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Monday, November 7, 2011

Price Rise at Nanded City Pune - Why?

Not A Tale of the Two Cities: Lavasa and Nanded City Pune:

Ajit Pawar, R R Patil, Vilasrao Deshmukh, Sharad Pawar and Satish Magar at the inauguration of Nanded City Pune - newspaper cutting published on the website of Nanded City Pune

First things first. I want to make it clear that my visit to Nanded City Pune (www.nandedcitypune.com), on the same day when Maharashtra Government field the criminal complaint against Lavasa (www.lavasa.com), the brainchild of our beloved leader Mr. Sharad Pawar, was only a coincidence.

We all know that - Sules - Mr. Sadanand & Ms. Supriya Sule, son in law and daughter of our beloved leader Mr. Sharad Pawar - owned only 21.97 per cent stake in Lavasa Corporation between 2002 to 2004. Nobody knows to whom but, we all know that they had already sold their stake.

Let me remind you that, on the day of the launch of Nanded City Pune, on 1st June 2008, our beloved leader Mr. Sharad Pawar himself had announced that he doesn't hold any stake in Nanded City Pune.

Not only that, as per the news in The Times of India, other day, Mr. Ajit Pawar, nephew of our beloved leader Mr. Sharad Pawar, had challenged the opposition party to prove Pawar family's involvement in land grab and share in Pune's real estate.

Point is, please, don't try to find any connection between this news and my visit to Nanded City Pune.

Window shopping for a flat at Nanded City Pune:

Work in Progress! Under construction 4 lane cement concrete road from Dhayari Phata to Nanded City Pune!

Walking 48000 sq.ft. "easyday market" had tired me. Should I go home and rest? No! Why not try something less tiring? How about visiting the sample flats and a guided site tour of Nanded City Pune? Visiting one of the 7 integrated townships in Pune would be more than a 'time pass' - i was sure - it could be a relaxing experience!

No! I will not visit as Ravi Karandeekar, the real estate salesman who has stopped selling and started helping property buyers to buy a home in Pune real estate market.

I will use my recently acquired skills! I will become a home buyer and go for window shopping in a mall called Nanded City Pune on Sinhagad Road!

At the main entrance of Nanded City Pune, while entering my name & contact details in the visitor's register, i had to tell a few things to myself. I said, "Ravi Karandeekar, you are playing the role of a window shopper. But, in reality - you can't expect to be treated as consumer. For the builder, you are one more "stranger" entering the private property of Nanded City Pune!

This self talk helped me to deal with the security guard near the marketing office of Nanded City Pune. Like the security guard at the entrance of the shopping mall, i did not expect him to wish me. Instead i wished him good afternoon and informed him that i am here to shop for a home. I felt relaxed when he said "No Problem" and pointed at the glass door of the office.

Oh! No!! If the lady who knows me is at the reception of Nanded City Pune - my role will end before I start playing it!! What to do? Idea! I pulled my cap and tried to cover my face with my palm.

"I am Padma Shree Manoj Kumar - I am here for the first time - I am looking for a 3 BHK Flat," i said very confidently when the receptionist asked my name and whether i was visiting for the first time.

"Go inside - have a look at the sample flats - come back & sit in the reception - someone will see you, as soon as, he is free," the receptionist told me.

"Would it be considered disobedience if i visit the toilet or drink some water?," searching around, i asked myself. There wasn't any water cooler around but, i saw a peon walking with a glass of water towards a salesperson's cabin. Worried about the hygiene, i cancelled the idea of drinking water and started walking towards the sample flats.

I removed my footwear and visited the first sample flat of A Type 1 BHK Flat in Mangal Bhairav. I looked at it, as if i was visiting this sample flat for the first time. There were no boards of room dimensions anywhere in the entire flat. To find out whether there was anybody to help, I came out of the sample flat. But, except for a few lady gardeners, there was no one around.

So, i went into the next sample flat of B Type 1 BHK Flat in Mangal Bhairav. Even in this flat there were no room dimensions mentioned anywhere!

Making up my mind to see only the shapes of the rooms, i went on visiting a few flats.

Was i doing any justice to myself by refusing to give up my role of a window shopping property buyer? If i wanted, as Ravi Karandeekar, i could have visited nandedcitypune.com on my mobile and would have helped myself. But, i decided to stick to my role to understand how a typical property buyer decides to buy a flat in Nanded City Pune.

Fortunately, near the sample flat of a 3 BHK Flat in Shubha Kalyan, i saw a security guard siting on a chair. I went to him and asked, "Are you here to help me or keep watch on me?"

"I am here to keep a watch on the visitors," the security guard said.

"Is there anybody who can tell me the room sizes of these flats?," I asked.

"No. Nobody is here. You have to ask the salesman in the cabin. Or go to the reception and get a paper," the security guard said.

"Really? She should have given it to me when she sent me to visit these sample flats!," i said and started walking towards the reception.

Yes, the reception had the floor plans. When i asked, i was given one xerox of Shubh Kalyan! I thanked the receptionist and said, "Sorry, to bother you!,"

Happily i sat in the reception lounge and started reading the floor plan and property prices of Shubha Kalyan. You know what? I had almost started liking the 3 BHK Flats in Shubha Kalyan when a person asked me whether i wanted to visit the site. "Sure!," i said and started following him.

Main road in Nanded City Pune was under construction so the driver took the temporary kacha road to Shubh Kalyan.

