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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ivy Botanica Wagholi, Pune 412 207
- Have you heard about it?

Pre-Launch Offer for 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Kolte-Patil Developers' Ivy Botanica, Wagholi Pune 412 207:

Ivy Botanica Wagholi Pune

Recently, I have realized that, most of the time, pre-launch offer is nothing more than a trap. In fact, now a days, in many cases, booking at the launch has also proved very risky. However, some of you - who are daredevils, dreamers and gamblers - are always looking for pre-launch offers in Pune real estate market. And I am sure, you must have heard about pre-launch offer of Ivy Botanica at Wagholi!

I fail to understand - how can any property buyer believe in a pre-launch offer - by the third party broker - for a project which the builder hasn't officially announced that he is going to launch?

Today, I visited www.koltepatil.com - the website of Kolte-Patil Developers. I didn't find Ivy Botanica! But, all online property brokers' websites - www.discountedflats.com - www.affinityconsultant.com - www.proptiger.com - www.investinnest.com - www.allcheckdeals.com have pre-launch offers of Kolte-Patil Developers' Ivy Botanica! Yes, of course, you may have received a mailer from Magicbricks.com too! Right?

Is there anybody among us who has an experience of dealing with these online property brokers? I would like to know the exact role these brokers play in marketing the pre-launch offer of Ivy Botanica Wagholi.

Instead of dealing directly with Kolte-Patil Developers - I wonder - why anyone goes through the online property broker? What are the advantages? Particularly, when Kolte-Patil has a capable sales team and one of the most popular projects in Wagholi, Pune 412 207!

Please, share your views and experiences in the comments. Who knows? You may inspire me to become an online property broker or start a "group booking outfit" [sic]!

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  1. ARE there any such big difference in amount in prelaunch offer from developer and any online bokking agent ?

  2. Dear Venkatesh, How can anyone know about the price difference if there is no official offer from the builder?

  3. See Ravi,

    Kolte Patil is no different, playing the same game like others.

    Most of the above mentioned Agents/Brokers works on 2% commission from builder.

    Although, few of them too some extent are professional enough (e.g. Proptiger: Which is promoted by Top B-school graduates & you can feel some difference when you interact with them)

    I think if all builders from Pune can make a portal exclusively for Pre-launch then atleast 2% benefit which is getting passed to Brokers can directly be passed to the customers.

    Why Brokers are required..?

  4. Dear Rohit, thanks for sharing your experience about Proptiger.

    You know? Accepting booking of a project which hasn't received all sanctions and approvals is against the rules of all builders associations in India.

    So, most of the 'reputed' builder pretend that you - the property buyer - on your own has applied for the upcoming project of the builder. So, in the builder's record - pre-launch booking is always called as "an application" for a flat in the upcoming project - not a booking.

    Brokers and group booking agents help the builder to keep the distance from this unethical and illegal practice.

    So, only newbie builder announces the pre-launch offer officially.

    Unscrupulous builders launch the projects without all sanctions and approvals.

    Ethical builders only create waiting list by accepting a few thousands - some even don't deposit the checks - and give them the preference of a choice and a small discount on the lunch property price.

  5. I think this is a stunt to set price for prelaunch... more inquiries will go to builder more price he will set for this project.I registered for one of the site for this project but no response yet.

  6. I agree with you, ultimate_human. No response? How sad! Please, keep on sharing your experiences.

  7. Homebuyerscombine(www.homebuyerscombine.com) is also one them who gives regularly prelaunch offers? offers are lucrative because they are offering below market rate.(margin is around 4%
    to 5%)

  8. Hi Ravi,

    Its long time to write on comment. What i feel about these marketing channel partners, I found that they are not doing any unethical thing. they are providing the information to the customers those are finding property in any market.
    If you are thinking about proptiger.com they are really very much helpful for the customers.
    Lot of customers are not able to find out the property directly. They come to these people and getting help from them.
    If the customer are getting end to end services from any channel partner it is not wrong.

    You are writing blog are you not enjoing any benifit, Its service and we get the benift from the channel partner and blogers.

    If they will not get this benift builder will get benifit of this service,.

  9. Is it worth Investing in IVY ESTATE @ Wagholi from an investment perspective?

  10. Yes, Amit! You have a point!! Providing service to the buyers is an important role. I agree with you.

  11. Dear Hitendra, does property appreciates in an era of inflation? Does property appreciates when the country is on the threshold of recession?

    If yes, then why we need growth and booming economy?

  12. Hi Ravi Sir,
    I want to buy a 2BHK flat in wakad with area 1000 sqft..My budget is 40-44 lakhs..I am ready to for resale property also..Also it will be great if you can inform me about prelaunch offers in the same area...Plz help me out sir..

  13. Hi,

    Buying a flat is like buying a home for most of the Indians and the Professional property consultanta like Discountedflats help one achieve that without any hassle..... isn't it Mr. ravi.
    And moreover if brokers are promoting prelaunch offers it is benefitting all buyer/Builder/Broker.


  14. Absolutely agree with your points Ravi. Brokerage in property market is a funny thing, regardless of whether its online or the usual property agents. The broker reaps money from both the sides.

    If I buy a home of 50L, at 2%, the broker earns around 1L for practically no investment, few mobile calls, some visits to the location with me.

    buying a property through a broker/site is for those who have absolutely no time (how can one not spare time when deciding about 50L?) or when they really don't mind/think of whether the services that the broker provided are worth 1L.

    In case of property agents, majority of the times it is an undocumented transaction, and the agent practically earns 1L tax free money.

    We, the buyers need to think a bit, spend some time with the newspaper ads, and god-sent internet. Everyone finds properties.

    A person in my colony just showed how easy it is. He simply wrote 1 line in our society's notice board. The next day his 750sqft flat was sold for 42L + taxes/duties. No broker required.

  15. hey there..
    If you have bought a flat at Ivy estates Pune...

    Feel Free to join the group of residents at IVY estates on FB:

    Click Here To join The Group

  16. Hi,

    I am interested in buying property in Pune. I am inclined to Wagholi area as it's upcoming. I have shortlisted 2 projects. Marvel Fria (Pre-launch offer) and Kolte patil IVY. Can you please let me know what are the pros and cons of both the project? or which I should go for?