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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Want a 3 BHK Flat at Wakad, Pune 411057?

How about 1,066 to 1,077 sq.ft. Carpet with Attached Terrace of 193 to 265 sq.ft. 3 BHK Flat in the A Building of Rohan Tarang for Rs. 73 to Rs. 76 Lakhs?

Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune - Odd Floors
A 3 BHK Flat on Odd Floors in Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune

View Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune 411 057 in a larger map

I don't know 'why?' - but, this weekend - Rohan Builders (www.rohanbuilders.com) opened bookings of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in the A Building of 5.5 Acre Rohan Tarang, located near Hinjewadi Flyover on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass at Wakad, Pune 411 057.

The construction of A Building is 90 per cent complete. It's possession is in 6 months - March 2012. I liked the 3 BHK Flats in Rohan Tarang Wakad. But, I have a few questions...

What would have happened if
Rohan Builders Hadn't Opened Booking of A Building in Rohan Tarang Wakad
at This Stage?:

Rohan Tarang Wakad, Pune 411 057 - Under construction building is the A Building, of which, now, booking is open
Rohan Tarang Wakad, Pune 411 057 - Under construction building is the A Building, of which, booking is now open

If the possession of these 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats is really possible in March 2013, then Rohan Builders should have sold these 59 Flats after 6 months as 'ready for possession flats with an occupation certificate from Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation'.

1) In March 2012, offers like "No Service Tax" - "Save 2.57 per cent Property Price" would have made Rohan Tarang Wakad very attractive!

2) Selling 'Ready for Possession Flats in Rohan Tarang' would have proved that at least one builder in Pune doesn't need property buyers' money to construct at least one building!

3) If Rohan Builders had sold 'Ready Possession Flats' it would have saved the skin of other builders in Wakad. The supply would have been less and these builders in Wakad would have held the 'inventory'. Result is, these builders would not have reduced the property prices of 3 BHK Flats - on their own!

4) Sentiments of the property buyers in Wakad would have been positive and no property buyer would have told me, "Ravi, you know what? If they realize that you are a serious buyer, all builders in Wakad reduce the property price of a 3 BHK Flat on their own - without any negotiations!"

You know? For me, it's painful to hear property buyers talking something like this. Poor fellows, don't understand that all current property prices are 'fake'. And, by reducing 3 - 4 Lakhs these property prices don't become genuine!

What Would Have Happened If
Rohan Builders Would Have Sold A Building of Rohan Tarang Wakad,
at Ready for Possession Stage:

Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune - Odd Floors
Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune - Connecting Passages - Proportionate Common Areas Added to Each Flat on a Floor
Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune - Odd Floors
Rohan Tarang Wakad Pune - "Proportionate Common Area Added to Each Flat"

If Rohan Builders had not opened booking of A Building of Rohan Tarang, i would not have become one of the witnesses to the disgraceful incident at the site office, last Sunday evening.

Insulting Rohan Builders, who follow the law of selling property on the carpet area and maintain transparency by giving the detailed area statement, one property buyer started arguing about the "Proportionate Common Area" added to each flat.

First, the over smart property buyer asked for the "Saleable Area" - which, as per the law, was not given in the area statement.

Then he asked for the property rates based on the saleable area!

"Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft. for 1st to 4th floors and Rs. 4,100 for 5th to 10th floors," the salesperson said.

Expressing happiness about the property rates at Rohan Tarang, the over smart property buyer started reading the area statement. Next moment, he did some calculations on his mobile, became angry and started arguing about paying Rs. 8,16,000 (215 sq.ft. x 4,000 per sq.ft. on saleable area) for the 'Proportionate Common Area' added to his flat!

Refusing to pay for the proportionate common area added to his flat, he started negotiating the property price.

"At Rohan Builders property prices are fixed - not negotiable!," the salesperson said.

"Prove that it costs Rs. 45,72,000 to construct the narrow connecting passage on a floor!, " the over smart property buyer challenged the salesperson.

"I will not confirm my booking till I am convinced about Rs. 45,72,000 you are collecting from 5 flats as "Proportionate Common Area"," declared the over smart property buyer.

I was about to butt in and tell the over smart property buyer to stop insulting the builder who is so kind and caring about you.

If, as per the law, if the builder has given only the carpet area of your flat - 1,066 sq.ft. - and not the other areas - terrace, built up, and proportionate common area - and just asked for Rs. 73 Lakhs - you would have realized that you are nothing but a fool who is ready to pay the property rate of Rs. 6,848 per sq.ft. of the carpet area!

This builder is exposing himself only to protect you from insulting yourself.

The builder is sacrificing his privacy so that you should not lose your dignity. In your own eyes and in society. So, please, stop arguing!

Understand the builder's intentions - and not the numbers!

But, he got up and left the office in a hurry.

