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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Varsha & Sachin are safe in Nanded City Pune

Meeting Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman, Nanded City Development & Construction Company Ltd.

Varsha & Sachin Singh, The First Citizens of Nanded City Pune

As a reply to my open letter "Save Varsha & Sachin Singh", Mr. Satish Magar invited me to his office.

"It was my demand. My idea. And not theirs," I clarified as i entered his office.

"It means that Sachin is happy about the possession. But Ravi Karandeekar is not!," Mr. Satish Magar said.

"Exactly! Sachin Singh is proud to become the first citizen of Nanded City Pune. He invited me to his flat in Mangal Bhairav to share - share his happiness. But somehow after the call about not writing about my visit to him - i felt that - you and me are on the same side - not happy about possession!," I said.

"No. We are not on the same side. I am happy about possession. I gave possession to Sachin Singh by choice. I found Sachin to be a genuine person. And I told my staff to give him possession and look after him well. I told them that Varsha & Sachin are the first citizens of Nanded City Pune and see that they do not face any kind of inconvenience. Didn't you see that we are taking good care of them?," Mr. Magar asked.

"But, it's not completely ready to live! In this situation - I believe - the builder should not give the possession. You know? I travel by bus. In the evenings, when the bus is full, i see the bus conductor saying "no" and forcing the school going boys - who are ready to travel on the last step - to get down. The bus conductor knows that it's risky. So, he refuses to take them in. Same way, i thought that - you should have said "No" to Sachin!," I said.

"Yes! I have had first hand experience of the VIP treatment you are giving them!! I told Sachin that for the staff of Nanded City Pune, now, you have become more important than Mr. Satish Magar! In fact, I was going to write about how everyone at Nanded City Pune is caring, concerned & committed to provide service to Varsha & Sachin Singh!! But, you didn't let me write that blog! Why?," I asked.

"Because, it's too early to talk about possession! Most of the infrastructure - services - are almost ready. But not completely ready. There are a few loose ends. I will complete them in the next couple of months and start giving possession. Here I am talking about the possession of thousands of flats. Soon, a few thousand families will start living in Nanded City. Obviously, I am more cautious. I believe in action. I am proud about the progress. I am constructing more than 90 buildings and 4500 flats. It's some sort of a record in India. But, for the home buyer what matters is possession. So, i am focused on possession," Mr. Satish Magar said.

"Yes, anyone can see that Nanded City Pune is way ahead of all other townships. Anyone, can see the huge infrastructure you are developing which will fulfill the needs of thousands of families for years to come. But, there is a lack of communication - information - you know? - my readers - from all over the world - want to know what's going on at Nanded City Pune. If you see the comments - they are more concerned about the "Nanded City Pune" than the safety of Varsha & Sachin! Many Pune property buyers are not aware about the cost of 50 meter wide 7 kilometer long spine road in Nanded City Pune. They are not aware about the cost & benefits of living in a self sufficient private township like Nanded City Pune. When i try to share a bit of info - I am stopped - so, i raise questions. This is not done. You have to be more open!," i said.

"I agree with you and now, i am ready for it. For me this is just the beginning. I have a long way to go. I want to develop & deliver 700 acres in which more than 10,000 families and their next generations will live happily for ever. Ravi Karandeekar. look at it from my point of view!," Mr. Satish Magar said.

"Certainly, but then you have to share your vision with me!," i said.

"I will. Someday... soon....together we will visit the Nanded City!," Mr. Satish Magar said.

"That's great! Now, I am done. But, what about Varsha & Sachin?," I asked.

"What about them? They are the first citizens of Nanded City Pune. They are special to me. And will remain so forever! Soon on a weekend, I am planning to visit their home to see that they are happy and well!," Mr. Satish Magar said.

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  1. Yes, we are happy because i can save my rent, we are happy because they respond to my problems but we are not happy because they are not able to see problems their self, we need to give explanations and proofs for our problems.

    Thanks Nanded City for Taking care us so nicely.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi Sachin,

    Could you please share the problems that you are facing in Nanded city?

    Would you recommend buying in a first home in Nanded city?

    Waiting for your reply.


  3. The problems i faced initially doesn't mean others will also face. My problems, complaints will be helpful for builder to improve for future customers. Nobody says Nanded city is not a good project. Buying depends on your requirements,goal,location etc.
    Suggest you... Stay alert not as a property buyer only but as a consumer in your life.
    All's well that ends well.

