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Monday, February 6, 2012

Save Varsha & Sachin Singh

An Open Letter to Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman, Nanded City Development & Construction Company Ltd.

Ms. Varsha & Sachin Singh, A4-602 Mangal Bhairav, The First Citizens of Nanded City Pune

Dear Mr. Satish Magar,

No builder should put property buyer's life at risk. Certainly, not for Rs. 8,500 per month. As you have done in case of Varsha & Sachin Singh. So, please, save the young, assertive, intelligent, innocent IT couple - living far away from their parents, relatives and friends.

I thank you for giving me an opportunity to write an open letter to you. If I had not received a call from Mr. A. B. - requesting me not to write a blog on my visit to Varsha and Sachin Singh - The First Citizens of Nanded City Pune - I would not have written this.

Mr. A. B.'s call also confirmed that you know that you haven't done the right thing. It shows that Mr. Satish Magar, you are aware about the risks and dangers to the life of Varsha & Sachin Singh.

If you pull them out of the dangerous situation, your property buyers will feel safe to live in your Nanded City Pune. Your action will assure them that you - Mr. Satish Magar - do not compromise the safety and security of residents of Nanded City Pune for monetary gains.

In fact, as the Chairman of CREDAI Pune METRO, for sure, your act of saving Varsha & Sachin Singh, would motivate all builders in Pune to stop playing with the lives of property buyers. The builders In Pune will stop giving possession before Municipal Authority certifies that the property is safe to live. The builders in Pune will start giving possessions only after obtaining completion - occupation - certificate.

Point is, not only as a human being but even as a businessman, saving Varsha & Sachin Singh is a good decision.

I don't advice a builder for free. But Mr. Satish Magar, you are more than a builder to me. I admire you for what you have done for the farmers around Pune. And i am sure, you will do the same for the property buyers too!

Thanking you,
Ravi Karandeekar,



Varsha & Sachin are safe in Nanded City Pune
Meeting Mr. Satish Magar, Chairman, Nanded City Development & Construction Company Ltd.


  1. Dear Ravi,
    This letter proves that, deep inside there is a hidden social worker in you......But we we always want you in that way!!!

  2. i did not understand what is the problem of Sachin and Varsha,possession before completion certificate?

  3. Whats the problem? please elaborate...!
    Tried to search lot of info on Nanded City status on public forums, but, surprisingly, didnt get enough info..

  4. Thanks for showing care.
    Builder must understand how its difficult paying interest on loan + Rent for those construction is completed but not getting possession.
    Builder have to complete the paper work as early as possible.

    Ravi please can you visit and get progress of all building. And talk with management there problems & plans.

  5. The basic problem is Agreement which is all in favor of builder.Govt should come with law which can protect property buyers from such wrong deliveries by builders.Consumer court is a Big joke.

    Thanks Ravi for providing dashboard -

  6. Ravi its time to show your courage again -

    Kolte Patil Life Republic (IVEN-TOWNSHIP) buyers group - discussion about current problems and progress - check it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/iventownship/messages

  7. Hello Ravi,

    Can you give more details about this, What risk you talking about ...
    I also booked flat here in NC ,So wanted to know.

  8. I could not make out what the risk is after reading the letter.

    Ravi, please share the details.

  9. ravi,

    first explain what is the problem...
    this is a half cooked information in the post

  10. Hi Ravi
    Can you please elaborate more, that will be really helpful ...