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Friday, August 29, 2008

Who is Ashish Yadav, the property price negotiator and deep discount dealmaker?

After i posted the blog - Pune Real Estate Market's Most Wanted, all are asking me, "Who is Ashish Yadav?"

Home buyers in Pune real estate market want his phone number to find out whether could they join his group and get a discounted property rates from the builders.

Pune real estate developers want to know exactly how many assured bookings they can expect from him?

The property price negotiator and deep discount dealmaker, Ashish Yadav talks about himself and his deals:

I am a complete out and out person, who never likes to stay indoors with most of my free time spent in traveling, trekking or in following football. I like talking to people and am an avid networker.

Ashish Yadav
I am working with Infosys as an Associate Consultant for last 7 months. Before this, I have worked with Kotak Mahindra Bank in retail lending division for about 3 years in various capacities like Relationship Manager, Sales Manager and Area Manager at Mumbai and Delhi markets. I am an MBA from FORE School, Delhi and a Mechanical Engineer from SIT, Pune.

Amit Kaushik, who has been an integral part of this team, has worked with Tech Mahindra before joining Infosys. We share many common interests and so things work better when like minded people come together.

I also like to thank our one more core member Tushar Bengali as we all, together, made it possible.

About Abode:

Me and a very good friend of mine, Amit were both looking to buy something in Pune. A lot of things were happening simultaneously. Infosys has a group called Insignia, which has about 80 members and they were doing something for group housing. We discussed this and thought of doing it differently. We agreed to focus on Builders and negotiate with them on their projects rather than buying land and then getting constructed. We named this effort “Abode”.


We needed to buy some property and we thought others would like to do so as well. Numbers always have strength and we thought of playing that to our advantage. The builders would negotiate because they didn’t have to go looking for buyers and buyers would get good deals (10-20% discount than the prevailing market rates). Works out to be a WIN-WIN situation.


We called up some 70-80 builders, visited some 20 sites and finally shortlisted some 4-5 to negotiate further. Things happened, people were interested and we then did funneling to arrive at serious buyers (you would always find floating people who want to get CCed on everything!!).

We completed the first task in 1.5 months with a very good project at Wakad, near Hotel Ambience and did some 25 bookings there. Within some 2 days of booking there, me and Amit got a call from a very good project at Baner-balewadi and went for negotiations there. Things moved in fast and we closed the deal for 25 in 2 weeks time, with bookings!!

What next?

This start with very small thought “I want to buy a house” but ended with "We, 50 odd guys, booked flats in Pune."

Well, lets see how things work out!

Our contact coordinates are:

Ashish Yadav:

Amit Kaushik:

How to negotiate the property rate and get a deep discount in Pune real estate market?

Answer is "number of bookings"!

So, like Ashish, if you are negotiating with some builder and want enough numbers to make a deal, please, share your info in the comments.

Or if you want to join a group interested in booking at certain project, share your interest in the comments.

This is not going to happen in a day or two so keep yourself updated subscribe for free to my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog.

If you want to publish about you or your group, please, send me the info in the above format.

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  1. This site is very interesting. It gives us very good information. Homes are quite affordable for first time home buyers. You can get more information about home buyers which I browsed on internet can fetch you help.

  2. Because of these "Yadav" and "Kaushik" pune real estate prices are going up in stupid locations and prices which nobody would buy. (What is the situation in Patna and Lucknow is interesting question..)

  3. Thanks to people like ashish and amit, at least a few people are getting discounted rates. I am sure, when grapes are sour, ppeople dont like to buy. I would definitely like to talk to them for something like this.

  4. I agree with anonymous. Thanks to Ashish and Amit that few people are getting discounted rates now.

    I've been eyeing Pune real-estate from quite sometime but was never able to buy one. But, now I can see a hope provided we have more of such block buying peoples around.

    I'm based in Singapore currently and want to buy house in Baner. I also have one more colleague here who can join me. So, if there are plans to have another round of block-buy in Baner, please add me in. My id is manish_sharma24@yahoo.com/msharma@tibco.com.

    Thanks a lot Ravi for bringing such jubilant news to us through your blog.

  5. ARISTO, Wakad, Pune is offering Saleable area :927 Sq.ft in 27.77 Lacs including all ( Stamp duty, registration, covered parking,MSEB,etc)


    Is there new offer rates for Dynasty, Wakad, Palak Apt, Baner.

  6. ARISTO, Wakad, Pune having Saleable area 927 Sq.ft in 27.77 Lacs looks like a good deal.
    Most imporatant its indicating Wakad real estate corrcetion measure.

    I came to know that Dynansty is offering flats at 3000/- per sq ft and Palak in Balewadi is offering 2400/- psqft.

  7. Ha ha ha, Dynasty went down till 2500 per sqft when they negotiated with Ashish and Amit kaushik. It was the rate wt which bookings happened at Dynasty, Wakad.