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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Slap Yourself!

Why This Kolaveri Di? Why slap a Politician? Why slap a Builder? Why slap a Banker? Slap Yourself!

Saurabh and Rashmi at The Times Property Showcase '11 - at Le Meridien, on 27th November 2011
Saurabh and Rashmi at The Times Property Showcase '11 - at Le Meridien, on 27th November 2011

We all want to slap someone. Thanks to Harvinder! Now, we know that slapping someone is easy!

However, after meeting Saurabh and Rashmi at The Times Property Exhibition, at Le Meridien Pune, this weekend, i realized that slapping someone else is not going to solve their issue. And the issues first time home buyers in Pune are facing. Particularly, those who are forced to live in East Pune. Around Eon IT Park. In Kharadi, Wagholi and Lohegaon.

You can't slap all those property buyers, who couple of years ago booked the flats in Kharadi without bothering to look into Water Affidavits signed by Pune builders!

If you slapped the tanker mafia - you will not get water. No one will collect and carry away the sewage in your society's tank.

You can't slap Pune Municipal Corporation for not developing so called D. P. Roads and other infrastructure in the area because PMC has proved, accepted and announced it's inability to do anything in the interest of the property tax payers in any part of Pune.

You can't slap the management of your company because if these IT companies can say "bye bye to Bangalore" and are ready to shift to Bengal, Andhra and Tamilnadu - they can say the same to Kharadi, anytime. Same with the automobile companies on Nagar Road! Gujarat is calling them!

So, the best way to solve your issue, my dear Saurabh & Rashmi, is to slap yourself!

Dear Rashmi, your first issue is your husband - Saurabh! Saurabh's problem is his first hand knowledge about the business challenges IT companies are facing today. Being aware about the slowdown and impending danger IT industry is facing - Saurabh is not ready to take a home loan and endanger your life. This is certainly the biggest obstacle in realizing your dream of owning a home. Remember, knowledgeable husband can't become a home owner in Pune real estate market!

Dear Saurabh, your wife, Rashmi, is your major issue. Though both of you have visited almost all projects in Wagholi, which is convenient and near her company on the same Nagar Road, Rashmi never forced you to book a flat in Wagholi. In fact, Rashmi confused you by giving you freedom to choose between Kharadi and Lohegaon-Dhanori. Remember, loving wife will never satisfy your wish to become a home owner in Pune real estate market!

Collectively, both of you are at fault! Both of you are responsible for not going for the world famous pre-launch offer of a 34 acre township opposite Kaveri Hotel on Nagar Road. If you had done that, along with hundreds of other property buyers, you would have lived in a fool's paradise for the last one year. And at Le Meridien you would have asked me, "Ravi, is it worth sacrificing 10 per cent of the agreement cost - means nearly 50 per cent of Rs. 2,50,000 booking amount we have paid a year ago - and cancel our pre-launch booking in this upcoming project in Wagholi?" Remember, sane guys can't become home owners in Pune real estate market!

Saurabh, how can a poet like you not believe in D. P.? Don't you know that D P means Dadasaheb Phalke - the first Indian who created celluloid dream! How can anybody own a home in Pune real estate market if doesn't believe in Pune Municipal Corporation's Day Dream?

Dear Rashmi & Saurabh, both of you are young and romantic at heart. Like your friends you should be optimistic. You should have faith that nothing is impossible in this world. Wagholi and Lohegaon can be merged with PMC - Paris or Patna or Panaji Municipal Corporation. Remember, a politician who doesn't believe in a coalition government can't become P M of India and the property buyer who doesn't believe in merger of a village in a city can't own a home in Pune real estate market.

Dear Rashmi & Saurabh, how can you expect a well lit - clean - pakka approach road to the project? Is it in the builder's capacity to see that public transport, auto rickshaw, grocery shop is available at the corner? How can you expect anything from the builder - what is not in his control - or what is in his complete control - like the property agreement! You have to believe in a builder's dream presented in the project brochure and give him the booking amount. Remember, one who demands to see the property agreement before giving booking amount can't own a home in Pune real estate market!

