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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today Kalarch Developers' SuCasa at Wakad to open bookings of compact 2 bhk flats for 33 lakhs, all inclusive!

Mont Vert Seville, Topaz Park, Palash 2.0 and now SuCasa join "2 bhk flat at Wakad - Rs. 29 lakh onwards" bandwagon:

Visit Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog for the property rates, floor plans and costing of 2nd phase of SuCasa, a residential project at Wakad, which had townhouses with private gardens and penthouses with terraces in the first phase!

From ravi karandeekar's pune real estate ads picasa blog

Ravi, compare compact 2 bhk flats at Wakad!

You know i enjoy your comments and your calls on my mobile +91 98600 44110, though many times you ask me difficult questions like, "Ravi, which is the best compact flat at Wakad?".

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  1. They all are offering area around 1000 sq ft for 29 lakhs so rate in Wakad is around 2900 to 3000 per sq feet. In pimple saudagar Rose rhythum is offering compact flats at 3050 per sq feet but have no approach road.

  2. Hello Sandy! Long time no see!! What are you doing in Pimple Saudagar? Thanks for info about Rose Rhythm!

  3. I think we should bargain till 2600 keeping in mind what happened in wakad area in recent rains.

  4. Ravi, any views on Kharadi and rates around Kharadi? Do you think even Kharadi stands for correction like Wakad inspite of EON IT Park and some new Star Hotels and other SEZs coming around? Your take and approx rate per sq. ft that you feel is worth in this area.

  5. Do you think even Kharadi stands for correction like WakadNo! I do not think so!! Kharadi was always over priced!! Whereas Wakad was never over priced. Wakad was only commanding reasonable premium. Kharadi was investment destination. Wakad was residential option, compromise to Aundh and Baner. Correction can happen where people want to live and not where they park extra funds.

  6. Thats a different opinion I have heard..BTW, I do appreciate your prompt response :)
    Some people have always given me an argument that Kharadi is a very good alternative (not my personal opinion though) to Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park etc and hence the rates that some big projects like Ganga Constella, Emerald City etc(claiming to be in the "heart" of Kharadi to the tune of 3000 to 3500 Rs/sq ft is justified. Also, given the budget I had around 40L for a 3 BHK, I was told even Viman Nagar is out of reach. And now, apparently even Kharadi is out of reach.
    Given these talks from people I know in the Realty area for a long time, I am a bit confused with your comments. Please enlighten....

  7. Ravi, comments on my last post about Kharadi please...am on verge of finalizing something around that place...
    Will really appreciate your views and feedback here

  8. Kharadi is right next to a wide highway - Nagar Road - where some huge developments are taking place - in housing, IT, hospitality etc. Buying in Kalyani/Koregaon area is out of bounds for upper middleclass - Viman Nagar has only 1 narrow acess road linking it to Nagar Road and I've heard has water problems - and even with that rates are north of 4000! Kharadi is nicely located between KLN/Koregaon Park areas and Hadapsar - opening a wide array of IT companies within small driving distance, besides its very own Zensar and large IT parks. In my opinion - and I own a flat there - It's both a good investment as well as living option. Prices - around 3k-3.5k depending upon builder/location etc.

  9. 1) 40L for a 3 BHK..... 2) on verge of finalizing something around that place......... come on, go ahead and finalize! I was talking about correction and comparing Kharadi with Wakad. In general, i feel, one should accept the fact that property rate can go up or come down in the range of Rs. 200 - 300 at any location - in the current economic situation, (growth rate and inflation), in the next 8 - 10 months, (till the elections and new government forms in India), but only for a short time. Development of the area and completion of the project takes quite a long time. So you may not get much appreciation or no appreciation in a year but in two to three years time it will cover up and you will get a normal appreciation. So, i do not see the reason to postpone!

