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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why Goel Ganga Group's ‘good value game show’?

You....naughty young couples, let us play a game!

Today, i received a press release "a free flat from Goel Ganga's great value offer". The press release lists number of reasons for launching the "game show".

Last time, i have learned that, you, naughty young couples wish to have smaller homes today and larger tomorrow! The reasons listed in today's press release, tell me many more things about you and the organizer of the game show.

I am listing these reasons bellow. Can you rearrange these reasons as per their importance according to you? If you do it in 10 seconds, you will get an exciting free gift in your next life.

Here are the reasons and the text of the press release:

Answer 1:

To celebrates 25th anniversary

Answer 2:

To create excitement and positive buying behavior in slow moving market of 1 bhk, 1½ bhk and 2 bhk flats in the range of Rs.18 to Rs.30 lakhs at Aundh Annexe, Undri, Chinchwad, and on Sinhagad Road.

Answer 3:

To say a big ‘thank you’ to customers, for all the support and trust that they have extended to them during the last 25 years

Answer 4:

To make a ‘good value’ offer ‘great’

Answer 5:

People are shy in asking for something big – they aim for small gifts only

Answer 6:

Along with the "right product at the right price", while purchasing a new flat, customers wish for
. Free car
· Free home furniture
· Free home appliances
· Free two-wheeler
· Free overseas holiday

Answer 7:

The group decided to go that extra mile and see what more the customers require

Answer 8:

To achieve difficult balance in intelligent design, smart planning, efficient buying and effective execution

Answer 9:

To give away the prizes and a bumper prize of a free home

Answer 10:

The bumper prize of getting a free home will be a big attraction for people to get excited to buy a house and take a decision

Answer 11:

Trying their luck at winning

Answer 12:

To tell that whenever you book a flat with them, there is always a chance of a pleasant and a big surprise

Answer 13:

To encourage those who book a flat to enter into an agreement within the specified period

Press Release and Photograph:

Atul Goel, MD, Goel Ganga Group, alongwith actress Mandira Bedi at a press conference held to announce the ‘Good Value Offer Ban Gaya Great Value Offer on 16th June ’09 at Taj Blue Diamond.

PRESS RELEASE 16th June 2009


· Launches ‘good value game show’ with fabulous prizes to be won

Mega bumper prize - a free home

Goel Ganga Group was the first construction company in India to launch good value concept for their projects ranging from Rs.18-30 lakhs in August 2008 itself. Since then the company has received overwhelming response to the concept.

After the overwhelming response received to the ‘Good Value’ offer launched by Goel Ganga Group, on their projects ranging from just Rs.18 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs, the group is now proud to make an even greater offer to its customers, to express their gratitude. This offer will come at no extra cost, but it will positively add value for the customer.

“This is just a small way to say a big ‘thank you’ to our customers, for all the support and trust that they have extended to us during the last 25 years”, smiles Atul Goel, MD, Goel Ganga Group.

It will be recalled that responding to the need of the consumer, the Goel Ganga Group had launched ‘Good Value Homes’ at rock bottom prices in good locations of the city. The four prestigious projects were Amrut Ganga at Sinhagad Road, Ganga Blues in Aundh Annexe, Ganga Sparsh at Undri (near Bishop’s School) and Ganga Ashiyana at Chinchwad (near Aditya Birla Hospital), with 1 bhk, 1½ bhk and 2 bhk flats.
And inspite of the slowdown, the group sold over 40% of these flats.

“This was because we did not compromise on the quality and amenities. Customers vindicated our belief that the ‘right product at the right price’ always has a market”, says Atul Goel. “Our 25 years real estate experience has enabled us to achieve this difficult balance through intelligent design, smart planning, efficient buying and effective execution”.

Inspired by this response, the group decided to go that extra mile and see what more the customers require. As is their tradition, they conducted an opinion poll, inquiring what constitutes a ‘better value’ for them, when they look at purchasing a new flat. The outcome of the poll was :

· Free car
· Free home furniture
· Free home appliances
· Free two-wheeler
· Free overseas holiday

“We were surprised at the response to the poll – people were shy in asking for something big – they were aiming for small gifts only. That’s when we decided not just to make a ‘good value’ ‘better’ for them, but to make it ‘great’. We have planned an exciting and entertaining game show, to give away the above prizes and above all - we would give a bumper prize of a free home as well”, beams Atul Goel.

The game show would be hosted by the charming Mandira Bedi.

Everyone who books a flat at any of the housing projects of the Goel Ganga Group, and enters into an agreement within the specified period, would be eligible to participate in this game show.

The game show is planned with an aim to a create lot of excitement and positive buying behavior in an otherwise slow moving market.