  4. Please post traffic problems on Facebook. Search 'Pune traffic Police' and write about traffic problems.

  5. "Substancial Dealy of 6 (may be more) months for Possesion" in Nanded City.
    It has forced tremendous financial losses to their flat buyers.Extra house rent,Pre-EMI and moreover No tax benifits (for home loan carriers) as no Possesssion.Customers shell out lacs and builders earn crores.Customers just expect their home to be in their hands on time.safty..roads..water..street lights..builders are bound to provide this in any project..Nanded city is not exceptional case who are providing this.Interesting to watch hw much extra time Mr.Satish buy from their customers before giving possessions .....Anyways...Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Singh...Happy Stay Sir!!

  6. Join "Nanded City,Pune" on Facebook...Suggestion, feedbacks, Updates, Information, Discussions.

    Open for all-Buyers, Residents, Builders, Nanded city Employees

  7. Hi Sachin/Ravi,

    I'm thinking of buying a flat in Nanded city. But I've few doubts like,

    1.Are they providing adequate covered parking space for ALL flat holders.

    2.Are they forming the housing societies of individual buildings? Are they doing the conveyance deed and transferring the ownership to flat holders?

    3.They are charging one time maintenance. But what does that cover?

    4.Is internal modifications in the flat are allowed or do we have to take builder's permission?

    5. The technology that they are using, the RCC solid wall structure, does any other builder in Pune using it? What is the thickness of these walls? What are the advantages and disadvantages of RCC solid walls?

    Sachin, Ravi based on your experience, please answer these questions.

    waiting for your replies.


    thansk and

    1. Hi,

      1. I think now parking is compulsory. They provide covered or semi covered parking.
      2. Don't know right now.
      3. It covers -Roads, Security, Electricity of common areas, Solar water heating, Cleaning etc.Other than your electricity and water bill.
      4. Due to RCC structure you cannot change the structure but can change other things like flooring tiles.
      5. I heard and hope RCC is stronger than brick walls. Finishing is better.

      *** Hope i am right.

  8. Thanks Sachin for taking out time for answering the questions.

    Do you think the parking is sufficient for all the flat holders? Is it allotted specifically to a flat holder?
    or is it like a common parking space? I'm asking this because their cost sheet on website says '*parking extra' (extra charge for parking).

    Also, what is a semi-covered parking?

    thanks Sachin again.
    your first hand experience is invaluable for new buyers.

  9. Yes if you pay for parking, it will be reserved for you. Can't say about sufficiency of covered parking. There is semi covered parking (I think covered with some shade)and common parking also(Not reserved).

    Can't tell you exactly beacuse these things are in progress, not done.

  10. Any idea of Madhuvanti possession? I have booking a flat 2 year ago & my possession date has already been passed but still not hearing about possession.

    1. @Arya:Sir I can only say that the possesion of Madhuvati is "Delayed" as you can see.Now the next point is we can wait and see in what time they make it available for buyers to come and stay.
      Till then I can urge to all "victim" buyers of NC to "Stay-Connected" and "Expand the network"....Every dog has its DAY....

  11. Dear Sachin, thanks a lot for sharing your views and adding value by your replies. I appreciate your contribution.

    Sachin, first, this blog was about you. Now, it has become your blog! Please, keep on updating. After a few days, I will republish it on the home page - so, that all can read you.

    Thanks for the Facebook Group of Nanded City, Pune

  12. Hi Sachin,

    Can you share some photos of your building in Nanded City. Also as you are living there you can keep sharing the photographs of the infrastructure progress.

  13. For Nanded city residents(or those who have booked here), please join Face Book group - Nanded City Residents
    Thanks Ravi / Sanjay for creating a platform
    Amit Thatte

  14. Hello Ravi,

    Any update about your visit to NC along with Satish Magar..
    We want know your view on progress at NC

  15. Hi Sachin,

    It would be great a help to all of us if u could share the latest updates.
    Please share ur experience in terms of the possession process, any problems u r facing while staying there, about infrastructure services like road, electricity, water etc.

    BTW when ur neighbors are coming there?

    1. One neighbor has come in LALIT building....Possession process is simple. Pay remaining amount and take possession letter. Please note that-- Possession letter not furniture possession letter.

      Initially for 15 days i lived there with very bad road now it is ok. Street lights also work in the night. Water is there.
      Lot of construction noises(Like stone cutting, drilling sounds) till late night(11-12 PM)and on weekends also so get ready to stay with pain killers for headache.These noises will not let you listen your TV sound.

      Singadh Road is also in very bad condition. You can collect 100 gms of dust in one trip.

