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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nanded City Pune News - Get ready to select the flat, pay your own contribution and register the agreement!

Everything depends upon the property rate!

From the next month, October '08, Magarpatta City's 700 acre integrated township on Sinhagad Road, Nanded City Pune will start the process of allotment of 5,000 flats in one sector.

You will be invited in the groups of 100s. For the first time, you will see the floor plans of the flats. Then you will decide whether you want to book a 1 bhk , 2 bhk or a 3 bhk flat. Actually, you do not need any time to finalize the flat and pay your own contribution, 10% of the agreement value, but Nanded City Pune is giving you a month. After you pay your own contribution you will be called to sign and register your agreement.

This process will start in October and will end in December '08. Whether you will get the first opportunity or the last will depend upon your rate. No, you may have paid the highest rate, Rs.3,500 per sq.ft., but you will not get the first opportunity to select the flat and the building. You lazy fellows, will be the last, may be in December. Dear Nanded and Magarpatta City family members, your rate was Rs.2,750, you will be the first, in October. And honorable gentlemen, who had given Rs.3,250 per sq.ft. will be second in the months of November - December.

Isn't it strange?

No! This is the first lesson of harmonious community living for which Magarpatta City is famous for. Nothing depends upon how much money you have, what is your paying capacity or what property rate you are paying. Every thing is done on the first come first serve basis!

Not convinced! OK!! You must be reading my blog on Nanded City Pune for the first time. Sir, some times strange things happen in this world. People pay without seeing the product. If you want to know why, please, read my posts on Nanded City Pune.

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Welcome to Nanded City Pune!

Nanded City Development & Construction Company Limited.
Corporate office: Megaspace,13 Solapur Bazar Road, Off east Street,Pune - 411 001.
Site Address: -Nanded City, Sinhgad Road, Pune, India.
Email: nandedcity@magarpattacity.com
Website: - www.nandedcitypune.com
Tel.No. -020-64705471 / 72, 64705474.
020-24391222 / 24391223 / 24391224 / 24391225

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  1. Hello Ravi

    This is Ravi from USA.

    Thanks Ravi once again for excellen information provided by you most of the time ..really appriacte.


  2. 2,750 / 3500 in Nanded city. I do not think people will go ahead and buy the flat at nowhere in such a high cost. Thats what most of the people (buyers looking for home) I met and discussed commented. In fact i have a good number of folks in my personal and professional circle but so far I managed to find NO one who has booked flat in Nanded city. So whoever others have booked earlier, i am eager to see their responce when its time to confirm booknig and start paying.

    There may be booking dones but that was nominal process only, just to tell builder you are interested. Once builder ask for proper booking amount , 10% of costs, truth will be out and fall in buyers number will be visible.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for all the timely information about the real estate projects in Pune.

    I Need your & other reader's advise.

    As I can see here are the pros and cons that I can think of for the NandedCity project,

    1. Developed by Magarpatta people (Satish Magar).

    2. Animation and Gaming park. Little different than a traditional IT park.

    3. Good amenities, on the paper.

    4. Waterfront property.

    5. Close to expressway.

    1. Current market condition in Pune

    2. US economy not doing too good .. which will affect Indian economy especially IT sector ...

    3. Possession in 2012 with lock-in period of 3 years

    4. At present it is away from the main Pune. Eventually the whole area will get developed but till then.

    5. On the North side of the project NDA (National Defense Academy)... which is government project/land. So that area will never get developed commercially.


    I have booked a flat at NandedCity at the price of Rs. 2750 and am wondering,

    1. Should I go ahead with the purchase or cancel it?

    2. If go ahead, than should I buy 1, 2 or 3 BHK? There are slight chance (about 40%) that I personally would stay in this flat in that case I would definitely need 3 BHK however 60% chance of renting this property. Are 1-2 BHK easier to rent than 3BHK in Pune?

    3. Since this project is very close to the Khadakwasla dam, is there any risk of earthquakes? I remember area near Koyna dam witness frequent earthquakes (minor ones). I am not an expert in this area and hence the question.

    I appreciate all your help.


  4. I am NRI and have two flats in Magarpatta. Had booked 2 flats in Nanded but with the current market turmoil, I have decided to cancel them. Nanded is a very long term project and I am confident we will see a drop in property prices and some bargains.....pls also remember nanded owners will have a lockin of 3 yrs before they can sell.