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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kumar Properties - ready possession 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in Kharadi, Wadgaon Sheri and Hadapsar

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Ready - early possession properties in
Pune real estate market:

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Kumar Properties' Homes:

Kumar Properties' plans are always simple. Room sizes are always moderate. Can i say property rates are "reasonable"? ....

Ready Possession 3 bhk flats
1335 sq.ft. Built Up with Terrace
Kumar Primrose - Near Eon Software Park, Kharadi:

1) 1335 with 150 - Rs. 47,69,100 (All inclusive)

2) 1335 with 130 - Rs. 47,37,600 (All inclusive)

All inclusive: Agreement Value + Stamp Duty + Registration + Club

Property rate on saleable area: Rs. 3,000 per sq.ft.

Floor plan - 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th:

Kumar Primrose - layout:

Kumar Primrose - elevation:


1) Site: Mr. Nasir Khan 91 90110 09248
2) H. O.: 91 20 30583650/ 51/52/53/54 , 26350660
3) Email: sales@kumarworld.com

Ready Possession 2 bhk flats
855 - 881 sq.ft. Built Up with Terrace
Kumar Primavera - Wadgaon Sheri, Kalyani Nagar annexe:

2 bhk - 855 built up with 90 sq.ft. terrace:

2 bhk - 865 built up with 130 sq.ft. terrace:

1) 855 with 90 - Rs. 31,10,600 (All inclusive)

2) 865 with 130 - Rs. 32,05,100 (All inclusive)

3) 868 with 134 - Rs. 32,20,850 (All inclusive)

4) 866 with 138 - Rs. 32,20,850 (All inclusive)

5) 881 with 78 - Rs. 31,73,600 (All inclusive)

6) 866 with 120 - Rs. 31,92,500 (All inclusive)

All inclusive: Agreement Value + Stamp Duty + Registration + Club

Property rate on saleable area: Rs. 3,000 per sq.ft.

Floor plan - A4 building - 3rd, 5th, 7th & 9th:

Kumar Primavera - layout plan:

Kumar Primavera - elevation:


1) Site: Ms. Nitu 91 90110 09244
2) H. O.: 91 20 30583650/ 51/52/53/54 , 26350660
3) Email: sales@kumarworld.com

Ready Possession 3 bhk flats -
1175 sq.ft. Built Up with Terrace
Kumar Paradise
Mundhawa, near Magarpatta, Hadapsar:

1) 1175 with 200 - Rs. 47,97,480 (All inclusive)

2) 1175 with 210 - Rs. 48,14,800 (All inclusive)

3) 1175 with 240 - Rs. 48,66,800 (All inclusive)

All inclusive: Agreement Value + Stamp Duty + Registration + Club

Property rate on saleable area: Rs. 3,300 per sq.ft.

Floor plan: B-1: 1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 11th:

Kumar Paradise - layout plan:

Kumar Paradise: elevation:


1) Site: 91 90110 09246
2) H. O.: 91 20 30583650/ 51/52/53/54 , 26350660
3) Email: sales@kumarworld.com

What's your take on Kumar Properties?

Blogging about ready possession flats is easy. I don't have to say anything but listen. Your comments. Your reviews about the project. Your experience of visiting the ready possession flat. Your profitable decision to invest in one of the above Kumar Properties' projects. Please, share in the comments...I am all ears.

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  1. prices are bound to go up. The rich people should buy the houses while they still can. The others can rent the new houses that the rich people buy.

  2. things are going to be worse...the current hype will soon vanish...most of home buyers are IT people in Pune...Satyam Pune is firing 10,000 people, and then GM crashing down...and then confirmed news that no hike in salary in any of IT companies..if you are on bench, you are fired. Who is going to buy these times.

    I think, we all buyers should form a lobby like buildes' have their own lobby..and hold on purchase until prices come down really...
    not like foolish concessions like incease in income tax waiver to 2.5L etc.

    Let us unite all buyers and fight these evil builders. Even though there is competition among builders, they unit against all consumers...we should do the same.

    Even though we are virtually competititors of each other, we should unite and hold on buying. Few will defect us, but still it will be benefecial for our larger buyer community.

  3. I visited all these 3 properties personally-
    My comments on these -
    1. Kumar Primrose - This project is in the "Bunger". nothing is there in the surrounding. Empty lands are not aggriculture land. because of this temparature of this area is very high. Not a single shop near by. No hospitals, no restaurant etc.
    Rate 3000 !!! - this rate is not at all justified. One should not give rate above 1800 for such a area. The rate hype is just because of Eon IT park being constructed near by.
    People (Builder) says this area will develop in future, magarpatta was like this before. But magar patta was chagrin below 1000 psft at that time.

    2. Kumar Primavera - Area is quit ok(atleast better than primrose). Hype due to connecting road to Kalyani nagar but the fact is its in Wadgaon sheri. Again rate 3000 !!!. why ? - Wadgaon sheri should not have this much rate...

    3. Paradise - Rate 3300!!! - Charging more than magarpatta. why ? magarpatta have already too hyped rates.

  4. For Kumar Primvera, it will take another 4-5 years to complete entire project of 18 buildings and providing all the amenities for which we will be paying right now!!!!
    I am surprised to see the rate of Rs. 3000/sqft in Ravi's blog considering the fact that builder itself is ready to negotiate upto Rs. 2600 per sqft.

  5. I heard that Connecting road from Kumar Primavera to Kalyani Nagar got sanctioned & will be in shape within 6-10 months , after which rates may go upto 4000/- per sq. feet , not at all costlier right now at 2600/-