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Monday, August 4, 2008

Never buy anything by ADF (Advance Disbursement Facility )

Anonymous said...

The builder has got all the money and can easily exploit you . He may delay the possession by 1 year and you cannot do anything since it is fully paid up .
Also you dont know what the quality of the construction would be and since it is ADF your full EMI starts from day 1.

Ravi please publish this in your main page section rather than the comments so then the people are aware of this and they don't get fooled.People may not read all the comment but they do read your blg . So put it in the main blog page.

Please, read and write comments!:

I am putting this on the main page because:
1) ADF is an important issue

2)On this blog what i write has only 50% importance. 50 % comes from you. When both of us take a part in the conversation it makes some sense. Initially, i used to moderate the comments but now i am not because i have realized that there is less spam and lot of wisdom in the comments.

You can write your name, use open id or just be "anonymous". So feel free, please, read the comments along with the blog and say what you want to say. Express yourself. Share your experience. Voice your opinion. Have a good conversation.

Now, Topaz Park, Park Street phase 3, at Wakad offers discount of Rs. 300 per sq.ft. against 'advance' disbursement of loan or 100 % down payment!


  1. Ravi,

    Please publish these links in the main blog:



  2. Ravi, you are a star of the day...!!!
    Thanks for showing sucha great attitude and for being with us :)

    It would have been much much much more graceful if this was way back a year or two when the Pune real estate market was doubling and Pune builders were demanding madly.
    Any ways, thanks once again.
    I don't want to disclose my name because we/our people/our country/our mental has not changed with the time and I still feel great threat to me and my familie;s life by those guns and mafias and I just can't fight this alone and we are not united.

  3. Thanks for the links, Anonymous! 1) I have posted one on Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Investment Blog.....We are headed for a distressed real estate market - V Hari Krishna, chief investment officer, Kotak Realty Fund....2) The other, from economic times, is focused on Mumbai real estate. I am trying to make it relevant to Pune real estate. If i did not get the info i will blog it as it is.

  4. I don't want to disclose my name because we/our people/our country/our mental has not changed with the time and I still feel great threat to me and my familie;s life by those guns and mafias and I just can't fight this alone and we are not united. Yes, you are right. I agree with you. Anonymous is fine. Keep on sharing. Thanks! Take care.

  5. Ravi,

    You being associated with this industry for a good amount of time, what is your thought process on the reasonable pricing in 5-6 upcoming areas in Pune. The areas could be say Baner, Wakad, Kharadi, Ambegaon.

    Please take land price, construction cost and some of the miscellaneous costs into account. Construction cost varies based on amenities offered, however take amenity that is offered by most of the upcoming project and it is not dificult to find that.

    This will give us an adea about the cost(may be I missed some parameter that will attribute to cost but you know inside out hence can not miss). We can add Gross margin of builders on top of it and get a good idea of "Reasonable Price".

    Obviously as you have mentioned in some of your older posts price is driven by Demand-Supply. However this will still give us a good idea about the price range.

    Once we get this idea we will probably know (difficult but one can always get an idea)how much the prices can come down and decide when to buy.

    Your ananlysis on this point will be extremely valuable to your readers.

  6. Ravi

    I am agree about ADF comments...please see the www.makaan.com ...how resale value has been drop down in Pune..I am surprise to see sigificnt drop down in price...of existing ready to move apt in pune then why to pay ADF and wait for 1 year...one can just buy it now...


  7. Thanks a lot Ravi for posting my comments regarding ADF on your main page . I have myself suffered when the builder lured me into ADF and gave me 60 Rs/sq ft discount. Since I was short of money I took it . The buiding was complete and I thought it would take 6 months for possession (builder told me 5 months ). But the project got delayed and that too by a year and I paid full EMI for the year.

    So I dont think ADF is a right thing to go with since the builder and the bank have tie ups which lure us into ADFs and it is the consumer who suffers.

  8. Thanks anonymous for providing valuable links.

    Thanks Ravi for publishing them.

    - homebuyer2010

  9. Don't go for ADF. It's completely useless as you may not be having any control on the Builder and if you have observed in any property, the after sales service is worst in most of the cases. So better avoid ADF. In today's scenerio, with higher bank Interest rate, its better to enjoy life without any liabilities instead of paying higher cost to both builder as well as bank.
    Note: Next 2 years is global slow down.

    Note: Never purchase any property with G.K Builders( Roseland Residency, Pimple Saudagar)