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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Aldea Espanola, Near Balewadi Stadium, Baner Pune - quick review!

15 acre newly launched real estate project of 18 row houses (4 bhk Villas) and 775 flats (2 & 3 bhk)

Property rate: Rs. 2,695 per sq.ft. (onwards) for first 25 bookings!

Puranik Builders of Thane bring Spain near Hinjewadi,
for young IT professionals!

If you visit the website of Aldea Espanola (www.spaininindia.com), you can understand Kruti Jain, Executive Director of Kumar Builders. Remember my small talk with her at the press conference of 45 Nirvana Hills at Paud Phata? It went like this:
"Why did you make such a down to earth, factual presentation? You didn't glamorize the project at all!," i asked Kruti Jain.

"Is there any need to glamorize? This is not for young out of town IT guys. This is for typical Puneri families..," Kruti Jain said.
Not only Kruti Jain, but many builders and even some architects believe that young IT professionals, mostly first time home buyers, fall for certain kind of presentation!

When i was involved in the planning of one project at Rahatani, we had a big argument over this.

Thank god! Builder believed in my argument that young, smart and intelligent IT professionals are not highly paid grown up babies. In fact most of them are good young men from "good homes". We have to treat them as adults. We can't sale them fairy tales like "Singapore in Pune", "The Italian Way of Life" or even "Intelligent Homes"! It sounds superficial and stupid!

However, M/s Puranik are like other builders. They are reading you "Spanish fairy tale". Please, have a look!

Aldea Espanola, Baner: 4 bhk Row Houses (Spanish Villas!):

Aldea Espanola, Baner: 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats (Luxury Apartments!)

Aldea Espanola, Baner: Club House:

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  1. Interesting floorplan..why does guest bedroom have a bath tub and the master bedroom and parents bedroom gets a ordinary bathroom ? Maybe spanish people also believe in 'Athiti devo bhava' ..so make them climb to the second floor and take bath :)

    Jai Hind.

  2. what a bhangar name for the project. Is there dearth fo simple, pronounciable names in Pune, every builder is getting more and more into project names from Spain, Itali.

    If they assume that fancy name will attarct buyers, better go to spain and sell.

  3. New scheme by Puraniks??? wow.... When do they plan to finish the scheme they started across from Malvani Gajali on Baner Road (8 row houses and 20 flats) which has not moved a bit for last 4 years???

  4. Hello Puranik,

    Could you please extend this special Property rate of Rs. 2,695 per sq.ft. (onwards) for first 100 bookings ?

  5. Exterior looks pleasant..but main part is not at all impressive..and that is the floor plan!! Room sizes are uneven and far poorer than my expectations.

  6. Room sizes are ultra small even for big saleable areas... unprecedented and inhuman loading facor of 40% !!!

    They have kept the rates low (not very though) to fool people...their ridiculous loading factor increases it by 10% at least. so 2700psft is actually 3000psft

  7. Beaware of Puranik builders.

    They claim that Aldea espanola is there first project, but their first project was RATNADHARA !! This project is opposite malvani gajali on baner road. This project is still not completed how are they going to complete the current project ?? They made tall promises while booking the flat but what about the possesion date ?
    They had got the sanction for 5 floors only and the project was under litigation for the 6th and 7th floor !!
    the person who is responsible was rajesh mohrir. One of the worst person I have come across. Does not have any moral or character.
    Puranik's should learn to respect the customers and keep their promises.

  8. Well, I can't find anything wrong in naming project on Italy or Spain. Yes, developer should maintain the aura and serenity associated with the name. An ultimate address, which conveys the premiumness in conversation with whomsoever. Are Puranik's coming up with the Spanish theme restaurant in the project?

  9. Does anyone know whether agreement and registration process is started for this project? I booked flat here but still these guys havent started doing registration and all..If anyone heard about this please email me: kulsantro81@rediffmail.com

  10. Puranik are cheaters. Do not buy any property from them.
    Aldea espanola is dead from past 1 year no progress has been made.

