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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Donate your eyes and get Ray-Ban for free!

When you book a flat by disbursing loan in advance (ADF) you start receiving great offers!

The other day, Mr. Rahul called me on my mobile. First, he asked me, was it a right time to talk. He said he wanted to discuss with me something. "Depends, what's the topic?" i asked. Since, i had received a call about asking help for pre-mature ejaculation, i have become very cautious. I had a hell of a time to convince the caller that i am not a doctor. I only blog about health care and wellness.

Rahul said it is about how his life has changed after his smart decision to book a flat by paying ADF. I found the topic safe to discuss and told him to go ahead.

Rahul said he always wanted to return to India and settle down in Pune. He has come down to book a row house or a specious 3 bhk flat. Luckily, he found the property and took advantage of an attractive offer. Good for you, i said.

Since, i have taken this offer, every day i am getting lot of calls, Rahul said.
"Telephone calls?" i asked.
He said, "Yes!"
"You want to talk about those calls?" I asked him.
"Yes!" he said.
"If calls are from Dubai, you should talk to police" i told him.
"If calls are from Pune?" Rahul questioned me.
"Still you should talk to police! I can't help you in anyway." i was almost going to disconnect but Rahul said, "I do not want to talk about phone calls. I want to discuss with you about an attractive offer i have received over a phone!"
"That's fine! I know it must be about a personal loan. Right?" i was little bit relaxed.

"The offer is about donating eyes!" Rahul said.
"Every foresighted person should donate his eyes. I am totally for it. I have donated mine." I informed him. "Aishwarya Rai has also donated her eyes!"
"I was touched when i received this offer," Rahul said, "There are so many blind people in India! I can do something for my motherland and for my people. I feel good...actually, for me this is Nirvana!"
Now, i was moved.
"Thanks for sharing this, Rahul. I am impressed!" my limit of 'free consultation on the phone for first 15 minutes' was almost over so i was trying to wind up the conversation.

"Ravi, what do you think? Should i take this offer? They are going to give me Ray-Ban for free if i donate my eyes today!" Rahul asked me.
"Ray-Ban! That's great. Lucky you! No body offered me anything." i was feeling little bit jealous of him.
"Didn't i tell you my life has changed after i booked a flat by paying ADF. I am getting very attractive offers!" Rahul said.
"Yes, you are!" i had to accept.
"Ravi, they say, after i sign the donation papers they will give me the Ray-Ban. Only, issue is they also expect my eyes immediately. What do you think, should i take this offer?" Rahul sound serious.

"What's the issue? I do not see any issue! In fact, i was going to ask you about kidney!" I said.
"Yes! I have received an attractive offer for kidney too!" Rahul said.
"Congrats, Rahul! Your life has really changed a lot after that smart decision!!"

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