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Monday, September 15, 2008

Wakad: Palash 2i news - 45 bookings in just 3 days!

All 2 bhk flats booked!

Only couple of 3 bhk flats are available for bookings!

Palash 2i's - Pre-launch offer of 2 bhk flat for Rs. 29.3 lakhs & 3bhk flat for Rs. 36.8 lakhs: all inclusive got a great response!

"I humbly announce that we have not only sold out all 2 bhk's but now have only a couple of 3 bhk's with us for sale .... taking the tally to 45 bookings in just 3 days." says Aditya Javdekar, Managing Director of Vilas Javdekar and Associates, promoters of Palash 2i, in his email.

Transparent and Committed People:

Frankly, i did not expect pre-launch offer of Palash 2i would get such a response. If you see the comments on all blogs on Palash 2.0 and Palsh 2i, most of the issues and objections raised by you all are true and make sense. Personally, i agree with you about the risk involved in ADF, advance disbursement of loan, at this point of time.

Plus, this time, not only work has not started ( Bhoomi Poojan of Palash 2i is in the 1st week of October ) but there are many options available in the same budget next door in Wakad. Good example is SuCasa!

If you are looking for a trendy, smart and compact homes, it is difficult to choose! Mont Vert Seville, SuCasa and Topaz Park all are trendy, smart, compact and yes, eco-friendly!

Another important feature which these projects share but never advertise is "transparency and commitment" of the builder. Particularly, Manish Kaneria of Mont Vert Seville, Dileep Deshpande of SuCasa and Asmita Javdekar of Palash are personally involved in the project and are accessible to the property buyers. This must be adding lot of value to the offer.

Offers like "EMI Holiday" and "Breaking Price Barrier" sound like a "Indecent Proposal" on the paper and the web but when you actually visit the site and see the motivated and committed sales executives, including watchman at the main gate and a peon in the office, you feel these are "Realistic Offers". I have personally experienced this. This may be convincing people to say "Yes!" to the offer.

When someone says in the comments, 'this is nothing but one more try to make us "Makad"' or 'i am promoting something unethical' or 'all these news about bookings are lies', i can understand from where it is coming. Definitely, not from Wakad.

I want to talk to the people who have actually booked under The Green Umbrella Offer and find out why they booked. If you know someone, please, tell me. After all, i am real estate salesman and this blog is about booking a flat. It means, if you are planning to book a flat, you should subscribe for free to my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog and visit and join my Google Group, Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group. Right?

Anger and more anger!

When i say, "45 bookings in 3 days! Isn't it great?" How many people will say, "Yes! It is!! Congrats!!" May be 50 or 51 maximum.

Majority, who has a budget of around 20 - 23 lacs do not see any reason to be happy about it. In fact, they hate to read this news. If they read, it only makes them angry. When i see their anger, i think of Dave and ask myself,
"Has anyone thought about socio-economic fallout? Middle class salaried families turning naxalites? When you can’t even buy a decent house when the economy is booming, would you not want social justice?"


  1. Ohh, thats a great news.
    I missed it, I wanted to book five 3BHK's but there are just two left.

  2. The major Customers to buy are IT guys. As the IT industry is not in good shape currently, I am damn sure that every IT guys must have postponed his idea of buying a new flat. Its good to know that even though the flats have been sold. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ravi..

    I am Ravi from USA..
    Really were surprise to see 45 flats in 3 Days...I assume these bookings are fake..to create some waves...

    Would be great if we get some people may be 2-3 who has booked flat..

    This look like some drama to me..from builders..

    A Simple question "How can a person give 100% moeny withput even a single piler has been started"

    Sorry I think either builder or some one else providing misleading info...

    Better next time you may ask these people to provide source/data/some fact then only you shd publish such news///

    Sorry to say this..but its true/.
    I called this builder as they said still we have some 2BHK flats.
    Even they sent me price offer also then how come its possible they have booked 45 flats

  4. Anything can possible in Pune market.if people can book a flat in project without any plan about project(Nanded city). This thing can possible.
    Don't know what should I call such customers

  5. # ref: "Really were surprise to see 45 flats in 3 Days"

    1) Me too!

    2) I am not 'cooking' the story. I posted this because i have a proof. Builders' email. I have mentioned this on the blog. In fact 2 emails. First one - 1st day- says, 2 bhk flats are gone. Second says - 3rd day - , only 3 flats left.

    3) I know the builder. He is smart. Not too smart.