  11. I think there is a major misconception and perception about the project. To me it is the best ever project given its location, ambiance and floor plan, currently in and around Baner area. At Aldea Espanola you can get 1000 sq.feet carpet area is 58 Lacs - 65 Lacs depending on the floor chosen. Above 4th floor there is a floor rise. I would like to clarify the all the issues raised in this blog regarding Aldea Espanola. Please read below:

    1. Loading factor is 40% which is inhuman.
    Ans: They sell at carpet area so loading factor does not come into picture at all. You get what you paid for.

    2. The floor plan is ultra small.
    Ans: I do agree that floor plans are smaller in Phase-I, which is kept smaller purposefully to fit in the pocket of buyers who can spend less than 40 Lacs. If you want spacious flats you can book in Phase-II whose possession date is 2013-June. Each room has a C.B(Cupboard Box)so that your almirah/wardrobe does not occupy extra space of your actual usable floor space. The smallest room, children's room is approximately 10x10. The floor plan is not very spacious but it is good, and commensurate to the price that you pay for a flat.

    3. The project is delayed from last 1 year due to litigation.
    And: Yes they were awaiting approval for higher floors so it was stuck with the government officials. But now they have got approvals and the construction is in full swing. Looking at the construction progress I think they should be well meeting the possession deadline. For Phase-I it is June-2012 and for Phase-II it is June-2013.

    4. Spanish theme is ridiculous and so unrealistic.
    Ans: The exteriors look Spanish, so its not unrealistic at all and most importantly it looks pleasant and far better than most of the Pune projects I have seen so far in this kind of budget. Unless you have a very robust bias against buying a Spanish themed project there is no harm in projecting a Spanish theme. I do agree that the name "Aldea Espanola" is a bit tongue twister for indian tongues to pronounce and remember but how does it affect your decision to buy a property there and remeber Shakespeare said: "What is in the name?"

    Note: I believe that people who do post there are genuinely interested home buyers or wel wishers for those who are in search for a good property including Mr. Ravi. So please give authentic and inputs and please do not confuse or discourage prospect buyers from entering into Puranik's Aldea Espanola. I have bought a 3 BHK flat here in Phase-II and I do visit twice every month to the project and I am happy with the proceedings and dealings so far. Please ask genuine questions about the project if you are interested. I wshall be glad to help you out with whatever information I have.

    1. Hi Amit,

      Whats ur views on this project now?
      I m considering it as one of the options. Please share ur thoughts


    2. hi amit,
      i fully agree with your views. even i have purchased a flat in phase II and iam satisfied with the project.The only sour point being that the builder has not catered for enough parking space.In today's time every person owning a flat will definitely own a 4-wheeler adn would like to have a shaded parking which has not at been catered in the project.Although there is some delay in the project, i think it will get completed by oct 2013.

  12. Thanks for sharing your views, Amit! You can do more than this. To help the home buyers more, please, share your email id and contact number.

    1. Hi Ravi,

      I came to this blog and found it interesting in terms of sharing my views and reading others' views. I do not intend to share my email or contact number because this is not my profession. Ravi, do you mind me writing on this blog ?


  13. I have paid booking amount for a 3 bed room flat in Phase II, waiting for the registration of Agreement. I hope what all Amit is saying is correct. Though I found bit of mismanagement while booking and making of agreement till now..., but I hope this will not be experienced in future...

  14. What rate? I am considering pls help. My email genuine2012786 at gmail dot com

  15. Just want to give the latest update about Aldea Espanola. They have completed the Phase-I and the possession will start from October 15th. So well before Diwali, Phase-I buyers will be having their flats' keys.

    Phase-2 internal and external plaster is about to complete, and by the end of october or start of november, flooring will start. The projected deadline for Phase-2 occupance is around August-2013.