  16. My Dish antenna was disturbed by nanded city workers 2-3 times. First time i called engineer and paid him for fixing the problem. It happened again and then i asked Nanded city to pay this time. I told them this is happening because of you so you should pay, it is not a big amount only 100-200 Rs.. Instead of accepting their mistake they started giving excuses- it happens naturally blah blah. Forget about money even they didn't say sorry for my inconvenience. Finally I said ok i will pay. I was shocked they are dying for 100-200 Rs.

    They do not understand the value of customer satisfaction....it is more than 200 rs.

  17. Hello Sachin,

    PLease share photographs of actul flats, lobby and internal work of your building as NC team only sent us photographs for buildings and roads but we want to know what is inside building quality.
    Aslo I can see there are many groups on FB for nanaded city. If you sharing on FB please paste link here for FB group


    1. FB group-- http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/208477105873381/

    2. When I try to search group by this link, there is no results found on FB?

  18. Hi Sachin,

    Thanks for sharing.
    What about sale deed? Is it executed? Also u got both possession letter and property completion letter?

  19. Hi Sachin...Congratulations.

    Hows the progress as regards to the other buildings construction. Have they also started giving possession to other Flat Owners from Lalit/Asawari...


  20. I heard that there are some kind of meters installed in each flat to track water usage. Is it true? That means one has to pay for water usage separately apart from the one time maintenance charges. If true...its very strange!

    1. Hi Sachin,

      First upon, cheers for your possessions…   

      I am Vaibhav Sirsat and I bought a flat in Sarang. Though I have a time for possession, I want to talk with you regarding some issues which people facing in Nanded city.

      Last week one of my friend who visited Nanded city office to collect his possession letter came to know that, Nanded city is charging extra for basic facilities like water, gate passes etc. Initially they are charging Rs.500 per month for water and in future they will fit the meters in each flat and depending on the water usage they will charge from us. Same is the thing with the gate passes, they are charging around 75 RS per person in a family for gate pass. Forget about the gate pass amount as it is negligible, but what about water charges? They should have inform customers at the time of booking only. Don’t you think that they are cheating us?

      When my friend had conversation with the Manager in the office, Manager is trying to convince my friend and told that this is a policy and you have to pay it. Though it is policy they should have share it with customers at the time booking.

      All this is surprise for me and my friend.Now we dont have any choice on this but can you please share your experience on this?

  21. When Nandedcity officially plan to start possession for Mangal Bhairav and Lalit, I think these buildings almost complete.

    1. I will go this weekend to collect the possession letter...you know they theirself do not call but when we ask they invite. I ahve been staying there for last 2 months but they didn't call me for collecting final possesion letter.Someone told me that he got possesion letter ,i contacted NC then only they said-yes you can come.

  22. is it advisable to book flat in nanded city at this property rate of Rs 3750 psf? if yes which building u will advise? i am looking forward to book two flats one 2 bhk for rent and one 3 bhk for self.pls reply

    1. I cannot advise you regarding building and locality. For good rent you will need to wait for the launching and completion of IT park in NC. For residential purpose..yes it will be a good project but will take time to get all facilities ready inside NC. Again it will be your decision to buy depending upon you preferred area in pune.

  23. Many people got possession i guess. I visited site last weekend and NC sales office was full of peoples, whom NC team had invited to show their actual flat bfore possession. Everyone was in hurry with full of joy on their faces.

    It seems that count of your neighbors will increase soon. :)

  24. We should appreciate Sachin & Varsha Singh courage to take on NC developer and become a first citizen of NC, which force NC developer to gear up their work. I believe because of this coupes many NC flat owner get their possession early. We should also thankful to Mr. Ravi Karnataka’s for their contribution.

    Sachin any update on NC public school, are they really start construction work for the school. Actually I have 3 yr old kid and I am worried about his school if I moved to NC as all the good schools are far away from NC.

    1. Yes, Anuragvr, Sachin & Varsha have guts. I admire and respect their assertiveness. Nanded City Pune is lucky to have them.

  25. Thanks...I agree...because they were planning to handover possession in May/June 12. Due to news of possession they were indirectly forced to give possessions in Feb/March to others.

    School work- I don’t think it will be completed in 2012. I cannot see any change in last six months.

    Have you joined Facebook-- "Nanded City,Pune-A Family" for updates and discussions.

    1. Check this link for some schools at sinhgadh Road...


  26. Paid til flooring work completion for B4-B5-B6 building. From now how many months it will take approximately for getting the possession?

    1. Should take 2 months...keep calling them for possession if you want early.

  27. Sachin Are you sure that there will be IT park like MC?

  28. Sachin have you paid service tax on one time maintenance,parking lot and MSEB amount? I red some where builder should not charge service tax on these.

