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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Visit Pune Realty, a blog by an IT professional who is looking for a dream home in Pune real estate market

Blog your views and experiences:

When i read this blog, i thought that each and every property buyer should start blogging his experiences and views about real estate projects in Pune. If you visit Pune Realty, I am sure, you will be inspired to start your own.

The blogger shares his honest and original thoughts in a simple language. Important thing is he is not a real estate salesman like me. He is "genuine property buyer." An IT professional, who is looking for a dream home in Pune real estate market. Mainly in Wakad and Pimple Saudagar.

Why Blog?

In "Why this blog?" the blogger says, as a property buyer, all of you can share each other's pain. Which i can't. He is right. How can i? I am not a property buyer. I am "real estate salesman". I can "understand". But i can't share. And i wont pretend to share. I am too honest to pretend.

"Understanding each other", i believe, is more than enough. If IT professionals, non IT professionals, property buyers who earn around 10,000 per month for whom there is no scheme in Pune, like Tata Shubh Griha at Boisar and Tanaji Malusare City (TMC) at Karjat, including Architects and real estate related professionals, (even builders) start blogging we can understand each other better.

Mont Vert Tropez at Wakad:

In Sites in Wakad the blogger shares his experience of visiting my favorite builder Mont Vert! I enjoyed reading his experience. He has put it rather well. I felt like i was visiting Mont Vert Tropez in disguise! I would love to criticize my fellow real estate salesman like him. Which i can't afford to do it on my blog. Because if i do, the salesman wont entertain me for the rest of his life and i can't give you the updates of his project! Read what he says:
When i told the salesperson my budget which i'm ready to pay, he started saying you can get in such a rate in areas like Pimple Saudagar.

This shocked me further as compared to wakad atleast pimple saudagar have got some shops and a mall coming up. Wakad doesn't even have any decent grocery store near these sites.

Thats what appalled me, and i asked him if somebody moves in by July 2009 here in your society where is he expected to go to buy veggies and grocery. There are no decent approach road here and no ATM nothing. Why should i pay such an amount.

Reply: 4 Years before pashan didn't had anything and now you see, and you know the rate there.

My Reply: Yes then dont sell the property with the rate of 2013 now.

apostrophe at Wakad:

In the post apostrophe Wakad: What makes it so expensive? Mr. Commoner, the name of the blogger, shares his wife's "voice". As a real estate salesman, this is the most important thing in this blog. I thank and admire him for this.

In your blog, i will request you to share your wife's views too. We, real estate salespersons, all the time, keep one eye on your wife and take advantage of her in negotiating the property rates and finalizing the deal. Look how important role she played in this visit:
My critique wife was pretty impressed with the flat, but she still managed to point out a design fault in the poor ventilation in the flat. Though they have big windows but there was no way for cross ventillation unless you keep the door of you bedroom open(Whats the use of the Italian doors if they cannot be closed hahaha:D)

About property price and lifestyle in Wakad:

In the latest post Lifestyle living or Lifetime saving Mr. Commoner, IT professional, raises important points about property rates, lifestyle and living in Wakad. Look what he says:
In my previous post i had given details of the apostrophe. Putting those details i get a question in my mind, does the lifestyle living justify the price it has.

Then why do they have such an exhorbitant price, is it give you neighbourhood of only those having BMW's and Audi's, and to get off the commoner from booking.

But even if you have such neighbours you still are living in Wakad and not Koregaon Park.

Creating profitable belief:

If Bharat Agarwal of Kasturi Housing, the promoter of apostrophe, and my dear old friend and ex-client, reads this blog, i am sure, he will be very happy. Because "creating a belief" is a bigger achievement than constructing a good building. Now, Bharatbhai can claim and even ask for the royalty from all builders in Pune for creating the most marketable and profitable concept - "good specifications means good home".

This is Bharatbhai's second achievement. First one is making Bavadhan and Rahatani - Pimple Saudagar - Wakad popular residential areas in Pune. He and his brother Mr. Shravan Agarwal, Director of Purple Properties and his friends Arvind Jain, Director of Pride Housing, promoters of Park Street at Wakad (www.parkstreetpune.com), and Atul Lunkad, Director of Properties, promoters of Element 5 at Rahatani, (all my ex-clients from whom i have learned a lot,) made it happen.

