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Friday, September 19, 2008

Ravi Karandeekar's Blogs' Comments Policy

"Comments are essential to a blog. It is the key ingredient in defining a blog from a website. Bloggers thrive on nurturing the interaction between themselves and their readers through blog comments." :The Blog Herald
Experimenting with "open policy" for a while, i have started "moderating comments" once again.

If you are visiting my blogs regularly, i do not have to tell you why! Still if you insist on knowing why, how should i explain without going into the details? Thanks to Robert Scoble, Tech geek blogger and my idol, for helping me out. Let me use his words to explain my position. While changing his comments policy, Scoble says,
"And I realized I had been listening to too many people who were deeply unhappy and not bringing any value into my life."
I am moderating comments only to avoid the "abuse and spam" and not to avoid criticism or a different point of view. Instead of explaining in the words about what type of comments will be published, i will give you a good example of the comment which will be rejected, not published hereafter on my blogs.

Add value to the conversation:

Dear property buyers and builders in Pune, I want to follow my blogging guru, ProBlogger and be transparent. Remember, I am not allowing abuse and foul language on my blogs. You are free to express your point of view, your opinion and your suggestions. Please, see that you add value to the conversation and make this blog more useful to the property buyers who want to book a flat in Pune.

I, Ravi Karandeekar, invite all to join me in providing relevant information and insights to make 'home buying' a less stressful experience in Pune real estate market.


  1. Ravi,

    Please do not get upset by few people critising the way you blog.

    Most of us view information given in your blog as great source and value each line drafted by you. Being out of India your blog is viewed as encyclopidia of Pune Real State by most of us.

    I understand that if ones playing ground is water then one must not take panga with the Crocodiles and that is exactly what you are doing.

    However I encourage you not to moderate just because of few bad comments. You never know where these folks are coming from and the situations leading to these comments. However all of us needs to comment while maintaining respect for individual and ensure that dignity of people involved is maintained.

    At the end of the day what you write (biased or unbiased) is your individual opinion based on your experience and wisdom. We need to evaluate what you write and take decision for ourselves as it is our hard earn money. Hence we can not hold you responsible for the decision we make.

    However your inputs triggers thought process and it is up to us readers to channelise it in the right direction.

    Once again I request you to write with complete Freedom and allow others also to comment with Freedom.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. # ref: "Once again I request you to write with complete Freedom and allow others also to comment with Freedom."

    Yes, sir! Thanks!!

  3. Hi Ravi:
    Keep up the good work and yes its is your blog and in spite of maintaining all fairness and unbiased culture, if someone wants to be abusive, by all means throw him out. You do not have to take the abuse no matter where they come from and what may have prompted them to have an outburst. A negative opinion can also be written in a cultured manner.

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  5. Hi Ravi,
    Looking at the current result of Infosys which are negative than expected, Do you thing this will also worry Builders in Pune West area. Looking at the comments of Infosys CEO Kris, this is the worst time of their life time. They are also not giving salary increments and promotions to their emplyees.
    Do you think this will impacts the builders and force them to rethink?


  6. Hi!Ravi
    gud to read ur comments about Pride platinium at Baner. Pl let me know about Arvind Jain as builder,does he sticks to his comitments and honesty in his dealings.

  7. # Ref: "Pl let me know about Arvind Jain as builder,does he sticks to his commitments and honesty in his dealings."

    Sorry, i don't expect these qualities from any builder.

    Because i know that i am buying a concept, an idea, a plan builder is putting in front of me. With a clear note on the back page of the brochure that the builder can change anything at any point of time.

    Even in the agreement, the builder says that unexpected things which are out of his control may affect the execution of the project.

    In our normal life when we plan a weekend picnic with the friends, many times things don't happened as planed. Though, we all are honest and 100% committed to make it a great success. Right?

    When you buy a property in a project which is under construction, you have to accept the possible risks involved, you have to take responsibility of your decision and you have to be prepared for the eventualities. You can't depend on the honesty and capacity to honor the commitment of your builder. After all any builder is as honest as we all are!

  8. HI ,

    I feel most of the flat purchaser dont pay attention on these small small things and the builders are taking advantage of this .
    Builders are just garbing money from whoever they can and there is no strict policy against these greedy builders.
    They know people will purchase flats though rate increase or compact flats whatevers .
    I think we people should stop on purchasing flats from these builders who are so called reputed builders ,they put money in their pockets by hiding many things.
    Also they are no approachable in case you find something wrong against them .
    Guys pls wake up !!!!!!
    Stop wasting your money which your are earning by working 12-14 hours a day .

  9. Sir,

    I appreciate the patience you put in for writing this blog and helping people in taking wise decisions.

    keep posting.. keep blogging... great work :)


  10. Hi Sir,
    I heard that people in Pune are cracking bulk deals by approaching the builder in group and this is heling them to save 25-30% money.
    I want to use this platform to gather people who are interseted in buying flats in Pune.
    Guys i am interseted in buying 3 BHk flat in Pune near hinjewadi area. People who are interested in buying 3 BHK flats please drop me a mail on my gmail id. I shall form a group if i see good response. My Id chiragdesai84@gmail.com

  11. dear sir,
    do u know where can i find dc rules for hingewadi area on website

  12. Lily, Please count me in. my email id is

  13. Hello Mr. Ravi,

    I have been following you Pune Property Blog for quite some time and really very impressed with the information you post on your blog for any cost. It’s a great help for new buyers who wants to find out what’s good point and bad points about any new/under construction project. Well done and Congratulations for that.

    Secondly, I would like to request for some changes you can think of implementing in your blog.

    1) Please provide the construction start date and tentative possession dates.

    2) Builder credentials and past history if available.

    3) Targeted buyers. I mean if this is meant for middle class or upper class or premium class buyers.

    I know most of the time you have provided all the above information in your post, but it would be helpful if you put it as a bullet point. Instead of going through the details.

  14. Hello Guju! Good suggestions! Thanks a lot.

    However, let me confess that i can't write about the builder's credentials and past history on my blog.

    Why? For the obvious reason. You would like to receive all information for free, i can understand that.

    Dear Guju, please, look at it from my point of view - how can i afford to share all for free?

    That's why you will never find me "criticizing" the builder on my blog.

    Property prices, i believe, define the targeted buyers.

  15. hi ravi.....

    please tell me about Nandan Prospera

  16. Hello Amit! Nandan Prospera is good. For the property prices, please, visit this blog:

  17. Hello ravi!
    I need your help to know about the upcoming townships that are being developed and which would offer a 2bhk flat at reasonable prices. My budget is around 45 lakh.

  18. I acknowledge the backbone you put in for autograph this blog and allowance bodies in demography astute decisions.
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  19. Ravi,
    Am relocating to Pune and planning to buy a property at Pune in 40 Lakhs. Could you please suggest me few places with good amenities. I want to invest at the center of Pune city.

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