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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Aditya Shagun Developers' Green Zone at Baner, Pune: Neelima Jadhav shares her experience

Green Zone sales team: Unprofessional attitude towards customers:

Dear All,

This mail is to bring our bad experience to your notice.

We went to visit Aditya Shagun “Green Zone” site few days back. We met Anand and Krishna salesmen there. We were interested in 2 & 3 BHK flats.

Krishna took us to show 2BHK construction site, he told us about the site, the progress going on, then he informed us that the flat in which we are standing is available so immediately we started thinking about as if we can buy this flat then what would be advantages and disadvantages and so on…moreover started thinking to book the same flat….

When we finished our visit and went to sales-office where Krishna went 2 min before us and had a word with his colleague Anand (The second salesman).

As soon as we sat on chair, they said the flat which we just saw is already sold out and not available.....so it was a disappointment for us as we had selected a flat on the basis of their information, checked for all facet of purchase and at last it resulted in fruitless & disappointing event......so first of all they should know the availability of flats before say something to the customer.....It is their duty to sell the flats everyday but...... people like us who are first time buyer gets disappointed because of this. We didn't get the flat which we wanted and we felt cheated at first instance.

Later we ask them to update us the other availabilities in 2 & 3 BHK,
by that time my family members were also visited the site…
it was clear that we were interested in the site….
later we again visited the site thinking that if we did not get the availability in 2 BHK, we will buy 3 BHK flat if we get the good availability & choice.

So on Sunday, 30th May 2010 we again went to meet them and asked to show us 3 BHK flat
before going to visit the site we again ask Anand about the availability.
I think he never ever thought that we can even think to buy 3BHK so very causally he said that flats are available & you can visit the site…
I reminded him about the availability problem,
this time he said “No Problem” you will get the flat which you want…
so happily we went to visit the 3BHK site…

after visiting the site we came to sales office, this time again as soon as we sat down they started their old tactics to tell us that all the flats from the west side are already booked…and only top 7 floor flat is available.

He told us that they will be putting some solar panel so it would not get hot even if we buy top floor flat....but it again it was a huge disappointment for us....laughing on us he said you are asking the flats which are already booked, but before the site visit when I asked him about the availability that time he said you will get the availability as the flats are available…....so we are still unable to understand his justification to the whole episode happened that day.

Later we compromised with our choice and choose some other flat no(402) and asked to keep it on hold till next day evening that is on Monday, 31st May 2010.

I received a call from Krishna on 31st May evening;
he was asking to come for the booking.
As I was in the bus - I told him we will be there in just 30min,
we reached the site;
all the salesmen at site were sitting and chatting.

As soon as we reached there I realized something is wrong, I immediately asked Anand is there any good news for us about the availability which we are looking for…he answered “Yes lot of Krishna will tell you”….

then Krishna sat on PC and very next moment told us that the flat we asked to keep on hold is sold out......we were shocked.....I said it was only few minutes’ back you called me and asked to come & book the flat and now how come you are saying that it is already sold.

Krishna had not even bothered to call and inform us that the flat is already sold.....it would have save our time, effort and feeling of cheated too once again.

He said “You took lot of time to decide”,

I told him that it’s not a joke to invest 46 Lacs and as promised we are here before 24 hrs.

He said it was Rahul’s (other salesman) client for which this flat was on hold and he just call and confirmed the booking.

This was really disgusting to know that the flat was on hold for his client and for us as well.

He could have told us at the very first moment that this flat is already on hold and may not be available, but he did not utter a word…

Anand was again looking at us like a looser; and at that moment only we realized that it was their game plan not to give us that flat and provided some false information.

But we also decided to say NO to book any flats in Green zone now.

I strongly felt that whenever Anand accompanied us to show the flat, he used to ask us why do you feel this flat is good and so I told him all the points why we are selecting some particular flat and he used that information to make us fool and provided the same information to other customers, he used our knowledge to sell the flat and focused on his sales commission.

It was Anand to whom we asked to keep the 3 BHK flat on hold...all of them are so casual and not concerned about anything. One day when they will decide to buy home and if face this situation they will realized the importance of the customers time and efforts.

Few points observed:

- No coordination in between sales team.

- Not even bother to value the customer’s time and efforts.

- Making game plans for individual customers as per their choice.

- Making customer fool by providing false information.

- Manipulating the information just to sell the flat which were not selected by majority of the audience.

- If your team is selling a flats doesn't mean that they are doing their job up to the mark. Some professional ethics should be followed.

- It is your job/duty to sell flats everyday but for us it is a matter of our hard earn money. Because of customers you are able to sell the projects, without them were you would have been?

We hope Mr.Shantilal Kataria, VP of Aditya Builders will look into the betterment of their sales team and stop the harassment being done by them.

With God’s grace we will get better house then this but it was really disappointing experience for us, and not happy at all.

Aditya Shagun will not be the end of our world as there are 1000s of builders in Pune to make a choice.


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  1. thanks ravi for providing this forum to the public

  2. Was it a technique to force Neelima to buy a bigger house? So initially from 2 BHK to 3 BHK and then maybe something on higher floor? Thats because they had understood that Jadhavs are interested...

  3. The only place where I found absolute transperency is Insignia Pune Group Housing project. From time to time the units allotted with names and phone nos of members was displayed. Even cancellations were infomred promptly. We are very happy even though there are some terms that are unusual like advance payment however there is substantial returns value in basic pricing, specs and total costs.

  4. What I dont understand is why the denial on the part of the salesman to actually sell the flat Jadhav's liked? I thought they are there to sell the flat.

  5. Yes Shanti Vijar,

    I also heard the Insignia Group & tried to booking the flat. But they have frozen the numbers & even agreeing advance payment they are not opening it saying that since their commitment to the builder is over on first week of June. It shows that the transparency. If they want advance payment only for their personal use they can't deny anybody & take payment immediately.

  6. When I visited Comfort Zone from same builder in 2008, I had similar bad experience with their sales team. They were rude and behaving as if they are doing us a favour by selling the flat. Of course they were using same old lines of few flats left. I wonder if only few flats were left why the bookings were still open till end of 2009?

  7. Thanks, this helps. I personally has experience it is agent who decide what you should buy, it is never our choice lot of times. Even when we pay for what we buy. I use to think Aditya is reputed builder. I will keep away from them now

  8. And one more reason why we should keep from such builders