Looking at him, i thought that, like most of the builders in Pune, it would have been better if Rohan Builders had not given the proportionate common areas separately in the area statement.

Instead, if Rohan Builders had given only the carpet area, terrace and saleable area, all 'over smart property buyers' in Pune, would have been happy to boast that they have invested Rs. 73 Lakhs in 1632 sq.ft. 3 BHK Flat!

The truth that they have paid 73 Lakhs for 1066 sq.ft. carpet area - would have remained a secret!

Like the other things happening in the home, the truth about the size of the flat - would not have become public. In the true sense, then Rohan Tarang Wakad would have been described as "What goes on in your home stays in your home!"

What i liked about a 3 BHK Flat in Rohan Tarang Wakad, Pune 411 057:

"I know it's almost 7 pm! I will finish in 3 minutes!! How was the response?," feeling sorry for Mr. Suresh Nair, Sales Manager of Rohan Tarang, I said.

"Huge! As all Rohan Projects get!! More than 80 property buyers visited the site in 2 days - Saturday & Sunday," Mr. Nair said.

"Bookings?," i asked.

"Good! A few have promised to confirm in the next couple of days!," Mr. Nair said.

"Good! In these days, for your ticket size, you can't expect instant booking - but - for sure - this will go fast!," i said.

"Good to know that you are 'positive'! Can i know 'why'," Mr. Nayar asked.

"Your offer may not be the best one - but - certainly it's worth considering!," i said.
"It's the best in Wakad! I will tell you why...," Mr. Nair explained:
1) Possession of the 1st phase given and most of the flats are occupied
2) Society is formed
3) All amenities are operational and in use
4) Professional maintenance
5) 90 per cent construction (of A Building) complete - means early possession - means, you can save EMI - very important - interest rates are going up
6) Plans are, certainly, good - spacious
7) Property rate 4,000 & 4,100 is competitive
8) Add to this the brand power of Rohan!

I completely agree with Mr. Nayar!

However, I liked a 3 BHK Flat more than a 2 BHK (840 to 845 sq.ft. Carpet with Attached terrace of 183 to 297 sq.ft. for Rs. 58 to Rs. 62 Lakhs)!

What say you? Isn't a 3 BHK in 73 - 76 lakhs in Rohan Tarang Wakad - worth considering? Even better than some offers in Baner? Share your views in the comments, please!

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  1. Last to last week, I visited Rohan Tarang site for 2 BHK in, i think, F building, but i was not impressed with the construction quality of the flat for which they are quoting Rs. 200-300 more than any other project in wakad.

    Instead of that, i liked Kalpataru Splendour near Datta mandir and booked a 2 BHK, 1141 sqft flat in 51L.

  2. A resale flat in Wakad of the same area but 5 years old still costs 35L. Sagar, you wasted your money.

  3. Dear Sagar, it would be great if you tell what you liked about Kalpataru Splendor? Price?

  4. Yes, Harshal! 5 year old resale flat in Wakad for 35 lakhs is a good news. Please, tell us where can we know more about such offers.

  5. Very costly indeed...its not for common man :( ...
    Is construction of flats now a days that much costly...what would be profit margin for these flats ....

  6. >>8) Add to this the brand power of Rohan!
    I am sure that Rohan Seher guys will have comments on this...
    Oh wait...why not owners in other Tarang building? After all, Rohan brought up an entire building bang in front of their flats. Are they happy?

  7. @ Harshal... Common yaar...you should have tld me this bit earlierrrrrr... i would have surely boughta resale one... hehe.. but that's fine!

    @Ravi.. Dear ravi...I liked the construction quality of kalpataru...at least its better than rohan whose rates are not convinced by the quality, he is giving... you tell me ravi..what you don't like about splendour?

  8. Question : "Want a 3 BHK Flat at Wakad, Pune 411057?"
    Answer : BIG NOOOOOOOO!

  9. I agree with you, Sagar, about the construction quality of Kalpataru.

    Looking at the price difference, i feel, Kalpataru likes Harmony more than Splendor.

    However, I like those who pay more than 50 lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat in Wakad. It shows there are a few people in this world who don't give much importance to money.

  10. Dear wi-sec,

    As far as i remember, A Building was in the original layout. It's not a new addition.

    But, what about Rohan Seher? Please, throw some light!

  11. Ravi like to know your and other home buyers views on following?

    what about metripolitain, ready possession flat available now...core chinchwad area..no issues of water..schools..giving flat on rent etc....

    I know project has been stretched out too long...but its available for ready possession now and rate is around 4300/sq.ft....better than wakad?


  12. what is the best place to invest for long term nt for present

  13. which is the best area for investment stara road katraj nagar road or pune mumbai expressway

  14. thanks ravi...at least you agreed to the construction quality of Kalpataru.. Appreciated!