Goel Ganga Group believes the bumper prize of getting a free home will be a big attraction for people to get excited to buy a house and take a decision where they don’t lose anything but are buying at the right price and right location, besides trying their luck at winning a free home.

“The idea behind the game show is to tell our customers that whenever you book a flat with us, there is always a chance of a pleasant and a big surprise”, sums up Kumar Devi, CEO, Goel Ganga Group.

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  1. I heard many complaints about this builder.

    One of the most cheater builders in pune.

    Folks, pls stay away from Goel Ganga.

  2. See ! These builders are adopting all kinds of funda to sell the flats at higher rates.
    Ultimately these shows will have to be funded from buyers' pocket !

    Can't Goel Ganga reduce the rates instead of puting money into game shows ?

  3. Really Goel Ganga Builder is trying all his best marketing and advertising practice to sell his flats which are not getting sold due to various reasons..

    It means the builders are internally suffering due to less sell of flats..

    So guys understand the situation and hold on ur propert buying decision for some time..

  4. Hi Ravi, since last 5 months I am visiting site of Ganga Aashiyana project with my friend who booked a flat there. My friend's flat is in F building, Goel has started work for other 2 buildings belonging to Phase I as expected but for F building the work is completly stoped. If you are aware, Can you pls let me know the reason and what impact it would make for those people who have already booked flats there. I am also planning to book flat in the same building. F building has 8 flats on each floor..will that be too much crowded ? Pls help me out. Thanks in advance.

  5. i also had a very bad experince with Goel Ganga. Quality is very bad. Builder donot have any ethics, a big thug

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi All,

    This is my personal worst experience with Goel Ganga Developments. I booked a flat in May 2011 Ganga Cypress in Tathawade, pune. Committed Possession date on agreement was Dec 2012. Today is Dec 2013 but still no possession.
    He is the worst & unprofessional builder in Pune. He cheated many customers and looted their hard earned money. Beware of his new schemes Ganaga Aurum Park. People who invested in Ganga Cypress here are suffering badly as they are losing money. The big cheater in pune real estate market. They have a trick, they formed a new company Swastik Promoters and developers and registering with this name so that people should not complaining for Goel Ganga.
    This builder gives false promises & do not complete them. The features shown in sample flat , which their sales guys agrees while selling flat, are not given in flat. Quality of construction & material is also very bad.
    Builder do not agreeing on giving compensation for delayed possession.
    Beware of this builder.

  8. Its really a painful story most probably the saddest one of my entire life! Booked a flat at Ganga Cypress under Goel Ganga Developers in 2011 February and done the greatest blunder of my life!

    Its Goel Ganga Developers(one of the most reputed builder in Pune’s market) combined with Swastik Promoters:

    Owner Ship By Mr. Anuj Goel

    Beware before you are purchasing any projects under this builder:

    Address: San Mahu Complex, Ground Floor,

    Opp. Poona Club, 5, Bund Garden Road,

    Pune 411001(INDIA)

    Phone:+91 20 26124265/66/67

    Website: http://www.goelganga.in/

    As per the commitments of the sales guys at the time of purchasing and as per the agreement the flats were suppose to give the possession on the month of December 2012! But till date(its 2014 starting now) they are unable to commit us any fix date for the same! and the owner of the project is not in reach each time we flat owners wish to fix up an appointment with him!

    On the other hand their well trained staffs knows very well how to confuse, convince and need to give wrong commitment to their clients each time! Its really not possible accept any profession lairs!

    Mr. Rajeev Palkar (Project Manager of the site) had given a written commitment in mail also regarding possession before 6 months but fails and they including their owner don’t know now also the exact date of the same! And now he is out of the seen!

    The owner of the organization is busy(in world tour, family’s marriage ceremony or something else as per their trained staff) every time and unable to meet their clients after fixing appointment also with like these several silly reasons!

    The project works stopped from October 2012 and still date no specific changes saw in my flat at D Block! Don't have any confirmation of PCMC clearance also! On the other hand they are not ready to compensate any amount as per the agreement!

    They all together make me and the other flat owners to stop believing on the normal human beings!

    Dear all requesting you if you wish to continue your peaceful life after purchasing your "Sweet Home" please don’t connect with Goel Ganga Developers to any projects!

    As "Family Ki Tension, Badti Mahengai Ke Saath Saath Ghar Ki Rent and Bank Ki EMIs Ek Saal Se Ek Saath Dene Ki Jo Maja Hai.Mujse Puchiye!"

    Please suggest me what to do next? As the monitory condition already gone over my head, and really struggling each day to spend, with my family!

    Its became impossible for me to arrange the flat rent, bank EMIs and family in same time from last more than 1 year!