs kunal and DP road"

    Thanks Rakesh! Sure, i will. Soon.

    D.P. will happen. When it will happen! It always happens like this.

    However, the present circumstances offer us one unique "opportunity" to judge our property buying decision. You can ask yourself "Is this property worth buying if expected developments stressed by the builder don't happen down the line?"

  5. Hi,
    Even after 2 years that you posted this info, DP road is still pending. It seems Karan and Kumar struggling to sell their flats in this area. Can you please advice the current staus of Road and the Karan Rhea building. Thanks..

  6. It seems that the DP road may start soon. The road has recently been approved to restart. Also, When I went to see a flat there, work on closing the canal seems to be going on. (at least it seemed that way when looking from the top). They are already quoting Rs. 3400, and the builder says that it will go further up immedeatly. Is this a good rate to get in for this area ?

  7. Hello All,
    I bought a flat at Kumar Primavera, next to Karan ..trust me the road condition is pathetic.
    You cannot enter or exit this place without passing through the basti, no lights and garbage and shit littered all around, we are doing the builders job going to Municipal corporation and they told us we are fools to buy flats here which has no connectivity to proper road..

  8. Dear Alison! Congrats! You are doing a great job! You are proactively contributing in making your neighborhood a better place to live. You were not wrong. You were right in choosing this property. However, the property price may be wrong!

  9. What should be expected price for karan rhea then?
    is it worth invest?

  10. If anybody knows about the status of DP road....please post it.....When will stretch between Adalbs Chowk and Karan Rhea competed ??