Dear Rashmi and Saurabh, please, don't obey your parents! Ideal parents force their children to take maximum possible home loan to buy as big a home as one can buy - as early as - their children can. Ideal parents don't discourage their children by presenting the spreadsheet which explains how their children would have to work even after their retirement age to repay the home loan. Remember, your education is only useful to get a job. Your education is not useful to live a happy life. Remember, those who can calculate can't buy a home in Pune real estate market!

Point is, why this kolaveri di? Just for not being able to book a 2 BHK Flat in Kharadi, Wagholi & Lohegaon-Dhanori in East Pune? No! No!! Don't blame anybody else!! Slap yourself!!!!

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Organized content is the best way to display or post an article, thank you for making it easy to digest your post.

    Orange county property

  3. The above article Indeed shows the sad situation of pune RE. The situation of the consumers in pune is hopeless because of the apathy of the builders and PMC.

  4. Dear ravi, you have covered quite a lot of project in the eastern part of pune Why haven't you covered a project that is right opposite to Rohan Mithila called caemlot royale.

  5. kolaveri is right. we are doing it every now and then(me always slap my wife... not literally though) when we we able to afford (but didnt) buy flats in aundh at price 1150 psqft with registration free, all white transaction properties at aundh less than 10 years ago. I was brainwashed that aundh is gaon and kothrud was the better place to live :) in the world.

  6. Thanks Ravi ,

    For this really nice post. It should act as a Eye opener for many working couples like Saurabh and Rashmi. i see people around are just leaping to buy properties in so called " prestigious " projects . In pune IT companies , if your talk to young couples in there late 20's are only talking about the home buying. U will be surprised to hear that many of them feel "inferiority complex" if they don;t have their own home. For owning home they are ready to go to any corner of the city .. i mean fringe areas like Kharadi , lohegoan etc.
    In reality those sentiments turns when the same buyer goes for Renting home . They look home at the heart of city with low rents. For them home should be in "City" . So in pune reality growth is very strange. Properties are created - sold - kept vacant in fringe areas .
    Just wondering when Couples like "Saurabh and Rashmi" start taking rational view about home buying .
    Common Man

  7. Nitin Degaonkar ,

    in reality you are promoting dream of people like Saurabh in fringe areas. Just by facilitating people to buy home in groups in some remote areas for investment is not going to solve the issue .

    Common Man

  8. Common Man, you are rushing to see projects in each exhibition, why did you create such a crowd in Sakal's exhibition? I pity your sincere hope that there will be some reasonably priced option available to you, but you come back with frustration, sorrow (of not being able to buy with CMP) and panic (of not being able to buy ever if you dont buy now). So why should you blame Nitin Degaonkar who is trying to use this psychology of yours and earn some profits for his own dream flat/bungalow somewhere in Pune :D. You yourself is not qualified enough to make your own financial decisions and have driven prices in Pune to horrifying levels by flocking at each prelaunch and crowding in each exhibition (not to be taken personally but symbolically addressed to common men) :D

  9. Hi Ravi,
    We (me and Rashmi) liked the Slap story... and moreover your blog as always. I wish the proposed DP roads in Pune were as good as going through your blog.

    I think all builders and developers in Pune are black magicians, they can put DP road wherever you want it. In near future, I do see builder and developer showcase proposed a DP road through airport runway and still people will buy...

    Builders and property buyers are like Shashi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachhan in movie Deewar, where as DP roads plays the role of "Maa"... (Mere pass Maa hai)

    Agar Petrol, Insurance, Roti aur Kapde se kuch bacha toh Makan dekhenge...

    I think I should write a big blog on banks, developers, builders and property buyers of Pune and title it " The Dirty Picture"

    Last but not the least, all the best to property buys in and around Kharadi EON, you will have to drive 4 kms to buy a packet of milk subject to condition reliance mart opens in time..

  10. It was a very nice idea ! Just wanna say thank you for the information you have diffused. Just continue composing this kind of post. I will be a loyal reader, thanks a lot.
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  11. Hats off to the excellent write up Mr Karandeekar. I'm going through your other posts presently. Planning to own my own flat, I find my young self so ignorant of such debilitating issues. Lots of research and groundwork for me, I guess. Cheers!

  12. It help me very much to solve Some Problems. Its so fantastic and Opportunity are working style so speedy thanks for sharing.

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