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Friday, September 24, 2010

Jesus REALLY is coming soon. BE READY!!!

At last, Anant Chaturdashi came to an end. I was feeling sad. To make me more sad, my wife went out of town. Living me lonely for the next couple of days. To cheer me up, i told myself, "Jesus really is coming soon. Be ready!". Good idea! Let us go and visit a couple of favorite real estate projects!! If not Jesus, some Jenny, at the site office, will lift my spirits, I thought and left.

However, by the time i reached Nal Stop Chowk on Karve Road, i realized that traffic was not yet normal. Because, some people were not ready to let Ganpati Bappa go so soon. So, i let go all my plans and decided to go with the flow! Ultimately, i landed at Sadhu Vaswani Chowk. "Oh! Yah!! Jesus really is coming soon. Be ready!," waving a hand at the watchman of the income tax commissioner's office, i said. Of course, in a very low voice.

"Why wait for Jesus? Let me check whether he is there in the office!," i thought and entered Parmar Trade Center at Sadhu Vaswani Chowk. While climbing staircases, i realized that though i am visiting this residential cum commercial complex after years, i remember it quite well. To test myself, i sat by the pillar and started visualizing the entire project. Exactly, as it was presented in the digital walk-through, one of the first in those days. Of course, i went on adding the visuals and experiences - collected and stored in my memory - of my visits to the flats and commercial complex - long time ago.

After reliving the experience, i decided to continue my training and took a few photographs of Parmar Trade Center. Looking at the images i had shot, i didn't get upset, I told myself, "Jesus really is coming soon. Ravi Karandeekar, be ready!," And decided to visit my ex-client, Mr. Ishwar Parmar, the developer of Parmar Trade Center.

Parmar Trade Center IMG_3008

I was visiting this new office for the first time. At the main entrance, i realized that now Mr. Ishwar Parmar's group has a new name and identity. It is called "iParmar Group (www.iparmar.com)"! Pushing the door, i went inside and said, "Hello Jenny!"

The receptionist said,"What can i do for you?"

"Could i meet Jesus?," I said.

"OMG!," she said.

"OMG! Jesus, Ishwar, Bhagvan, Allah...all are OMGs. Right?," i said.

"But he is not there...you can meet Prasad!," she said.

"Sure Jenny!, You know that i visit a temple not for the god but for the "Prasad"!," i said.

"You gave up Godfather to serve a God? I am shocked!," words came out of my mouth when i saw Mr. Prasad Deshpande, who was marketing manager of Viva Sarovar at Jambhulwadi Lake, Ambegaon Katraj, in the cabin!

"Yes! Don't you think that, now, i am at the right place?," Prasad asked me.

"Yes! Of course! Very soon, every morning, while leaving your home for the office, you will start telling your wife that 'I am going for Satsang!'. In no time, you will forget that you are a real estate salesman and start thinking that you are a missionary who has devoted his life to provide housing for economically weaker section of the society! Prasad, can you stop being a street smart real estate salesman and manage to live a gentleman's life?," i said.

"Why? Is it impossible to be a real estate salesman and a gentleman?," Prasad said.

"Not impossible! But, certainly, very difficult! Of course, it would be quite easy for you here. Because, your boss has proved that it is possible to be a builder, a gentleman and a successful businessman! Right?," I said.

"But, tell me Prasad, how come you got this opportunity? Did you believe that 'Jesus really is coming soon?'," i asked Prasad.

"Yes, and i was - ready! Now, I know that i am here with some purpose!," Prasad said.

"And....what is the "purpose" of your life?," I asked.

"To launch a 35 acre township of affordable 2 BHK and 3 BHK quality homes by the river Indrayani in PCMC!," said Prasad..

"OMG! I will tell my readers - Jesus really is coming soon. Be ready!," i said and took his leave.

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  1. Hi,

    I saw your blog today, and really liked it very much.
    i am not interested in buying any property in pune right now. I have my own home at navi mumbai.

    I received one email from a friend today regarding one upcoming project of AKSHAR developers elementa at wakad. found it interesting. so thought why not check out the details. while searching for details, i came across your blog details at maayboli.com ....

    if you know anything about this project, please let me know.. its ok even if you dont know anything... i will read your blog entries in the meanwhile, they are quite interesting...


  2. Thanks for the complements, Sadhana! Yes, i am going to write about Akshar Developers' Elementa at Wakad.