The gentleman who invited me wanted to see the progress of Lalit. He had booked a 2 BHK Flat for his daughter who is living in the U S.

"Before booking, I talked to the top people and found out that the project would be constructed as planned!," he told me.

'How could you talk to top people?," i asked. He told me about his career in the central government and explained that "no risk of unauthorized construction' was his main reason to book a flat in Nanded City Pune.

"I know that Nanded City Pune owns the land, all the buildings and the entire township. What I own is just the space inside the four walls - not even the walls. I have accepted this and have no issues about it!," i told him when he asked me about my views.

I was surprised and shocked the way our driver told me about the upcoming 'flyover' over the road which connects Nanded Village to Sinhagad Road. He sort of mentioned the villagers as low life nuisance - gaonwale! Before, i could find out more about the driver, we were back at the marketing office of Nanded City Pune.

When i was taking a close look at the huge model of Nanded City Pune, someone came to me and asked, "Are you in the flat number xxxx in Mangal Bhairav?,"

"May be! Why do you want to know?," i asked him.

"Seeking introductions of neighbors...We have booked one on the same floor!," he said.

"If you had booked one in Kolhapur...you didn't have to seek intros and all....am i right?,' i asked him.

"How do you know that we are from Kolhapur?," he asked me.

"It's written all over you! You look rich! You should have booked 3 BHK Flat in Shubh Kalyan!! Why did you book a 1 BHK Flat?," i asked him.

"True, i am from Kolhapur but i am not a rich farmer...i am...a salaried employee....don't have any black money...in Kolhapur every builder asks for 50% cash payment ...so I booked here.....all check payment...85% loan from SBI," he said.

He had just started to tell me about Nanded City Pune's reaction to his preferred bank - SBI, i was caught! Some salesperson recognized me and happily took me to the cabin. "I am here to inquire as a typical property buyer...I am eager to meet someone who doesn't know me and would be happy to deliver his complete sales talk...i am not at all interested in meeting you," i declared, without hiding my disappointment.

"Everybody knows you..you know all..why play games?," the salesperson said.

"I don't know many things about Nanded City Pune...for example...When are you going to give possession of Mangal Bhirav? Why did you increase the property prices?," i said.

"About possession even i can't tell you more...its too early! And, you know, rates keep on increasing...as per the progress...as per the market...Goel started asking 6,000...Paranjpe 4,000 +...so..recently...we started charging Rs. 3,750 per sq.ft.!," the salesperson said.

"3,750! Rs. 250 more than the property rates in June 2008! Congratulations!!," i said and left Nanded City Pune. Not as Padma Shree Manoj Kumar. But, as Ravi Karandeekar. The real estate salesman who has stopped selling and started helping property buyers to buy a home in Pune real estate market.

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    I did not get the point you want to make.
    Is Nanded City a good investment at the current levels?


  2. Dear Swapnil,

    You will get an answer, if you rephrase your question!

    Actually, you don't want to know about "Good" or "Bad".

    You want to know: Is.......?

  3. All I can say is, your style of giving replies is quite innovative :-)


  4. Hi Ravi,

    Question came to my mind, so decided to throw it to you :-)
    How about Nanded City as the place to live?
    Offcourse after 5 years..What are your views?
    Will it be kind of Magarpatta Township?


  5. Your good posting for my knowledge
    South City Packers Movers

  6. Well for most part, I don't view the city as a good place to live in these days. I am not that much aware of the housing price rates but as I searched about it online and from different references, they are kinda having some slow improvements.

    Real Estate Course

  7. Great post.thanks for the valuable information.

  8. Any updates on the Shopping Complex in Nanded City opposite Asawari building

  9. I really liked your blog! Nice Posts!
    Keep up the good work!

  10. I have booked 1 BHK flat and its possestion is on May 2012 however after 11 th slab which was in Sep 2011 there is no progress at all . I have heard lot of ppl saying possestions will be delayed by atleast 1 yr. any updates on work progress at Nanded city

  11. Hi Amol,

    I have booked a 3BHK in Asawari way back in May 2010.

    That time they told me the possesion will be in Nov 2011.

    now they are saying posession date will be April 2013.

    Did you visit the site recently.

  12. Hello,
    My buliding is MB A9 completed till 11 th slab but still NC people not allowing me to see building from inside, When I called and asked they told me for one person they can not change policy. I can see building from inside only 1 month before possesion which is wrong policy. I request those who booked flat insist NC guys about to see building from inside..

  13. Hi
    I visited this site recently and work is going on nicely. Asawari'3 Builds are almost over(slabs wise) and others reach till 6th Slab...
    So work is going nicely and at some reasonable speed. They are also building a 4 lane road within in city which will make commuting easy.

    But I still think, it will kae 3 more years to make this place livable....I mean place is not really well prepared where you can go and start staying.

  14. I had booked my flat at Sarang-Nanded City in June 2010. In July 2012 they had just completed the tiling work. I had taken home loan. Paying interest from last one year. I am currently living in a rented house. So I had make a fool of myself by booking a flat in nanded city. I am not getting possession as promised by satish magar to give on Jan 2012. I am paying both interest and rent :-(

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Raviji Namaskar...we are interested in resale 3bhk flat in shubh kalyan, Nanded city Pune...is it right time to think of & the real price range please..P S Gangarde, presently living in Nanded city only...thanks

    2. You are living at Nanded City. You should know the right price, Mr. Gangarde. Follow your heart!