    1. Yes paid...but i dont know the rule for this.

    2. Service tax = 2.575% of the flat cost

      One time maintenance is not included in the flat cost hence no service tax on it.

      Builders are not allowed to sell parking, but they are selling it indirectly by adding the parking charges into flat cost hence we have to pay service tax on it.

      MSEB amount is also included in flat cost i guess.

    3. But for Maintenance amount 200000 they charged me more than 20000 rupee almost 10-11%. They gave me some reason for this. I am not sure what is right but if they are charging more then we all should ask to return excess amount.

      Ravi-Would you like to add something. When I paid bank check Disbursement)they charged around 2.5% S.T. but on maintenance they charged 10%. Why?

    4. Sachin,

      I saw the calculation sheet which they provided me.

      Parking and MSEB charges are included in flat cost. Hence we have to pay service tax on it. But the rule(whether to pay ST on MSEB) i don't know.

      Yes, apart from one time maintenance(which is 2L)they have included Rs. 20660 as OTM ST(again i don't know what is this) that to be paid at possession.

    5. I think we should consult expert for the Service tax issue to know what come under service tax.

      Please check these links on service tax

      FB group-- http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/208477105873381/





  29. Great article ... and too good discussion. I have booked flat at NC in Madhuvanti: Q-601. I am not in hurry for possession cause I know that construction noises and all will be very disturbing. Being a single for now, I can live with friends. But I will like to congratulate Sachin for being the first citizen and taking all the effort to provide all the latest information. I have not been to site since like 4 months, but got all the details from you, thanks again.

    Also thanks to Mr. Ravi Karandeekar, any interaction with you always give valuable information, (we have also spoken 2 times on call). And thanks for direct information from Mr. Satish Magar. I hope you have more interactions and we customers get to know exactly what we paid for.

    Thanks again to all for contributing !!! Let me know if someone of you is my neighbor, we will have more interactions.

  30. Please Join On Facebook-- Nanded city,Pune- A family

  31. Hi All

    I have been a reader of this for a long time but with the discussion on Service Tax would like to share some information which I know.

    As per law Agreement Amount is subject to Service Tax and since parking charges and MSEB meter charges are both included in the Agreement Cost it becomes applicable for Service Tax. The Service Tax rate earlier was 10.3% (This includes service tax + some cess). But there is an Abatement of 75%. This is because the entire Agreement Amount is NOT a Service. So only 25% of the Agreement Amount is considered to be Service and on this we need to pay 10.3% Service Tax. This comes to 2.575% on the entire Agreement Amount. Ex. Agreement Amt = Rs.100, so Service Tax will be charged only on Rs.25 (as Rs.75 is Abatement), 10.3% on Rs.25 is Rs.2.575 and thus on the entire Rs.100 it becomes 2.575%. I hope this clarifies all doubts. Though I am not a tax expert but I have done a lot of searching on this subject. Now the OTM charge is considered to be a full Service and thus the Service Tax of 10.3% is charged on the entire OTM amount.

    One important point to note is, in this budget Service Tax percentage has been increased from 10% to 12% so this will impact us all who ever has still not got possession. Now we might have to pay 12.36% ST instead of 10.3% on OTM amount and 3.09% instead of 2.575% on the pending agreement amount.

    1. Thakns Shailen for the detailed info. This cleared most of the doubts.
      Again, this increase in Service Tax percentage might cause us to shell out more bucks form our pocket. God save us.

  32. http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/nanded-city-delayed-project-amp-not-providing-facilities-c719574.html


  33. Hi Sachin,

    FIrst of all congratulations.
    Is Everything fine with Nanded City now, are you still facing problems other than noices?
    Also will it be good to book a 3BHK flat in AVSARI/SUBHKALYAN ? What would be possession date?

  34. Hi Sachin!

    Congrats ! I hope, you will be enjoying in NC. It's really nice to get all information from this blog. Thanks Ravi for sharing interaction with Mr. Magar and bringing this blog to help every one who is in connect with NC about the progress of NC.

    I have question to Sachine & Ravi regarding road joining from NC to banglore bypass. Is there any plan implemented to construct fly over to minimise the distance.

    Sunil K

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  36. hello sir,
    my name is ritesh singh,i had booked a 1 bhk flat in mangal bhairav (b4 building)on july 2010.i didnt got possesiontill now.
    can you tell me what is status of b4 building mangal bhairav.

  37. like this page on facebook of nanded city


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