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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sell Your Booking & Earn Appreciation

Real Estate Investment Offer from Jade Residences Wagholi, Pune 412207

You smart Pune real estate investors, I know what you are doing!

On an investment of just 1 lakh rupees, you are earning huge appreciation in the shortest possible time!!

By paying a booking amount of only Rs. 1 Lakh - in the pre-launch offer, at the property rate of Rs. 2,975 per sq.ft., you booked a flat in Dheeraj Realty's Jade Residences at Wagholi, Pune 412 207.

And today, in just 3 months, all flats - more than 900 flats - are gone - booked! And the property rate at Jade Residences Wagholi has gone up too!! Now, it's Rs. 3,500 per sq.ft.!!!

Today, anybody who comes to Jade Residences & wants an early possession flat - in the first phase - has to pay you 20 per cent of the agreement value at today's property rate and buy your "resale" flat - means your "booking".

You pocket your profit and tell the builder to register the agreement in the new name. This way, you not only earn more than 50,000 on your investment of 1,00,000 in less than 3 months - but contribute in boosting appreciation of properties in Wagholi too. What a noble task all of you are doing!

"Are there enough buyers who are ready to buy at the current property rate of Rs. 3,500 per sq.ft. in Wagholi?," I asked the property advisor at DHFL Property Services Ltd., sister company of Dheeraj Realty, which is marketing Jade Residences Wagholi.

"Demand is more than the supply! You know? These IT people working in Kharadi - are always ready for a deal! They pay 20 per cent of agreement value to those builders - who don't even have a clear land title, no sanctions & no approvals - and wait for more than a year and pray to God for the launch of project and beginning of construction! But here - at Jade Residences - look - the construction is going on - day & night! The site office & the sample flat is almost ready. So, everyone grabs every resale flat - 'booking for sale'! For them - this is "shop & save" offer!! The IT guy gets an early possession flat & saves couple of thousand rupees! Win win offer!," the property advisor said.

"Can I join this game?," I asked.

"Yes! More the merrier! How much would you like to invest? More flats you book - more appreciation you earn!," the property advisor said.

"But, where can i invest? You said all are gone in Jade!," i asked.

"We are launching 2 new projects in Wagholi! You can invest in those!! Together we will increase the property rates of Wagholi to the level of Kharadi & earn huge appreciation in the shortest period of time! There is nothing like investing in Wagholi!," the property advisor assured me.

"True! But, instead of an investor - i would prefer to become a builder and announce a project in Wagholi!," I said.

"Go ahead! We are there for you!!," the property advisor said.

Contact to know more about investment opportunities at Wagholi:

91 75 53 71 70 / 7738 3332 06 / 07 / 08/ 09

Entrance of Jade Residences on Nangar Road at Wagholi Pune 412 207
Entrance of Jade Residences on Nangar Road at Wagholi Pune 412 207

View Dheeraj Realty's Jade Residences - 1 BHK 1.5 BHK 2 BHK 2.5 BHK 3 BHK Flats in Kamal Baug Society, opposite Kaveri Hotel, Pune Nagar Road, Wagholi, Pune 412 207 in a larger map

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  1. Wow really? Wagholi seems to be the next real estate destination. Hope that changes your views about wagholi :)

  2. Have been following Ravi since beginning.. He is smart, funny and informative.
    His smartness, sense of humor covered the consumer perspective in early days of blogging. Now, smartly, he is turning into builder's representative.

    1. Dear Young Punekar, thanks for the complements! Remember? Many times, I am "sarcastic"

    2. Ravi sir...
      Your way of putting the blog is fantastic. I love it. Please keep writing with no changes.

  3. Hey young
    I dont think he is turning in to builders representative at all. He still gives his honest opinion and transperant perspective of both sides. e.g. http://ravikarandeekarsblog.blogspot.in/2012/02/varsha-sachin-are-safe-in-nanded-city.html
    Besides this if he has turned in to builders representative he would be riding in an expensive SUV by now. :)

    1. Thanks, Hello World! Yes! I am happy to travel in bigger and longer vehicle than SUV.

  4. I heard that only 6 Floors(Instead of Planned 8) of Jade Residencies are Approved. Even the project is not approved by any of the nationalized banks till date. In this case it puts a big question mark when builder says "See Construction is going on" - If your paper work is not complete what will I do with this construction . Also builder says PMC will provide water supply - I have a real doubt on it. Can someone clarify my doubts?

  5. If we talk of appreciation then I do not think that rates will go beyond Rs.4500 sqft when the construction will be completed in Dec 2013.If you buy at 3500 then after registration etc your value will be at 4150 sqft.Waiting for 2 years after investing in bank will yield me Rs.5000 but here it will only yield Rs.4500. Hence it is nowhere a very good investment opportunity. It is highly unlikely that the area will boom like pimple saudagar,baner,wakad which are having rates around 4500-5000 after such huge development. So I believe this investment will not be so much fruitful and does not make much sense.

    1. current rate @ jade 4400 for 2.5 bhk :(

    2. Now this is a superficial rate. Actual rate is still under 4k max. Also now this stupid builder is not mentioning anything about parking in the agreement and also charging about 1.5 lacs for club house membership(at time of booking it was complimentary). To Note still the project is not approved till date by any Bank.

  6. Dheeraj realty is a cheat/fraudster company ..DO NOT invest your hard money in its projects...

    Project : jade residencies Pune

    - Almost 2 years passed not even 5 % completion of project and they have already taken 10% of money from flat buyers and

    construction is stopped.

    No professional ethics : arbitarily increased cost from what was promised at booking.
    - Club membership was free at the time of booking now they are charging 50 K from all flat buyers.

    - Maintenance cost was increased from what was promised at the time of booking.

    - Podium parking was cancelled without any notification and also now they are demanding cash money(Black) for ground

    floor parking on first come first serve basis.

    - At the time of booking they assured of all approvals are in place but the truth is two years past they dont have approv

    - Further to this projects are not approved by any nationalised bank..they would ask to home loan from DHFL at their own

    high interes rates..
    - Forcing the buyers to sign the agreement having the clause that buyers should take NOC from builder even after formation

    of society which is against the law..

    - It spends all its poor purchasers money in sponsoring IPL,SFl and events..

    - From top to bottom staff is corrupt,never responds to your queries ..over phone ,email,in person..


  7. Great Information about managing real estate. Keep sharing such blog posts.