Ravi Karandeekar's Blog:

However, i have started Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog, this conversation, to discuss and understand your ideas about "good home".

While giving news and updates about Pune real estate market, I try to understand your views. Your expectations. And, of course, how much you would like to pay for your choice of flat.

I don't blog to promote any "profitable and marketable idea" or any project or a builder. Because if i wanted to do that i would have been in real estate advertising! (Where i used to earn % of the sale price of the project.)

Start your blog:

Point is, start your blog! Express your views. Your satisfaction and anger. Don't bother whether what you say is right or wrong. Politically correct or not. How many people read your blog or approve your views. Always count on me. I will read and follow your blog.

4 tips about Pune real estate blogging:

1) While writing always "visualize" that you are sitting in your readers living room with your family. This "visualisation" will help you express your thoughts in "proper language."

2) However, be aware that when you write, you expose yourself. For example, Mr. Commoner exposed his limited budget. After this exposer readers value your views about the project keeping in mind that you are talking about a flat which is out of your budget.

Obviously, your appreciation or criticism of the project would be different than who can afford that flat. It doesn't mean that you don't have any right to talk about it. Or no body will take you seriously. In fact, your readers will appreciate your honesty and look for something which they might have missed!

3) Some readers will "question" your intentions. Particularly, if your views don't match theirs. You may have seen it happening, quite often, in the comments on my blog. But you have to deal with it.

Freedom of expression is comparitively new phenomenon. We all are learning to honor each other's views. Many still believe in the right or wrong.

Plus, because of the commercialization, readers have less trust in the media. Readers are not sure whether this is a paid content or a honest opinion. Because of disbelief, they may ridicule you or pass judgment against you.

When this happens you have to understand from where this is coming. While talking against you the reader also exposes himself. Which gives you enough clues. For example, read recent comments on me about property rate reduction at Nanded City Pune on my blog and on R2I forum (www.r2iclubforums.com).

However, I will be never judgmental about you or question your intention. So feel free. Even to criticize my views. After all, i am just a real estate salesman. Who respects property buyers views.

4) Here is a link to my favorite blogging platform Google's Blogger ( www.blogger.com) Start your blog. It's free!

Now, let me end with the usual appeal:

Visiting for the first time?

If you are visiting my "Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog" for the first time, please, visit these popular posts to get the feel of the topics and discussion we enjoy on this blog.

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  1. Hi Ravi,
    I have booked a flat and some how I came to know that Builder is taking booking for lasser amount too and also getting good offer from another builder, I told this fact to builder and tell him that I wanted to cancel booking.
    How much amount I should get refund if I cancel the Booking. Is there any provision if Builder refuse to give me complete amount in refund.

  2. # Ref: "How much amount I should get refund if I cancel the Booking."

    Please, check your booking form. On this form builder mentions the cancellation charges.

    There is no question of refusing to refund your booking amount.

    Please, check once again the possibilities of reducing the rate where you have booked, (refer to Rohan Builder's Price Protection Scheme).

    Is new offer really good? What if you get lower rate than this? Go for the price protection.

    What about the possession date? Demand 11 months rent. Remember Mont Vert's Rent Today Own Tomorrow offer? Good for delayed possession.

    With every booking property buyer should insist on these 2 current provisions provided by leading builders in Pune.

    Try for the 3rd: Get reduced "other charges". (Mont Vert Tropez offer.) Unless these charges are reduced rates are not rationalized.

    These are unwritten practices in Pune real estate market. Insist if your builder is not offering.

  3. visit http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/2982-your-realtor-cheating-you-mseb-s-name.html

  4. You did unexpected, or you didn't had anything to blog about :). Thanks for blogging about my blog.

  5. Ref: "Thanks for blogging about my blog."

    - You are welcome, Mr. Commoner!

  6. Very complete and organized. Thank you for taking the time to pull it together.