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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

P N Gadgil & Co, Jewelers since 1832, announce Anantshilp, Bavdhan Pune, their 1st residential project of 1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats!

Dajikaka Developers Pvt.Ltd.(DGDL) www.dgdl.in

Dajikaka Gadgil, a “Hallmark” by himself in the Gold, Silver and Diamond jewellery business along with a team of educated dynamic young professionals, transparent & honest business practices, are proud to announce their maiden venture, ‘ANANTSHILP”, a residential complex, under the auspices of Dajikaka Developers Pvt.Ltd.(DGDL)

Click to Enlarge:

A Home for All Pocket Sizes:

A home is an ornament belonging to the entire family, as DGDL sees it. Therefore we intend to treat every aspect of development as a work of art & craft. From the elite & the affluent, the middle income holders to the common man, jewellery business entails an interaction with all the sections of society. Understanding the present requirements, we have made provisions in our plan, to suit all the pocket sizes.

Dajikaka's Word and Touch:

Dajikaka envisages our creations to be homes crafted with a human touch and due consideration, not only for the needs but also the wants of future dwellers. Dajikaka intends to instill the same honesty and integrity that he has practiced in his successful jewellery business. In order to generate the same feelings of trust, security, comfort, joy and warmth that radiate while possessing a piece of golden jewellery, Dajikaka wants every home to be a well lit, ventilated, pleasant place that provides solace and augments the dweller’s sense of belonging. The intention is to deliver every thing that is promised and more.

Anantshilp, Bavdhan Pune -
3 acres, 2 phases, 11 / 10 floors, 150 flats with covered parking, club house and other amenities, possession 24 months:

During the Press conference while giving some information on the scheme, Mr.Saurabh Gadgil said “The entrance to the property is from the northeast (Perceived by “Vastushastra” as the ideal auspicious direction for an entrance that ensures prosperity for the occupants) and is situated on a high ground.

The place provides a panoramic view of the surroundings. It is easily accessible through the Mumbai- Bangalore National Highway. The strategic location provides convenient approach to the Pune city as well as the industrial and corporate business areas of Bhosari, Pimpri, Chinchwad and such other areas. All the needs of a modern family, such as a market place, educational institutions, medical facilities and entertainment avenues are close by.

The total scheme is of 150 flats, out of which 106 flats are in first phase, first phase is of two buildings and third building in second phase. First two buildings are 11 and 10 storied.

A Building - Parking + 10 floors -
1 BHK & 2 BHK Silver Flats (!)
Odd & Even Floors:

Click to Enlarge:

This is a rightly sized project where all the concentration is given to internal planning of the flat and our responsibility towards environment. In first building there are 66 flats and in second 40 flats, there is plenty in store for children and senior citizens, there are elevated gardens between two buildings and a club house equipped with all the desired amenities. Every flat holder is given a covered car park. It is absolutely an Indian architecture where all the importance is given to the whole family staying together.”

B & C Building - 2 BHK Gold & 3 BHK (...) Flats:
Odd & Even Floors:

Click to Enlarge:

“Anantshilp”, consists of two ten storied structures and one structure that will stand eleven stories tall and is proposed to be completed in 24 months time.

The amenities we will provide are well paved internal roads, decorative entrance lobbies for all the buildings with ample lighting in common areas, two lifts for each building with power back up and a fire fighting system. Recreational amenities like a gymnasium, indoor games, a community hall, reading/study room, a temple a jogging park and landscaped and elevated gardens. Complete with a Sewage treatment plant, Water treatment plant and Rain harvesting, we intend to use pest control at the time of possession.

On the occasion Mr.Kedar Vanjpe-MD of Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt Ltd said, “DGDL is devoted towards our responsibility, our customer and the environment. Our aim is to give the best quality at the right price and total customer satisfaction.”

For Bookings Contact:

020 2553 5154 / 55


For E Brochure visit: www.dgdl.in

An Invitation:

Please note that the overwhelming response to our initial announcement has strengthened our resolve to realize our aspirations.

A simple pooja ceremony will be organized on November 6, 2009 at 3 P.M at ANANTSHILP, S.No. 341/42, Bavdhan, Pune 411029 near Suryadatta Institution and opposite DSK Toyota showroom, Bavdhan.

Everybody is invited!

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  1. Interesting!

    Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to make easy money in RE and that too with 3-digit (in %) profits.

  2. What 'carat' flats would they sell?

    Would they be pure as 24 carat gold with respect to quality?

    Would they be as costly as gold?

  3. yes every Tom, Dick and Harry who invested spare money that last economic boom has given in land are now trying to become builders. They too have unfulfilled will of becoming a builder is entering the market now so that they can escape from strick rules which may come after the winter bill. And as usual the bill will say, those who started the project before this so and so date can carry on the bsuiness or not applicable...at EOD, I'm sure they will earn lot of profits but even if no profit end up owning lot many apartments for their entire generation at no extra cost them..whoever wants to sponsor those flats for these Golden family surely can invest..good luck

  4. i think who knows quality they will delivar quality ....,,,SHUDHA BIJA POTI PHALE RASHAL GOMATI.........GOOD LUCK.......

  5. i m interested in ur project at bawdhan guide me

  6. Is it true that they have not received permission to build above the 5th floor on both AnantShilp and AnantVaibhav (their second scheme , a bit further down the road) and are still working towards it?
    One good thing though is that, they are not pushing anyone to pay up without all the requisite permissions in place. Hope they sort it out soon.