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Monday, September 29, 2008

Paranjape Schemes to open bookings of 2, 3, 4 & 5 bhk flats and duplexes in tower number 7, 8 and 10 of Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi on 30 September, '08

Property Rates of Blue Ridge, Hinjewadi:

1) Upto 7th floor Rs. 3,800 per sq.ft.
2) Floor rise: Rs. 20 per sq.ft. from 8th to 20th floor
3) 21st to 25th floor: Rs. 4,300 per sq.ft.
4) Booking amount: Rs. 1 lakh
5) Own contribution: 15 % of the agreement value within 15 days
6) Agreement: within 3/4 months
If you do not want to wait till tomorrow, September 30th, feel free to book today!

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  1. Ravi,

    I really wonder what kind of people we are. How much risk are we ready to take !! This is really surprising.

    Are we waiting for a big collapse of economy for prices to come down? If so, I think it is bound to happen. Because, Real Estate, and especially, Housing Loans have proven FATAL across globe, but we in India are still encouraging it by shouting at roof. This will lead to a complete collapse of economy in months to come.

    Hats off to Paranjapes to dare accelarating prices even in the worst economic crisis looming across globe - INCLUDING INDIA.

  2. HI Atul, Ravi

    I agree with above comments. Looks like Paranjapes are trying to bite more than they can chew.

    I think phase-1 already is in trouble. Possetions for most deals have been slated for may-2011. There have been cancellations for phase-1 itself and then how come we are going to get buyers forphase-2. When the project will complete it might turn out to be 2020. Anyways time will tell the answers but one thing I can see, specially in pune is we are heading for a very big economical disaster in Pune associated to real estate. There are simply no lessons learnt from global crises rose from realty borrowings.

  3. 1) How many of you are excited to see this offer?
    2) How many of you are attracted towards this price range
    3) How many of you see the ROI @ this price work well?
    4) Is this a launching of second phase or a gimmick to hold the existing first phase customers booked @ one year back, by showing some price rise even in this slow down market? or to stop activities for any more township launching nearby?
    5) What is the situation on ground for the first phase construction, any photograph? Any guess when it will be ready... by...months/year?
    6)First phase owner must have calculated how much they have paid till date along with EMIs, How much is balance now?
    7) Any sample agreement -along with details of possession date? Penalties for late possession? right to have your own Dish, voice, data & gas connection in your OWNED or 999yr LEASED apartment?

  4. Good trick by paranjape.
    Launching towers 7, 8 and 10 means nothing to paranjape in financial terms. He is just offering this on paper.
    Whatever bookings he will get, he will divert these bookings in phase 1, so simle.
    It's all marketing and positioning the product, while the economies are in crises.

  5. Ravi,

    Can't seen the followup advertisement saying "Thanks for overwhelming response, we are closing our bookings now". Generally this step is observed for an aggressive marketing, where you have said "Last time we sold a flat in every 84 seconds"....

    Wait for a couple of more days, you may see it in newspaper, the script may be ready .. only a selection of day may be in process...