    The project has seen very sharp appreciation in the price , I think the 3-BHK(Phase-2, 1000 sft, carpet) is now costing somewhere around 70-79 Lacs and 2-BHK(phase-2, 737 sft, carpet) is costing you around 55-63 Lacs. Still affordable and very good price given the location and other property prices in Pune in and around Baner area.

    1. Amit: I have flat in phase 1 which was booked by me back in April009, I have not got possession till December 25th 2012.They are cheating their customers by charging delayed payments,exclations clauses etc..It's not with me but multiple people.They are dishonest people..(jitendra udasi,kharat etc)

  16. I booked a flat in building A1 of Phase I in March 2010 after a promise that I'll get the flat in June 2011. With all the delays because of litigation and government approvals for the extra floors, they finally are coming to completion after one year of stalling the work completely.

    From June 2012, I have been hearing that I'll get the possession in August 2012, then it became October 2012, then it became 15th of November and now they are saying that I'll get the flat only for preparation of furniture in next 10-15 days. The final completion certificate will be issued in Feb 2013 and then only I'll get the final possession letter and permission to stay in my own flat. All this delay is so ridiculous and frustrating with everybody passing the baton to each other. Because of this delay, I do not even feel like believing that I'll get the flat's possession in Feb 2013.

    I have been prompt in paying all the dues well within time and their demand letters always say that if I do not pay in 10 days, hefty interest will be charged. All this while, I had to pay for the EMI as well as the rent for my current house. Is there something I can do in this case? Will going to consumer forum help me in this? Any help in this will be really appreciated.

    1. Hi Shatanik,

      did you got the possession and completion certificate from builder or it is still not provided by builder.

      Please let me know because I am also hearing from others that they are not getting completion certificate and all things are getting delayed due to this.

  17. I am looking for a 2/3 bhk flat at aldea espanola in resale (those who bought in phase 1 or 2).

    Do contact me at 09823224636 or mail me at rajdeep3108@gmail.com

  18. I am looking for a 1BHK flat here..Can some1 plz inform me is the project good enough , and has value for money ?

  19. Hi Ravi - I am interested in good investment in Pune and my budget is roughly 40-45 Lakhs. In this budget, if I get a 2BHK in wagholi or possibly 1BHK in Bawdhan, Baner from some reputed builider, I want to go for it. What is your suggestion for Aldea with their current rates? I am told 1BHK is selling for 45 Lakhs (ALL Inclusive) Amenties look impressive but wanted to understand your opinion whether its a good investment.


    1. Difficult question. Sorry. I can not answer. Because I do not know.

  20. Hi Ravi,

    It's not only words but I truly appreciate your efforts while sharing project details.

    But you should also update or while presenting new showcase about their project should made aware customers about problem which they have faced.

    Major Concerns:
    1) Agreement will be made against 1bhk flat to sell 2BHK flat. WTF????
    2) Parking is not well designed for second phase because they had permission for only for 7 storage
    3) Rooms are crappy.
    4) Out of two lifts only 1 lift is full automatic, why???????
    5) Bathroom fittings are no more jaguar..hushhhhh
    6) Sales executive Praful is doing only business not thinking from customer prospective.
    7) Very very delay possession and no more compensation in any regards.

  21. Hi, I am planning to buy 2 bhk flat ready possesion in phase 2 building . What should be the approx price.

    How is the built quality if anyone living over there can comment. Any other concerns.

  22. Hello Ravi, First of all thankyou for sharing the details of this project - Puranik Aldea Espanola and for this forum. I'm panning to buy a 3 BHK in Baner area an Puranik Aldea Espanola is one of the shortlisted property. Last week I visited this property. As mentioned in some of the posts the room sizes are too small and also the project falls in "Grampanchayat" (but the sales team has confirmed that it will soon come under PMC, can u please confirm this fact. Also the price calculations are on carpet rate and seems confusing and hig priced. Now the 3 BHK goes above 1Cr (very much on higher side) considering the above points. Also Mr. Amit can confirm if he can got the actual possession of his property, as there is still some work going on in Phase II and still the common amenities are not ready. Kindly help. Thank you.