    I remember, sometime before, you told me you liked only two projects in wakad...Kalpataru Harmony and Nandan Inspera. And (un)fortunately(?) both project's, approx. 1100 sqft flat, starts with 56L. Now ravi, how will you recommend these projects to the property buyer who wants to have flat in wakad for living purpose and have MUCH importance to bucks in their life..? What did you like about these projects? price? brandname?

  15. Dear Sagar, I always liked the quality of Kalpataru. I am admiring the quality of Kalpataru, i think, for the last 20 years. You know? At some point of time, when I had a home in Mumbai, i used to visit Kalpataru Projects very often.

    Yes, even now, i suggest Kalpataru Harmony, along with a few other projects in Wakad, to those who insist on living in Wakad.

    I haven't seen anyone one who cares more for value for money paid for the property - than the idea of living in Wakad. He has fascination for Wakad. His ideas about worth don't exactly end at the property.

    This is not only about Wakad. It's about any area. For example, even if i get a flat for free in Kalpataru - i will never accept it. Because, i am fascinated with an area where i am living for a while.

    So, i suggest Kalpataru and a few other projects in Wakad, only if someone is fascinated with Wakad.

    Professionally, i don't consider it's worth to buy a home in Wakad.

    At this point of time, I don't like the price of these projects.

    I am ready to pay for only one brand-name - my name.

    Concept of these projects is good. There is some construction system. So, generally, possibility of getting a quality property is more. So, for those who are risk takers - don't mind booking in under construction project - and are born to live Wakad, and certainly, not anywhere else on this planet - - it's worth considering.

  16. Thanks for being candid on your views on these projects, +1 for your comment on property-prices in Wakad !

  17. thanks a ton ravi for your honest reply..

    One thing i didn't get is why don't you like wakad? Is it because it's not developed yet much? But don't you think wakad has a more potential of appreciation than any other area nearby, even more than pimple saudagar? I would like to understand your views on wakad area and its growth in future!

  18. Dear Sagar,

    Why should i like Wakad?

    In fact, in the last 13 years, since Wakad village is merged in PCMC in 1997, it has changed a lot.

    After you guys start living in Wakad, and if you all proactively work for the development, for sure, in the next 10 years - by 2021 - 22 - it will become a good neighborhood.

    Future is you!

  19. Ravi Karandikar, in your opinion what would be correct price of 2 BHK at wakad?

  20. Dear Punehomebuyer,

    Rs. 25 Lakhs for around 630 - 640 sq.ft. carpet area, all inclusive property price, is the right price one should pay for a 2 BHK Flat.

    If one can pay more, he deserves more carpet area - say, 750 sq.ft. or 800 sq.ft. for 30 to 34 Lakhs.

    For those who have a budget of 40 to 45 lakhs - have a right to own a 3 BHK Flat of 1,000 - 1,100 sq.ft. carpet.

    These property prices are based on the actual land prices, construction cost and a good 25% profit for the builder.

    The type of the property is based on the property buyers' value for money - working days he is going to invest to repay the loan amount.

    Paying more than this, only means that you are becoming a slave of the bank and the builder. And endangering your family's future.

    Which most of the buyers in Wakad are doing today!

  21. I haven't personally confirmed but,
    this weekend, someone told me that
    "on a spot booking" at The Times Property Showcase, Le Meridien Pune, 26th & 27th November 2011, Rohan Tarang was offering a discount of 100 Rs. per sq.ft.!

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. but what about Rama Builders constructions Quality as per rates... i think he is also well known... but dont have any idea about quality... One of my friend has bought there...I am also thinking...to buy @ Rama's group or Kalpataru.. Can u pls suggest me ASAP.. In advance Thanks..

    1. Where did you finally book the flat? and @ what rate...i'm too looking for flat in wakad...

  24. Dear Om, Kalpataru for the quality. Rama for the price.

  25. I really liked your blog! Nice Posts!
    Keep up the good work!

  26. Hi Ravi,

    I do appreciate your vast experience in RE and valuable feedback.

    I have budget of 35 to 40 Lakh for 2 BHK.

    Which property and area i should look for??

    As far as i got to know, all the builder quoting more than 45L for 2BHK in Wakad/Baner/Aundh Annex.

    Please suggest. :)


  27. Hi

    Staying in Pune for abt 2 years and now Planning to buy 2 BHK in Wakad Rohan Tarang .... Got to know there are still water problems in society ,No broadband /Internet lines reading some of the blogs ..Can you please throw the latest on this in Rohan Tarang as i am planning to move my family

    Also is 60 Lakhs in 2 BHk a good bet from investment or own residence..What if i sell it in a near term

  28. Good one Ravi. As usual. Thanks for that. And the comments and replies below the article are as informative too... Cheers.