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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pune Real Estate Market's Most Wanted

Balewadi Baner: Property Rate Rs.2,600 per sq.ft.!

Builders are more than happy to reduce the property rates.

Yes, even in Balewadi Baner, builders can give you a deep discount. Instead of Rs.3,400 per sq.ft., you can book a flat at Rs. 2,600 per sq.ft.! But..to negotiate and execute this kind of a deal, you need someone, like Ashish Yadav!

Ashish negotiated a deal with Gayatri Builders. Because of this deal Gayari Builders is giving away 25 flats of Bravuria at S. No. 115, Baner - Balewadi Road, Balewadi, to his friends from Infosys at Rs.2,600 per sq.ft. Out of 25 flats 19 are already booked. The sales executive says, "for sure, rest will be booked by the weekend!"

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Gayatri Builders' deal is just an example. Ashish says few more are in the pipeline. This proves two things:

1) Builders are open for negotiations. They are looking for someone, like Ashish Yadav, who can deliver the bookings at the negotiated rate. That's why Ashish has become the most wanted person in Pune real estate market.

2) I am blogging this because Mr. Anonymous shared this information in the comments on my blog: "Kunal Sancheti Associates's Venezia at Baner continues with the special introductory offer of Rs.3,400 per sq.ft.".

Thank Mr. Anonymous and share your tips about the special offers, discounts and exclusive deals in the comments.

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  1. Who is Ashish Yadav and what is his phone number? Can I benefit from him. I am looking for good bargain in Baner but it is very difficult to negotiate more then 150 or 200.

  2. I don't care who is Ashish Yadav, but wanted to thanks to him to conribute in real estate correction.

  3. And Yes, Mr Ashish , please post the corrected rates whenever you find in Baner/Balewadi.

  4. Ranking amongst the top 5 Indian cities for IT exports, Pune presently is one of the hotbeds of Indian IT exports and employs IT workforce of nearly 50,000 professionals.Another major distinction of Pune is that it is virtually seen as the extension of Mumbai (like a satellite town) with Mumbai-Pune express highway shortening the distance and its real estate is a favourite investment destination for those who make money at Indian bourses in Mumbai.Consequently, city’s real estate development has been in top gears in recent years. Prime locations such as Kalyani Nagar, Boat Club etc are witnessing a frantic residential development activity. Suburban locations such as Aundh, Shivaji Nagar and Kothrud are also coming up in a major way. Several IT parks are also coming up in the city keeping in mind the future challenges. For more view- realtydigest.blogspot.com

  5. Contact me for discounts.
    Plots for sale - Near Hinjewadi It Park - Rs 500/sq. ft


  6. Baner Balewadi is a BIG hell on this earth. Go and visit to see the development, not worth paying even 2000 Rs per sq. ft.
    On the basis of current mess there, it will take at least 3 years to Baner-Balewadi to come up to some mark.
    Baner road is a big joke, PMC made it in bits and pieces with comcrete, rest all is a hell... Now Kalmadi is saying that let's not do any more concrete as we are running short of time for the Commomwelth Games, so they will leave the roads like this now :)

  7. Pl read the article:


    You wil come to know about Real estate slowdown..