  23. They are quoting around 8600 per sq ft. For 2 BHK total comes around 74 Lakh(including government taxes)

    If we consider the locality the rate as per other builders is around 5500 and they put 30 % loading on carpet area which bring it around 7000 per sq ft. 8600 per sq ft. is much more than any builder in that area.

  24. Got the possession, now look at the quality. When 2 electrician came for fitting fans, water purifier etc. said the same thing ' It's surprising drill is going very very easily', I think it's then low quality construction,even I can feel sometime. Even doors fitted for bedrooms are of cheap qualities, selling using 'Spanish' name. Floor height is just 8 feet xxx inch...boom..I can jump & touch. Modular kitchen qualities are also not upto the mark... Typical Mumbai builder...Cheating in all sesne...No corporation water yet...Water is supplied by tankers ...1 cr for 3 BHK is absolutely not worth...2 bhk is somehow ok for 70L...3 bhk flats are really cramp...

  25. Can anyone apprise me with the latest info. Planning for a 3 BHK in phase 2

  26. Hi ,
    I am in the final stages of selecting a 2bhk in the phase 3 under construction. Those who have already moved in please advise on whether this would be a good investment? Also is the water still supplied by water tanks? any updates on quality will help.

    1. Try Maplani Greens in wakad...one of the best project in wakad...

  27. I have recently visited site Phase 4 and layout and external structure looks good. I am planning to invest for 1 BHK 450 carpet area which I have quoted to have 9000 PSF rate and 210 floor rise from 2nd floor.

    210 PSF floor rise is surprising to me. As read on forums here ceiling height is 8 feet. Please confirm if this is case with existing phase 1 and phase2.

    Total cost of 1BHK would be around 51L. Area wise it is quite live able but need to understand about builder and construction quality.

    Please suggest

  28. Water is still through tankers, no commitments when it would be via PMC line. Ceiling height is same across all the phases. Personally I don't see any point to invest 51 Lakh for 1BHK that too of 450 Carpet..at this amount you can get resale 1bhk at prime location without builder headache. Amenities suppose to be provided by builders are never on time, can you imaging swimming tank is still not operational..people are staying from last 2 years. One thing is very good..recovery of payment from the customers, very prompt follow up. But if customer is following up on any issue..forget to receive any email reply.

  29. Hi m planning to buy ready possession 1bhk,pls suggest any trustworthy builder.

  30. Hello Everyone,
    I am planning for 2bhk flats in phase:5, They have offered 73 lacs and possession time is Sep19. Please suggest it is worth buying.
    Please share about 1 year clubhouse membership as ther r giving for 1 years which is very confusing.

  31. Abhay...dont even think of buying flat here..i bought..biggest mistake...no water 3 days...took 2 yrs advance maintenance...builder did not complete work...now asking more maintenance....what the hell... 4 phases.. all need to use...common amenities...think about 400 flats using one gym and 1 swimming pool... what a joke...

  32. today i enquired at aldea espanola and the rates are 5500 and the carpet is 972.
    slightly small.
    Total package is around 90 lakhs.
    I am considering buying it.
    any comments?

  33. Hey, if you have already booked a home at Aldea Espanola then there is a great app that you can refer. Homeshakti is a platform where you can meet your future neighbours and make a group to keep track of every information that you get. You can also be assured of your safety with new neighbours with the kyc feature in the app. Another feature in it helps you talk to the developer as a group in case of any doubts. I am attaching a link if you are interested to download the app:

  34. Puranic Aldea Building A2, Valencia, 2BHK, planning to buy for 2bhk, resell 7th floor, is there any suggestions regarding legal of project?
    Is there all approved? Does it worth buying at65?