    4) Marketing manager, Madhav Gole, is my old friend. He is one of the most senior marketing manager in Pune. He is not from "instant" "quick fix" "aggressive" culture, like me.

    5) Email was a private communication between the builder and me. Not a public announcement.

    6) Since I enjoy "instant results", i found 45 booking in 3 days" exciting and it was an exclusive news too, i blogged it. I have done it before - 1) Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge 2) Magarpatta's Nanded City Pune 3) Tanaji Malusare City (TMC) Karajt? 4) Palash 2 at Wakad !

    I am telling this because you should be aware about my likes and dislikes. This is a my blog. My posts reflects my personality. My personality is my 'publication policy'.

    Though i have reliable sources, I try to confirm and cross check the news before posting. Because i am not interested in 'misinformation'. I started this blog to give information about real estate in Pune. Besides advertising there is no communication between the builder and the property buyer. But both of us, you and me know this very well that i can not give you any type of guaranty of truthfulness and you can not ask for it.

    Besides this, you have to remember that i am real estate salesman, not a journalist. Please, do not expect investigative journalism from me. If i had been interested in journalism, today, i would have been editor of "Sakal". I would not have been in real estate advertising and marketing for last 13 years. And i would not have started these blogs.

    7) For a fact, generally people do not expect this to happen in real estate (not even builders), for sure, not in these days of slow down.

    Recently, i have realized that many people do not enjoy this type of news. They actually hate it. This creates wrong impression about me and may be about the builder. So, i have decided to stop posting this type of exciting and exclusive "news".
    7) Instead of news, should i start writing "gossip" and "rumor"? I think i will enjoy that type of writing. I will mention that this is a "rumor" / "gossip". I will call my source "deep pocket". I cannot call 'deep throat' because of the scarcity of water. In Pune there is no Watergate only Swargate and Quarter gate.

    8) But if you click the link on the blog and read this story which i blooged on August 29, 2008 - Vilas Javdekar and Associates of Palash 2 to launch 3 bhk flat for 36 lakhs, all inclusive! - you will say, "all 45 flats were not booked in exactly 3 days. Looks like that 3 days after the release of the pre-launch ad 'number of flats booked' was 45!"

    9) You have to remember that on 26th July, Palash 2.0 at Wakad first published the ad about The Green Umbrella Scheme. They got good response for Palash 2.0. It may have created the momentum. It means the offer of Palash 2i had a support and back up.

    10) Yesterday, I found out about the huge, well maintained data base system Vilas Javdekar and Associates have developed. I knew that Mrs. Javdekar, persoanlly handles the e marketing but came to know the size and quality of response only yesterday. I am going to blog about it on my real estate advertising and marketing blog.

    11) I have already blogged about the motivated sales team but forgot to mentioned the engineering staff. Offer only attracts but conversion is possible only if you are convinced. This offer was difficult to convince.

    12) After considering all these inputs "45 flats" does not look impossible. Still, to me, "45 flats" is too much. "These are only bookings, not agreements!" i say to myself.

  6. # ref: "Would be great if we get some people may be 2-3 who has booked flat.."

    Yes, i am going to do that.

  7. # ref: "I called this builder as they said still we have some 2BHK flats."
    Don't be sorry. Be happy. Go and get it!

  8. # ref:"Even they sent me price offer "
    First, Ravi if i had been at your place, i would not have asked for the offer because it is published on the web.

    Second, i would not have send the offer if i had been at Palash 2i because it is published on the web.

    It's kind of them to send the offer to you. Isn't it?

  9. I must say this is very inovative idea to sold flat. With bit finance knowledge I can say that 3 BHK is costing around 4o lakhs and 2 BHK arond 32 lakhs. But still it is very reasonable price in Wakad area. I can see following advantages on this idea of selling flats.
    1) Gaurantee of timely possession.
    2) No need to pay EMI and rent at the same time before possession.
    3) Builder is getting finance for project at very low(11%) interest rate instead of 18%.
    4) Nice to see that builder is passing some benefit to client.

    Must say it is very inovative idea to sell flats with everyone's satisfaction.

