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Friday, September 10, 2010

Saarrthi Sinclair Homes, 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Warje Malwadi Launched!

Special Launch Offer - Property Rate for the first 25 Flats - Rs. 3,150 per sq.ft. only!

Click to Enlarge - Saarrthi Sinclair Homes Launch Ad

Property Prices, for the first 25 Flats, at Saarrthi Sinclair Homes at Warje Malwadi:

1 BHK Flat - 398 Carpet + Terrace - For Rs. 22.61 Lakhsv (Approx) + ST & VAT + Maintenance
1.5 BHK Flat - 541 Carpet + 73 Terrace - For Rs. 28.73 Lakhs (Approx) + ST & VAT + Maintenance
2 BHK Flat - 620 Carpet + 81 Terrace - For Rs. 32.24 Lakhs (Approx) + ST & VAT + Maintenance

View Saarrthi Sinclair Homes, 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2BHK Flats at Warje Malwadi, Pune in a larger map

Main attraction of Saarrthi Group's (www.saarrthigroup.com) Saarrthi Sinclair Homes is it's location and property price! Saarrathi Sinclair Homes is located at Warje Malwadi, at Ganpati Matha, off main Karve Road. Densely populated and popular residential area near Karve Nagar Kothrud, in Pune.

Instead of Rs. 3,250 per sq.ft., for the first 25 flats at Saarrathi Sinclair Homes Warje, as a launch offer, the property rate is only Rs. 3,150 per sq.ft. At Karve Nagar, you know, the current property rate is around Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft....for example, Parth Enclave! Where as at Oval Nest - Adity Garden City - Rahul Park and Meghvarsh, projects which are on the service roads of Mumbai Pune Expressway at Warje - property rates are in the range of Rs. 3,700 to 4,000 per sq.ft. Multiply big saleable areas of the flats in these projects with their high property rates and minimum budget of your 2 BHK Flat goes above Rs. 45 Lakhs!

So, if your budget is in the range of Rs. 23 to 33 lakhs, Saarrthi Sinclair Homes is the only option in Warje! Since, Saarrthi Group is quite well known in Kothrud, who knows, the launch offer may be over by now!

Saarrthi Sinclair Homes Warje 4 Buildings with 3 wings each

Yesterday noon, when i visited Saarrthi Sinclair Homes at Warje, i realized that not only me - but many property buyers have reached the site a little too early! On a rainy day, workers were still struggling to make the site presentable!!

Information of the project is not yet on the website of Saarrthi Group, but i got the brochure. Sales executive explained Architect Vishwas Kulkarni's planning of Saarrathi Sinclair Homes. You can see that Sinclair Homes at Warje has 4 parallel buildings - A, B, C & D - and each building has 3 wings - A1, A2, A3. But, you know? Each wing has different number of floors! For example, B1 has 4 floors. B2 - 5 floors. B3 - 6 floors!

Since, i can't show you the floor plans, there is no point in talking much about the planning. But, i can't stop myself from talking about the living and bedroom sizes. You know? Living and Bedroom are of the same size! Kitchen in 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flat has a dry balcony! Though, the kitchen in 1 BHK Flat doesn't have a dry balcony, it's size is good - 11'6"x8'! At Sinclair Homes, at this point of time, B & C buildings are open for booking. Have look at the price list and for booking contact:
91 97630 08888 / 97637 17485
Email: Sales@saarrthigroup.com

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  1. Dear Ravi,

    Sorry for writing a comment which is not relevant to subject "Saarthi Sinclair Homes...."

    With Pune Real Estate as topic...I always remember you (in good sense)for selling me the residence in 5-Garden Society @ Rahatni...Kalewadi area sometime in 2003 or 4.

    Now in 2010...looking at the prices of apartments in Pune...I wonder that even my stocks have also not given me these kind of returns (except some) :o)

    For all those "investers"....I am curious whether real estate in Pune really present a good investment opportunity ? (or is it a wonderful selling opportunity for builders ?)
    e.g. a 40 lacs 2BHK apartment nearby Hinjewadi area will really touch the price of 80 lacs in 4-5 years ? (and if it really touches 80 lacs...then is the country moving in right direction ? ...as with this rate the next generation will have to buy flats with budget of crore...and lines like "kaun banega crorepati" will be meaningless :o)

    Or is it a dangerous trend (?)...people buying (investing ?)properties paying very high EMI (apartment, car, furniture...)to eager bankers ...taking their (mostly I.T.) jobs for granted.

    I think Housing Market collapse like USA might not happen in India....but really wonder how good real estate "investment" it is @ current price.

    During our discussion on 5-Garden sale, you mentioned that you commute to 5 Garden office on Cycle...and that inspired me to buy one for myself (although...being lazy.. I hardly used it ) but I was impressed by the idea and reason of good exercise behind it.

    Do you still do cycling ?
    With Best Wishes....Akshay

  2. Dear Readers,
    May I WARN all of you to stay clear of any dealings with SAARTHI Group. While searching for a flat ,I landed up paying advance for a flat in Saarth Signor. The project was launched more than four years back in 2009. TILL DATE, THE LAND/BUILDING TITLE IS NOT CLEAR AND THE BUILDER IS NEITHER ABLE TO PROVIDE COMPLETION CERTIFICATE OF THE PROJECT NOR ABLE TO GET SALE DEED COMPLETED.


    1. Dear Vishal,

      1) Thanks for creating awareness about Saarrthi Signor.

      2) To resolve your issue, please, get in touch with -

      Grahak Margadarshan Kendra
      (Free Consumer Guidance Center)
      Akhil Bhartiya Grahak Panchayat Pune

      Vedshastrotejak Sabha,
      opposite Hotel Kalpana and Hotel Vishwa,
      near Sarasbaug, Pune 411 030.

      Monday & Wednesday
      1730 to 1930


      Vilas Lele - 9823132172

      Seema Bhakre - 9860368123

      Vijay Sagar - 9422502315

      Thaksen Pore - 9850525276

      Veena Dixit - 9819660991

      Srikant Joshi - 9850059020