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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rohan Builders' upcoming project of cozy 1 bhk, 2 bhk and 2.5 bhk flats at Bavdhan

Is there anybody who doesn't know about it?

Too many and too less!

No news. But, for sure, big problem!

Rohan Builders' project will have only 120 flats. In 5 buildings of 6 stories.

In any part of Pune, in any Rohan project, 120 flats is a very small number. In Kothrud annex, at Bavdhan Khurd, 120 flats are too less.

Add to it the budget of the flats. At the property rate of Rs. 2,500 per sq.ft. when you find out the sizes of the flats, 1 bhk flat of 552 sq.ft., 2 bhk flat of 781 sq.ft. and 2.5 bhk flat of 996 sq.ft., you don't bother to use your calculator.

In this part of Pune, you don't ask "Is this "saleable area"?" or "What's the carpet area?" Because, most of the flats on Paud road, in Kothrud, Karve Nagar and Warje are in these sizes only.

"Oh! You mean to say the flat i am renting for last 2years is a "Cozy Flat!," says Mr. Property Buyer. "But this one has a lift! How wonderful!!" says Ms. Property Buyer and they enter their name in the waiting list at Rohan's office!

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Costs and Rates?

You may feel that i am very much excited about the launch. But actually, i am not. Looking at the construction of the office and mock up flat at Rohan Builders' upcoming Bavdhan site, i became more nervous.

Rohan's new project is always launched with an event and a creative advertising campaign. What is going to happen this time? Is Rohan going to save advertising cost by booking the project only on the basis of the pre-launch response and on the sample flat at site?

I called Ms. Pooja, marketing manager of Rohan Builders. Ms. Pooja said, "We are not accepting money. Only building waiting list. Project will be launched after getting all sanctions!"

"Cozy", "Compact", "Nano" or...

That's good news. It means, there will be some event, new concept, new creative campaign! What would it be? I started thinking. "Plus Homes" was for Rohan Nilay. "No Neighbors" was for Rohan Tarang. "Ventilation" was for Rohan Leher. What would be the advertising theme for "Cozy Homes at Bavdhan".

No "water" for sure! Why? First reason is Pinnacle Group has used Ramnadi for Pinnacle Brook Side, just on the other side of the river. Second reason, Aquaphobia! Fear of Water. Rohan Mithila at VimanNagar was the right project to talk about water. But no, they didn't use it. What would it be? I was thinking.

Yes, "compact" and "cozy" have become old labels. Mont Vert used "compact" for Seville and Topaz Park in Park Street has cozy homes. Now a days "Nano Homes" is the most popular term. No, it's not creative to use "Nano" label. Rohan will not use it. This is not Pradhikaran and Ravet. This is Bavdhan Kothrud annex.

Yes! I got it!! Rohan will call these as "No Kamwali Bai Homes"! Yes, Kamwali Bai, most feared person in every home in Kothrud.

These Rohan Homes are so compact, you wont need a maid for housekeeping. Together you can manage this home on your own. It's as easy as making a bed and as exciting as sharing a bed. Share zadu-pocha. Cleaning the floor!

As per the tradition, Rohan will incorporate "No Kamwali Bai Home" concept in their floor plans and save the space of dry balcony. In the specification Rohan will add "double tub stainless steel sink" and call them "Do It Yourself Homes".

You can do a lot more than sleep together! Do dishes!!

After Plus Homes, Eco Homes and Smart Homes, Rohan presents one more revolutionary concept, "D.I.Y. Homes!"

Good! Now, I know something about Rohan Builders' upcoming project at Bavdhan which nobody in Pune knows!!

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Rohan Builders cuts property rates of Leher and Mithila by Rs. 600 per sq. ft. and 'agrees' to reduce your booking rate in case of future reduction!

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  1. I had booked a flat with a reputed builder paying 15% of the total amount. I was extremely unhappy with the progress of the site and put in the cancellation request a few months ago. After repeated attempts this reputed builder refuses to pay my money back until my flat is rebooked. is this right? and legal? what are my options to get my money back? pls help. appreciate your reply.

  2. Thanks Ravi, I did read that post and i dont want to achieve immortality :) on a serious note but do you mean that legally the builder can hold my booking amount until my flat is booked by someone else? and I have no other option but to just wait till eternity?

  3. its well known tha indian builders/companies never refund money..so buy and wait. i am sure everybody will get a house by the time you retire.

  4. Ravi I have a better term for these homes, "Capsule Homes"

  5. On the refund issue, I think builder has an upper hand. If I was a judge in a court I will ask you one question...
    Would you have asked for refund if the rate at which you booked went up by 800/-
    Also because of your commitment to buider on a particular flat, he did not show that flat to anyone else. Now if you want to walk out then get him a client or wait for him to sell that flat cose the money you gave him is technically invested in whatever work he has done so far. I know someone who is going thru this in court and is now buying a new pair of shoes every month.
    My advice just go along to complete the transaction. Do not default on you payment deadlines or wait until boom time is back so that you can find a buyer for that flat.
    Most of us forget that when we committ or agree on a transaction there is no turning back.

  6. I called up Rohan buiders for Kothrud project. They said they havent yet finalized the price and would keep me informed. Dont know what they are waiting for.. probably diwali.. God knows !! :-D

  7. Beware of Rohan Builders most of their Projects have been delayed and some are in consumer court cases due to fraud. I know that both at Rohan Garima and Rohan Tapovan the area marked as Play area and gym earlier were later retained by the Rohan for further construction and the builder is in litigation.
    I fail to understand these builders inspite of making huge profits there greed never ends

  8. Hi Ravi,

    I want to know your opinion about below notification in Times Of India which says that the property where Yuthika is building, is litigated.


  9. Yes. Invest only your lawyer approves. Thanks for sharing, Anirudh!

  10. We have booked a flat in Rohan Ishan. Was it a right decision?