  10. Diwakar, Ravi..thanks a lot for the comments. Ravi, just to clarify, I said "My budget is 40L & EVEN Kharadi seems OUT OF REACH with that budget for 3BHK" :) I think u misunderstood.
    Anyway, the deal I am getting is 55L inclusive of EVERYTHING with a pretty reputed builder and right next to EON IT Park. I gave the token amount and am now started loan processing. Thanks again for your inputs.

  11. 55L inclusive of EVERYTHING with a pretty reputed builder and right next to EON IT Park. Congrats, anonymous! Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope to see you soon!

  12. Hi Ravi

    Happy Diwali.

    I am planning to buy a flat in Wakad.Its a 21/2BHK at Vrindavan Elegance just in the next block after "Palash".The builder is Chintamani developers.Can I go ahead as I am getting a good bargain as the real estate market is down now.



  13. # ref: "getting a good bargain "

    Congrats, Unni! Go ahead but talk to at least 2 who have booked in the same project.

  14. hey Unni, Did u book at Vrindavan Elegance ?

  15. Hi Any idea about Roseland Rhythm at Pimple Sadudagar.....Will there be any access problem in future as acess to Rhythm is through Rosevalley....G K developers is builder for both the projects

  16. Hey Unni,

    I have booked in Vrindavan Elegance.....Have you booked the flat over there let me know I am intrested to talkt o you ..can you give me your contact details ...

  17. Dear Sir,

    I am a member of your blog.
    My husband is an IT professional.We would like to buy a flat in Pune.
    He can be posted either in Hadapsar or Hinjewadi later in 2011.
    We are planning to buy 2BHK either at wakad or pimpri saudagar.
    There is one project named "green land" with builders such as Viswa Vinayak Assosciates,Hardevi Assosciates & Aswani Assosciates. They have done the foundation which is 500m from Rainbow plaza or hotel Shivar Garden.
    Pls give me the feedback about the builder & there genuinity.

    One more is G.K.Assosciates which 400m from Rainbow plaza, how are they? They have already built few buildings & their possesion is on Dec 2011.

    Do you have any other projects then please guide us?
    Kindly give us a quick response at the earliest, we shall be very greatful.

    Thankx & Regards,

  18. Prim5,

    Any update on green land?

  19. Hi Prim5,

    Do you have any update on "Green Land"

  20. I am also looking for greenland with builders such as Viswa Vinayak Assosciates,Hardevi Assosciates & Aswani Assosciates.
    I need review on the same.

  21. Ravi,

    great blog!!

    I wanted your opinion. what would be the approximate sq ft rate at sukasa wakad phase 1. just wondering 2600 in 2008 was a good rate or not. I hold a property there just from investment perspective.

    I am wondering should i sell it and move on with other opportunity or stay put

    thanks again for putting up a great blog

  22. Hi Unni and Futures and Options,

    I am Planning to Book Flat in Vrindavan Elegance ,So wanted to discuss on this ,Can you please give me your contact details?

  23. hey Pri, did you book at vrindavan elegance? what rate are you getting? did u get a response from unni?

  24. I havent booked ,but i am looking for people who have already booked the flat.
    what about u?
    how much rate they are saying to you?

  25. i am also looking for details and feedback from people and came across this blog ... please post if you get any info and i shall do the same.

  26. Hi panikibottle,

    I am thinking to buy a flat in sucasa. Can you please share your experience?
    I want to buy it for residential purpose, can anyone provide info about how sucasa is?

    Hey Ravi, thanks for the blog, such a nice info!

  27. i have booked in vrindavan today itself..if any one have booked please contact me 9011089897 or sms me, i need reviews and the rate they have sold the flats...

  28. Hello,
    Am buying a 3BHK , 1498sq.ft flat @Kharadi near Eon IT park .
    Can any1 tell me ,
    1. wil there be a water supply by corporation ? right now bulder suppling Water by Tankers. I asked the neighbours about water Problem Bt they are saying that right now they are getting enough water by Tankers .
    2. But my question is wat wil b in future ? how many days i should relie on tankers.
    3. Should i get that FLAT ?