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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Park Titanium at Wakad Pune, 3 BHK & 4 BHK luxurious condominiums in Park Street, launched!

So, it was all about Pride Purple Group's new residential project of 3 BHK Flats - 1950 sq.ft. onwards - and 4 BHK Flats - 2575 sq.ft. onwards - in Wakad, Pune!

Day before Yesterday, Thursday, 19th November 2009, Page 3, Times of India:

Yesterday, Friday, 20th November 2009, Page 3, Times of India:

Today, Saturday, 21st November 2009, Page 3, Times of India:

Rs. 3,750 per sq.ft. : Property rate of Park Titanium, Park Street, Aundh Chest Hospital Road, Near Kalewadi Phata, Pune 411 057:

I called the phone number give in the ad.
Girish, took my call.
He said the special introductory property rate of Park Titanium is only Rs. 3, 750 per sq.ft.
Saleable area of a 3 BHK Flat is 1,950 sq. ft. and above.
Total property price of a 3 BHK Flat is Rs. 80 lakhs onwards.
4BHK Flats have saleable areas 2,575 sq.ft. onwards and property prices are above Rs. 1 crore.
For floor plans, specifications and amenities of Park Titanium, Girish told me to visit the website of Pride Purple Group www.pridepurplegroup.com
What about you? Did you call the telephone number for an appointment?
If you have visited the sample flat, please, share your views in the comments.
Yes, of course, i have visited the sample flat!

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  1. 3750 is crazy in Wakad. Apartments for 1Cr+ in an area where there is no proper infrastructure. On top of that there is no guarentee that Pride Purple will fullfill its commitments as per the sample flat. This is an issue with their 5 Gardens, Park Street and Park Royale projects. It is foolish to put so much money in a place like Wakad. People should rather look at Baner/Balwadi

  2. So 3750 is an introductory price for a shady place like Wakad.

    What would be the real price after the introdcution?

    4 crore? 6 crore? or 10 crore?

  3. ha ha ha LOL. 3750/-. I stayed in Pimple Saudagar for 4 years. That area is not even worth 2500/-

    For this price I'd rather go for Baner not even Balewadi.

  4. I think pride purple are under the impression that recession is over and IT people will rush to book their 80L - 1Cr costing flats. The Rates in Wakad are around 2600-3000 and they are asking for 3750. I am wondering who will be foolish enough to book in such an overpriced project

  5. Pride Purle, The Lady with the spotted Dog, ToI/ET full-page advts., 1-crore priced condominiums, what a perfect harmony!

    And all that in Wakad.

    Now that is lot of Fun and Entertainment floating around. So Mount Vert, in the same area, should not take forced Entertainment Tax for their 2 for 22 scheme ...

  6. Yes indeed 3750/- is overpriced for Wakad or rather Kalewadi Phata. Also Baner at 4000/- is good. Balewadi at 3000/- is good. and Pashan-Sus Road at 3000-3300 is also a choice. At least these places are better developed than PS, PG, PN and Kalewadi Phata.
    Main Wakad chowk area is a good choice for future because it is not more than 3-4 km away from infosys circle. But that too not more than 2600-3000/- for best of the schemes.

    I live in a project near Wakad chowk. The road today sucks but I am told that Wakad-Thergaon link road is on high priority agenda for PCMC. If only I can believe them. This road is much better than what it was 2 years back but still the road widening has not happened they just made existing strip a bit bigger and better. Once the road widens to its final size I think 24 or 36 meter then it will be much better.

    Call be biased if you want but Wakad is not all that bad as you guys portray. But than Parihar chowk where my parents live or Pashan-sus road where my sister lives was no different 15 years and 5 yeras ago respectively.
    Ravi Thanks for a good blog. I am not in market to buy a home or invest in real estate at this point but I still love to read your blog. I has almost become a weekly habit. Your blog lets me vent my anger as well as appreciation for lots of things. Keep up the good work. Once suggestion ... what happened to you doing a work in progress photo post. I had given you names on ongoing projects of wakad in my old post about 6 months back.
    Thanks again.

  7. Ok highly priced but Ravi did you get a chance to look at their amenities and specs. May be they are good. If they are giving internal amenities worth 500/- more than others then also their rate is 3200/- that too is high. I would like to see how many bookings happened and who are the fools to buy at that rate.

  8. Ravi... I have seen the sample it is lovely, what a fantastic project …I really loved it… very frankly I don’t have that much of budget otherwise I would have differently gone for it… worth seeing…

  9. very good property worth buying it park titanium

  10. Hi,

    I am new to this area and the blog. We visited the Park Titanium property last week and were quite impressed. The rate is high as comapred to others in the Wakad Area, but then their ameneties are good too.

    1 thing that I would liek to share is that , in the morning when we visited the site, we were saw a 4BHK sample flat where the flooring was Italian Marble, which was awesome, we were told that that is standard for this project. In the evening I took my brother-in-law to show the place and when he quized the Sales Manager, he said that if we want Italian Marble like in the sample flat then the rate is 4750 instead of the 3750/-.

    Now I am wondering if that is the case then how about the other things like the Toilets for example ... they were beautifully created and were told to us that that's how they will be given in the 3750 rate but is that really true ?

    Anyone has idea about this builder ? Does he change on his word ?

    I agree the rate is way to high, but if they really do provide the ameneties that they have shown in the smapel flat then maybe its worth the consideration.

    Any comments advice will be appreciated.

  11. last week I visited this place and can confirm that the SAMPLE FLAT is only for SAMPLE. It's NOT what you should expect. There is different rate sheet for many of the amenities and additional stuff.
    They disclose you additional info based on what you ask..not forthcoming is voluntarily disclosing the things. Not trustworthy builder.

  12. I forgot to add. My sister-in-law also visited this place two weeks back and there is some mis-communication on part of the management about complete layout of Park Titanium. Their brochure says only 5 buildings and rest of the area for Garden. However, they are planning to build another 6 building instead of Garden. Anyone purchasing flat here assuming there will garden is not going to see one. Instead you will see 6 more similar scale building on that land.

  13. I bought a 3bhk flat in their Phase 1 three years back & got the posession six months back. I can just say that the builder was trustworthy, helpful and delivered what he'd promised. I did get a chance to see Titanium as well & found it to be simply out-of-the-world. Havent seen any other builder in Wakad delivering/building anything close to ParkStreetPune. 80-90 lakhs is little over my budget, but if i'd that much money i would've bought Titanium.

    Had a word with the builder as well. They'd initially planned a hi-end shopping mall, a five star hotel and a movie theater next to the residential area. Bookings for the shopping mall is going on ( i guess, 50% complete) & if you see the list of brands/shops, you'll realize that it is very much a hi-end. Plan for movie theater is intact and 5-star hotel is deferred due to recession. I am not a big fan of Wakad area, but earlier i'd seen a similar property in bangalore going 4-5 times its price in five years.

    Few factors I considered while buying:
    1. Promising location: Should not be an already developed location but should be promising enough to develop in few years. This property being close to bombay-pune express highway & infosys qualifies on this criterion.
    2. Quality of the project: I searched many apartments/areas around infosys before buying but park street was the only one that stood out of the pack.
    Even if you've to pay Rs 200-400 per sq ft extra for their projects, it looks worth it to me from long term perspective. Rest we'll see in next few years.

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