  10. This "Green Umbrella" scheme is a very smart way of making a fool out of innocent people. Even after 18 months the principle amount repaid by the builder is only Rs. 85,000 , rest all is just interest which benefits only the bank (& the builder since he is in a way getting a loan at 11.75% from customers instead of 18% from market). People don't understand that they would be better off buying a flat at anything lesser than Rs. 3150 per sq. ft. at other schemes which are giving direct discounts instead of this twisted green umbrella scheme which is selling flats at INR 3240. But, at the same time I must appreciate this scheme, clever marketing stuff :)

  11. Never ever trust anyone including Smart marketing guys (sorry Ravi I know even you are also depending upon someone for info) or BUILDERS

    Trick # 1 - They never tell the truth and will always keep telling FULL, ALMOST BOOKED and just to bring you closer to deal..will say we have one which actually is cancelled and can make better deal for you ..blah blahh..blahh...

    Trick # 2 - Rates are increaisng from next (next to next etc) month so you better act faster otherwise??? Recently, I jsut enquired in Amanora park city and she concluded the discussion with this punch line..I simply smiled and replied "This is been going on for quite long but will no more continue' and then even she couldn't control due to this fake tactic
    Trick # 3 - fully or partially furnished flats..c'on people know what and what type of furniture to put in...lets stop this or you better not get into this..you will regret while using this cheap stuff.. as one of friend experienced this.

    There are many more and probably learned something ..I'm just trying to provide some tips from my personal experience...

    Happy waiting!!!

  12. Ravi from USA, Sandy et al;

    Guys, you are forgetting that this is Ravi Karandeekar's blog. Everything happens here and everything is just true. Hundreds of flats are sold in this blog, hundreds of people live happily in those flats, again next scheme is announced, 100% get booked, every body is happy...just inside this BLOG.
    I think , you got it...!!!
    You know, builders need some tommys/chelas to boost or motivate investors and their temprament... thesy kind of blogs just do this job and get paid for it.
    I personally really enjoy reading this blog, any ways,

  13. # ref: "You know, builders need some Tommy/Chela to boost or motivate investors and their temperament... these kind of blogs just do this job and get paid for it."
    Ravi from USA, thanks for the comment and for the "label"! Thanks for opening up. So all your objections were not at all about "the offer" but about my not writing against the builder and the offer. However, 1) thanks for taking part in the conversation
    2) thanks for contributing your views to the conversation
    3) thanks for adding value to it by expressing your valuable insight and advice
    4) thanks for being polite and not using abusive language in your comments
    5) Please, keep on visiting and commenting. Feel free to express your objections to each and every offer from the builder in Pune. In this season, in coming three months, i am expecting lots of offers. In fact, i attained one press conference yesterday where same kind of offer was announced and i am blogging it today itself. Ravi from USA, i am real estate salesman. Not a critic. Property buyers in Pune need to know both sides of the story: 1) real estate salesman's side 2) critic's side.

  14. Ravi,

    You say you are a RE salesman.

    Show exactly how do you get your earnings when you try to sell goody goody information about various projects, hoping to get some bookings.

    Of course, you must be getting paid by builders, becuase no buyer will fund you if he buys a flat.

    Now, when u r getting funded by builders in return with your blooging so that people think that project is a good bet to buy. Then why will you write anything that seems to be correct but that calls for stying out of market. Will you ? No.

    That makes your comments not worthwhile to believe.

  15. # ref: "Of course, you must be getting paid by builders, "

    No! I am not "paid by builders."
    I am not interested in "getting paid by builders".
    If i had been interested in "getting paid by builders", i would have gone back to my old business of real estate advertising.

    However, I am considering blogging as a source of income. 1)The advertising revenue i get from Google. 2) I wish i will get a sponsor. Of course, i am trying to avoid builder's sponsorship. However, if i had to get a builder as a sponsor, it would be proudly and boldly declared on the blog and may be on my..... like any sponsorship!

    Out of these two, 1st source - advertising revenue - is my first choice and a goal. To get advertising revenue you have to read my blog for that i have to give good content. Content, you can use! It's tough challenge.

    Point is, my focus is you, the readers. Not the builders. Again, i am not "getting paid by builders". Now, you tell me:
    "Does this make my comments worthwhile to believe?" I do not think so. To me, i have to earn your confidence. Getting paid by builder or not getting paid can not be a qualification. It can not make my comments eligible to believe. Because, as a salesman i knew "why my clients used to believe in me!" though they knew that every month i get a salary from the builder!

    Someday, i will earn your confidence. Till then please, bare with me!

  16. Guys ,

    You should stop being so hard on Ravi . This blog is such a great help to all of us. We are getting so much information at a single place. Even if some blogs sounds like an Ad or if Ravi prefers a particular builders its up to us to decipher whats right and wrong , he doing a great job of making the information available to us so lets thank him for that.

