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Monday, August 25, 2008

Shree Bal Developers offers special Ganapati discounts on property rate for Kapil Upavan at Chaitraban, Bibvewadi, Pune

Real estate price: Rs.3,700 per sq.ft.

When you visit any housing project in Pune real estate market, please, start your conversation with "Ganpati Bappa Moraya!" and without asking you will come to know about the special discounts to celebrate the festival.

Instead of "Hello!" many property buyers in Pune have used "Ganpati Bappa Moraya!" on the phone and, i am told, got discounted property rates. Yes, Pune real estate market loves Lord Ganesha. But builders in Pune feel shy about the discounts so you have to take an initiative!

For example, the headline talks about the convenient location of Kapil Upavan, Bibvewadi off Satara Road in Pune, but the real intention of the ad is to announce a special offer of Rs. 3,700 per sq.ft. Shree Bal Developers feels shy to talk about 10% discount on the old property rate of Rs. 4,140 per sq.ft. but they are doing their best to make you happy. Now, 2 bhk flat fits in the budget of Rs.45 to 47 lakh and 3 bhk flat around 55 - 58 lakh.

What about Kapil Tranquil Greens on Baner Road?

Do you expect a separate ad for Kapil Tranquil Greens, which 'helps you strike a close dialogue with Nature..(!)'? Come on..be creative...try "Ganpati Bappa Moraya!"! Try it even when you visit Kapil Malhar Phase II on Baner road, Kapil Aasmant off Pashan Sus road and Kapil Bakul at Baner

Property rates in Pune:

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Kapil Upavan:
Umesh: 91 99229 01845 / 91 99229 01843

Kapil Malhar - Mr. Deepak Bhatia - Sales Mgr.
Call: +91-020-27291850
Cell: 9922901850

Kapil Asamant - Mr. Milind Patil - Sales Mgr.
Call: +91-020-32909511
Cell: 9423011509 / 9922901845

Office No. 9, 3rd Floor, Agarkar Bhavan, Lal Bahadur Shastri Road, Pune 411 030.
Call: 91-20-2433 63 72 / 2433 28 35. Fax: 91-20-2432 09 08.

4, Buona Casa, Sir P. M. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.
Call: 91-22-226 637 40 / 226 643 36 Fax: 226 620 51

email: sales@shreebaldevelopers.com



  1. It’s a known fact that India Real Estate sector is booming and it has provided innumerable opportunities for investment throughout the country. All throughout the country, whether it is the metropolitans or the two or three tier cities are exploding with commercial high rises, residential townships, industrial parks and shopping malls.
    Where should we invest ?Everywhere this question is being asked. Flying high on the wings of booming real estate, property in India has become a dream for every potential investor looking forward to dig profits.
    Investing in Pune for the medium-to-long term makes the most sense in today’s real estate scenario. For the perfect portfolio, one should concentrate on the more developing areas that still feature competitive rates. The safest and most potential laden investment opportunities in Pune today lie in its townships, as they provide highly saleable property with the right mix of basic amenities and add-ons.For more view- realtydigest.blogspot.com

  2. Just a couple of weeks ago Bal Developers were asking price of Rs.3600 per sq.ft. (If you want, this can be verified from many people who went to see Kapil Upvan). Now the same is 4100 less 10%.. Are they thinking bu├Żers stupid people? Instead of making these kind of foolish headlines, Mr. Bal needs to offer "real" price and hope for buyers to buy the flats.
    The real price seems to me is not more than Rs.3000 per sq.ft as Chaitraban is not Kothrud or Aundh, actually Chaitraban is Upper Indiranagar.

  3. Any time is good time for real estate investment provided you select the right location & have medium to long term waiting period to get the returns. As per the slump in real estate across the country & other factors infuencing economy , i still strongly recommend people to invest in land which is around 50 kms periphery of a developing city like Pune & other tier3 cities, you will see handsome returns in a period of 5 yrs.