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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How to own a piece of paradise near Eklavaya College, Kothrud, Pune

Last Sunday, I saw an English ad in Marahti newspaper Sakal. Head line was "A piece of paradise is now yours to own." The ad had a visual of a brick. "saarrthi aavyakul" letters were engraved on the brick. The ad was about a real estate project by SAARRTHI group.

I called the mobile number printed in the bold type, at the bottom corner of the ad. A person who took the call said, "Project is of 4 buildings and 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats," When i asked the property rate he said, I had to visit the site.

So, i went to the site and sat on the sofa kept outside the cabin. Handsome person came and sat in front of me. "Are you here for an inquiry?" he asked me. I said yes, and told him about my call. He said he is the same person. I said good.

He opened the spiral bound folder, of the color printouts, laying on the coffee table.
He put his finger on the first page and said this is the layout - 4 independent buildings and he turned the page.
Amenity space - finger on the printout - he turned the page.
Finger - swimming pool - on the 10th floor! - he turned the page.
2 bhk flats - finger - inside - garden view and 3 bhk flats - finger - out side - hill view.
And he closed the folder.

"Impressed! Sample flat?" i asked.
He said, "Not, yet".
"Brochure?" I asked.
He said, "Not, yet"
"Website?" i asked.
He said, "Not, yet"
"OK!" I said.
"I am dying to know! What's the rate?" i asked.
He said, "Special offer! Toady is the last day. Only Rs.4,399 per sq.ft. From tomorrow, Rs.4,600 per sq.ft.!"
"Really?" i said in disbelief.
He said, "Should i make a receipt?"
"Receipt! I stay on Paud Road. I am not from Paud." I said.
He did not believe in me. He was looking at me as if i had come down from the fool's paradise.

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  1. These guys of Saarthi Group are chor. I live in one of apt constructed by them and the prop Abhijit Shende and his brothers are nothing but chor. They have not delivered what they had promised.

  2. Kothrud at most can command 1900-2100 per sq. ft. rate. Anything above is pure waste.

    There are simply no buyers in the market for rates beyond this.

  3. Real estate developers, the Salarpuria Group is planning to invest about Rs 3,000 crore in 12-14 projects across the country. These projects will be a mix of residential, commercial, retail and hospitality located in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Jaipur, Kolkata and Visakhapatnam. About 13 million sq ft are under construction currently, said Mr Mahesh Khaitan, Director, Salarpuria Group.For more view- realtydigest.blogspot.com

  4. Saarrthi group is a cheater's group. Pls. restrain from buying at any of thier site. Marketing people are a bunch of jokers & owner a fraud people. I heard they have duped lot of people in pune & the company is about to be closed. I have been one of the suffers of these fraud people.

  5. I agree. What you see in ads is NOT at all what you get at the end of the project from Saarrthi! I am still chasing them to solve problems in my apartment. Better stay away.

  6. don't waste your money by buying from the saarrthi builder (siddharth properties/saarrthi group pune)..
    check some more feedback from othr ppl below


  7. Dont waste ur time seeing this site..i have wonderful experience at saarrthi group...infact they have delivered me before their commitments for one of their finest project in kothrud..and yes ...just writing doesnt make sense...being a builder is not a joke and at very young age they have started and doing successfully.. i heard they r now iso 9001 company..do buy in saarrthi group..

  8. Why dont u people mention entire details either gud or bad. If u will provide wch project you invested & ur gud/bad experience, it wud be helpful for real customers. Employees from saarthi may write gud while from other Builders may right bad about saarthi. how will a real customer know the exact picture untill & unless you provide some facts & pictures, name of project, name of people involved