    Thanks Ravi.

  17. *****
    No! I am not "paid by builders."
    I am not interested in "getting paid by builders".


    I know, every one knows you are bluffing. Builders spoiled your life all time, now you lie about youeself.
    If you seriously want to help the society with something free of cost, help the needy don't help those natorious bastards (I mean builders)
    Stop lying in your own house and stop cheating investors by telling goody goody stories about your friends and their great schemes on this blog.

  18. Don't get personal guys - the value of this blog to me is that sitting here in US - it tells me a lot of information I want to know about Pune RE. For those vested in Pune RE - this is a must read blog. I agree that many reviews seem like sale marketing material sugarcoated in common-man talk - and look like sponsored/motivated by builders - for instance - I've never read an article here which criticizes a builder, his practises or a project - and there are hundreds of these out there. Untill we get both sides of the stores and not just one way commentary - we are also justified in thinking this is a sponsored blog with monetary benefits. All said and done - its your space - and you own it - and for the most part - you are doing a great job informing all of us with what's going on in Pune RE.

  19. # ref:"now you lie about yourself."

    1) I have started moderating comments on my blogs. But i am not rejecting this comment. I am publishing this comment. Why? Because i am telling truth.

    2) Please, read this from my old comments: 2) I wish i will get a sponsor. Of course, i am trying to avoid builder's sponsorship. However, if i had to get a builder as a sponsor, it would be proudly and boldly declared on the blog and may be on my..... like any sponsorship!

    3) # ref:"Stop lying in your own house and stop cheating investors by telling goody goody stories about your friends and their great schemes on this blog."

    When i can reject the comment, why i am publishing a comment on my blog which is not exactly a pleasure to read (hope you will agree with me on this point!)?

    Because this is a good example of a type of a comment which will not be published hereafter on my blogs. I am going to reject it.

    1) I write this blog to give information about the real estate market in Pune. If you do not want to read the information, please, feel free to not to read it. Yes, you do not have to read all blogs! I do not read blogs on many subjects. For example - love and romance. (though "hot and spicy" Ananya Walia is my friend and i love to read her other stories!)

    2) I am real estate salesman. What salesman does? Sales! I can only say, "Book!" Can i say, "Do not book!" No! I can not pronounce this sentence!
    Plus, when i was in advertising i have worked on more than 150 projects but i have not seen a single flat which is not booked
    Do not forget that i can tell you why to book!
    Oh! Critic can say both: Book and Do not book!
    Property buyers can say, no do not book with this builder or at this project.

    I am sure, you have a lot of knowledge of real estate in Pune and you can say "no! do not book a flat". Please, start a blog and convince the people not to book a flat with any builder in Pune. It would be a great service to the society.

    Please, remember, though you start your own blog, do visit my blog. You are welcome to tell why one should not book or take an offer but see that you add value to the conversation. Please, do not waste your time because spam will be rejected, not published.

    Thanks for the comment. No, not for the content. But for supplying me a good example of the comment which will be rejected, not published hereafter.

  20. Hello Dear All

    This is Ravi from USA

    I am agree with people..please do not blame to Ravi on this blog..he is helping us to get direction to buy flat.

    I would like to give him 100% support for his efforts..

    At least he is provding information to us..

    Hey Ravi--do not mind my comments ,I do have email from builders who sent me this offer and also had talked to these people..

    Never mind ...pl keep continue ..good job..


  21. # ref:"I agree that many reviews seem like sale marketing material sugarcoated in common-man talk "

    Thanks a lot Diwakar! I appreciate your good words!!

    Now, let me take this opportunity to tell few things about me. These things will help you "to dilute my statements" because you know from where these are coming. When someone asks me on the phone about a particular builder or a project, i tell him my relationship with him. For example, X builders is my friend and i will only talk good about him!

    1) Yes, Diwakar, i agree with you. First of all, blog should not sound like an ad if it is not a typical sales / marketing material. It's flaw in my writing which defeats the purpose. And i have to work on it.

    2) Many times when i am aware about it, I try my best to not write like an advertising copy. Problem is very few times, i am really aware about the way i am writing. Because all my life i have been in Pune real estate advertising and marketing. Thanks for bring this to my notice. I will work on this and improve my writing.

