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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pune Municipal Corporation,
Don't Sanction Building Plans Without Water Supply

"The Right to Access to Clean Drinking Water is Fundamental to Life and
Under Article 21, It's the duty of Pune Municipal Corporation
to Provide Clean Drinking Water to Its Citizens"

Upcoming project of Sunit Aakash Associates in Prathamesh Park, Balewadi Phata, Baner Pune - See the 14th point - Water Supply by Bore well and tanker. No PMC water supply!

Support "Public Interest Litigation (PIL)" against Pune Municipal Corporation:

For the last 20 years, Raheja Gardens at Wanawadi is not getting drinking water from Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC).

You know why?

Because of the secret "Water Affidavit" between the builders & Pune Municipal Corporation!

"Water Affidavit" - The secret & conspiracy of Builders & Pune Municipal Corporation:

As per this secret policy, the builder tells Pune Municipal Corporation,"Don't try to stop the builder from earning huge profits. Don't refuse to sanction our housing scheme only because Pune Municipal Corporation will not be able to supply water to the flat buyers in our housing scheme. Don't worry. If Pune Municipal Corporation can't supply, the builder will provide drinking water!"

"Pune Municipal Corporation loves builders. If the builder is taking the responsibility to supply the water, just by giving in writing - an affidavit - Pune Municipal Corporation is more than happy to sanction the project and let every builder earn huge profits!," the Pune Municipal Corporation says.

The innocent flat buyers in Pune Municipal Corporation are not aware about this secret "Water Affidavit".

The flat owner assumes that since he pays water & property tax to PMC, Pune Municipal Corporation will supply water to him.

When flat buyer doesn't get water, he goes to Pune Municipal Corporation. You know what Pune Municipal Corporation says?

"Why are you coming to Pune Municipal Corporation? We are here only to earn money from you - water tax - road tax - property tax - without providing anything. Providing water is your builder's job. So go to your builder. If you want, go to consumer court against your builder. Or wherever you can. But, don't bother Pune Municipal Corporation!," PMC says.

Pune Property Buyers Fight for Justice:

You know where two residents of Raheja Gardens went?

They went to Bombay High Court!

Mr. Prakash Walde & Mr. Mohamed Sayeed Merchant filed Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against Pune Municipal Corporation.

Not only to demand water for themselves but for all of us Punekars.

They not only want water for the flat owners at Raheja Gardens but for every property owner in Pune Municipal Corporation.

1) Their Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requests the court to prevent Pune Municipal Corporation from giving building permission against builder's "affidavit".

2) Their Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requests the court to order Pune Municipal Corporation to provide water to all citizens of Pune.

3) Their Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requests the court to order the Pune Municipal Corporation to issue public notice and publish list of the builders on it's website who have given "Water Affidavits".

4) Their Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requests the court to order the builders who have received the building permissions against "Water Affidavits" to annex it to the agreement of the flat.

5) Their Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requests the court to order the Pune Municipal Corporation to refund the water tax it has collected from the flat buyers without supplying water.

6) Their Public Interest Litigation (PIL) requests the court to impose penalty on the builders for misleading the property buyers about water supply.

Brahma Emerald County NIBM, Nyati Enclave Mohammedwadi, Suncity Wadgaon Sheri, Nyati Estate Hadapsar Join Public Interest Litigation (PIL):

When the news about Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was published in Pune Mirror, more than 3,000 flat owners in Brahma Emerald County NIBM, Nyati Enclave Mohammedwadi, Suncity Wadgaon Sheri, Nyati Estate Hadapsar joined the fight against Pune Municipal Corporation.

You know, why?

Because, after all water is life.

Water is our fundamental right.

Water is our constitutional right.

And Pune Municipal Corporation can not refuse to supply water.

Pune Municipal Corporation cannot tell a builder to supply water.

Why only Pune Municipal Corporation?

No local government can refuse to supply us water.
Not Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. Nor any Gram Panchayat.

No local government can give building permission to the builder if it is unable to supply water to the flat owners.
Not Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. Nor Town Planning Authority.

Considering that this illegal & unconstitutional practice is going on for many years, every one who is searching for a flat or has already booked a flat, would like know the names of those builders & their projects which have received building permissions against water affidavits. Right?

So, if you are not getting enough water from Pune Municipal Corporation, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation, Gram Panchayat, Advocate Shirren Merchant appeals to all of you to join the legal fight.

Submit your "intervention application" - share your complaint about not getting water from Pune Municipal Corporation, Pmipri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation or Gram Panchayat.

Your application will strengthen our case and all of us will get water.

To Submit Your Intervention Applications Contact:

Advocate Shireen Merchant

95611 52202 / shireenmerchant@hotmail.com

Click to Read Public Interest Litigation Against Pune Municipal Corporation:

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3) MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2012

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  1. Thanks for posting the article. This is one of the articles which is a must read before anyone takes a flat.

    I really appreciate your good work.

  2. Ravi, I am following your blog since last couple of yrs and this is the first time I realized I should thank you !!

  3. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for the article. "Water Affidavit" concept was actually a shock to me. I was not at all aware about this. I think now this is the time all Punekars & PCMC-kars should unite together to fight against builders lobby for "VAT" & "Water Affidavit" issue.

  4. If you are buying a new flat, first thing you must check is how water supplied. If builder's answer is tanker, there is no point buying a flat.
    I checked at Amit Bloomfield, Ambegaon. Their 3BHK flat costs 1 Crore plus and water is supplied by tanker. It is not worth paying 1 Cr and not getting drinking water.

  5. is this case still going on... We in balewadi also not getting any water from municipal corporation.

  6. Dear Fellow Citizen YES I am facing this same problem with the builder in Mohmaadewadi area I am fighting against with him to refund my entire money back lets unite and fight those who wish to get connected to know the builder name connect on 9970963503 rgds
    In solidarity
    Jai Hind

  7. hi sir

    I stay at Keystone Hills Undri. The building doesnot have a society. nobody pays electricity or water bill...its FREE... we have borewell water. There are atleast 48 flats in two wings. Can anyone tell me about this building sanction, approval. Entire building is made of pop with leakage. Its a new construction