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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wakad: Sample flat of Topaz Park at Park Street is ready!

2 BHK flat: 1030 sq.ft.: 29.90* lacs onwards

3 BHK flat: 1320 sq.ft.: 38.30* lacs onwards

After testing the offer (there is a * on the price!) on eSakal for around 45 days, yesterday Topaz Park was (re)launched on the Property Times.

This time the ad was smaller, only half page. On April 27, 2008, when Topaz Park was launched for the first time, the ad was full page. I liked that ad very much. Have a look at both ads and tell me in the comments which one you like.

When you will visit the sample flat, please, find out and tell me in the comments, whether these flats are "compact homes" or "stylish homes"?

Next time, when Topaz Park will be (re)launched, can you guess what these 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats will be called?

"compact stylish homes"?


Are you planning to book a 2 bhk or 3 bhk flat in Pune?

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Launching Topaz Park at Park Street: 13th September '08:

From ravi karandeekar's pune real estate ads picasa blog

Launching Phase 3 @ Park Street - Topaz Park: 27th April '08:

From ravi karandeekar's pune real estate ads picasa blog

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2) Now, SuCasa, at Wakad, also launches compact 2 bhk flats for 33 lakhs (approx) in it's 2nd phase!

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  1. Actually builders should come out with at least some innovative ideas than 29.90 lacs for flat.. all these Rs 29.90 BATA chappals are not even wearable (nothing comes closer than bata chappals in this pricing.. bata is much better quality.. ).. they are only raw leather which nobody wants to wear..

  2. lol...Spot on Sharad..Let see how Nanded city plan comes out by this month end///Ravi any news @Nanded city??they have mailed that they will start bookings for 2nd phase in december///

  3. Thanks Amol, for opening important topic Nanded City Pune!

    # ref: "Nanded city plan comes out by this month end"

    I am curious too!

    # ref: "will start bookings for 2nd phase in December"

    More than the bookings of the 2nd phase, i am curious about the finalization of bookings of the 1st phase!

    How many people who applied for the first phase actually go for the agreement?

    Generally, the cancellation is 30% in the smaller projects!

    What has happened to the world famous "waiting list" of Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge?

    But on a serious note, i feel i should focus on the planning and development of Nanded City Pune than the score board of rate and bookings, because:

    What i admire about Nanded City Pune is they never hyped the booking or the rate. Actually they under played it. Mr. Satish Magar do not consider it as a booking at all. He always insists that it is an application to book, you express your interest to book in the project, that's all. Very seasoned player. He has worked hard to achieve the success.

    What do you think? Would you like to read about the planning and development of Nanded City Pune?

  4. I had received a call from Nanded City quoting a price of 3500 for the second phase opening in Nov -Dec..