    3) Though i am blogging, basically, I am real estate salesman. Blogging is a conversation. But conversation for what? To me conversation is for selling - booking a flat. I do not try to hide it. Because i do not feel shy about it. However, blog should not be written like a sales letter. I will work on this too.

    4) I love real estate and admire builder as a profession. When i was in Pune real estate advertising and marketing more than 100 builders were my clients for many years. In my advertising career, i used to admire all builders and love every project i worked on. Not only because it was the need of the job but because genuinely, from the heart.

    Even in those days, people used to ask me how can i get along with the builders. Because in India builders are not considered as a "good people" or a businessmen or an industrialists. (D.S. Kulkarni once opend his speach with this - "Please, do not call me builder. Builder is used as a "shivi" means "gali" foul ward.)

    Still my experience, (even the bad experience i had in my last employment, which is a well documented story on the web) prevents me from becoming politically right and not to show off my admiration which many property buyers can not tolerate. I have experienced this in person in the site office of the project while interacting with the property buyers. Point is, i can understand the popular idea "unless paid how can anyone talk good about the builder!" I am an exception. This tell you that you are reading a blog of a real estate fan.

    # ref:"I've never read an article here which criticizes a builder, his practises or a project - "

    1) You are right. I have not criticized any builder. As a policy, i am not going to "criticize" or write "against" the builder.

    Because i know it's implications.

    No, i am not talking about "that".

    If i join the "opposition" camp i will not get "inside information" or even official invitation for a press conference or an interview about the project.

    We have to remember that "site" is a private property and i can be denied entry.

    I believe that criticizing the builder is not going to contribute much in getting better service, increasing transparency in transaction and improving after sales service but establishing communication between the builder and the property buyer can contribute a lot.

    Why i believe in this? Because that's the origin of this blog! Two famous and well documented incidents on the web inspired me to blog!

    I will not take a name because my every word is indexed by Google. (I have found that "Not writing about, ignoring" is the best way to show that the particular project is not worth considering for booking!)

    1) Senior manager in Infosys sends a letter to all in the company about his experience with the particular builder when the builder launches his next project.

    2) Yahoo group formed by the property buyers proves helpful when the particular builder tries to play mischief.

    In both cases, i was either party or closely associated with the people, project and the builder. I have paid for it in the terms of money and career prospects. So when someone calls me "Tommy", i am nothing but amused!

    To me it only proves the importance and effectiveness of establishing communication channel. With this blog, i am trying to establish it.

    It's tough job. You can get an idea how tough it is by the reactions of one party - property buyers.

    About the reactions of the second party - builders? I deal with it every day!

  22. Bottom line is - its us "the readers" who have to take it or leave it. We know that Ravi is in RE domain.. he might be a marketing person, might be a sales man or might be a person who has just a "passion" of blogging about real-estate.. we don't know who he is.

    But, we all should agree that he does a fantastic job and provides beautiful information about Pune real-estate which to the best of my knowledge is not available in any other site or blog. I really appreciate the work that Ravi does.

    Now, whether we should buy his blog and idea is on us.

    He is providing the spark, now its on us ie "the readers" to either make it fire or just give a blow to extinguish it.

    Thanks Ravi for your blogs !!!

    Feedback: Ravi, it would be great if you can provide real pictures of completed projects from different builders. That will really help to see the quality of builder. Cheers.

  23. Hello Guys

    This is Ravi from USA..

    Let us stop this discussion here..

    Its all Ravi's effrot who is providing all information.. we do not have any rite to blame.

    Also its his suggestion if you think he is wrong or flase information..do not take it..
    if you feel its good then fine..
    Thanks to him and go ahead with your deal..

    Kind request to everyone here ..please do not blame or make Ravi feel guilty for any information..its his job/interest.

    so pl STOP all these

  24. # ref:"This is Ravi from USA..

    Let us stop this discussion here..
    Thanks Ravi!

  25. I had a discussion with the builders 2 weeks back and they said they have around 10 flats vacant. Moreover details in their website and the brochure don't match. On the website they have mentioned the flat size of 1597 where in the brochure the same is quoted as 1633. On taking this issue with the builder they said the detail on the site is a mistake. I am not ready to buy th eidea thta the architect can make such a blunder.
    Another thing was on the website they have mentioned as wooden flooring in the master bedroom but talking to the sales guys said no that is extra...more over if you really visit the property then you will realise that it is not a good option to go with as the Site is in a rectangular shape where in the width is too less and a road is proposed just next to it.