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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Residents of Raheja Gardens, Wanavdi Pune, take builder, K Raheja Constructions, to court

Promised amenities, such as gymnasium, tennis court and the swimming pool, not delivered even after 15 years!

Residents of Raheja Gardens, a premium housing society in Wanavdi, are locked in a legal battle with the builder over the issue of unfulfilled promises of providing amenities besides starting new construction on the premises.
To read more, please, visit Ritu Goyal Harish - DNA

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  1. I remember a day when I approached Raheja Garden, wanwadi. Price has been quoted for 2BHK apartment was 52 LAKHS of which 13 LAKHS has to be given in cash without any receipt ( so called BLACK MONEY).
    2 LAKHS have been asked for Club Membership.
    Apartment buildings are so close to each other there is hardly any space for air circulation. From one bedroom , you can see other bedroom/hall view.
    Construction quality is average. Top floor apartments are facing water leakage issue during mansoon season.

  2. u must be earning good amount by Google :-)

  3. Refr: "u must be earning good amount by Google :-)"

    Yes, the way Mr. Karadeekar is posting messages it appears that his income is directly proportional to the number of relevant/irrelevant messages posted.

  4. Thanks. It's very sweet of you to care about my income. I appreciate it!

  5. Ravi,
    I am interested in investing in Pune RE, and keep on reading your blog regularly. But these days I dont find your posts useful at all. Is there no news really?

  6. Ref: "But these days I dont find your posts useful at all. Is there no news really?"

    Thanks for reading my blog!
    Please, tell me what kind of useful news you would like to read. True, for a while, i am writing less about the flat, project and more about Pune. But I am doing my best to make my blog useful for the property buyers in Pune! Isn't it? Or do you think that only about a flat and project without Pune would be more useful to you? Please, give at least one example of useful post and less useful post according to you so that i can understand your point and improve. Thanks!

  7. Hi Ravi:
    I am a very loyal follower of your news blog and also have met you a couple of times but will not give you my name so I can post here freely. Keep up the good work.
    You can not make everyone happy bcose if you write good about builders you are their agent with vested interest and if you don't write you are not interesting.
    What business do guys have talking about your income. Really its none of our business.
    Its still very nice of you to tolerate these people and post their comments here when you could have edited them out.
    Many other blogs are nothing but builder bashing giving nothing positive about any builder. In fact I was lost so much when I read some blogs, that I did not even feel like buying a home for few months. I met you at opening of a project a few weeks back and the few minutes we talked was worth it. You spoke to me with no vested interest. I finally got a flat of my liking in Wakad.
    Wish I had met you earlier. Thank you.

  8. Hey, Anonymous and Ravi ka Chela. Yes, one should not have any business of how others earn. The comments were meant to be in lighter vein.

    And as you rightly said, Ravi could have avoided posting such comments in the first place. But he did, so should we call him 'MahaPurush' now?

    It's nice that you finally purchased a flat and made a day of some builder. Please keep reading Ravi's blog and you would purchase few more flats, may be for investment, and earn millions.

  9. Ravi Ka Chela .... now thats really funny. Thanks for the compliment. Thanks also for your wishes to become a millionaire. Now thats what I call it as a blessing in disguise.
    Now regarding Mahapurush... I am not sure if Ravi qualifies but I am sure you will definitely qualify to be a AadhaPurush. You know what I mean 50/50.
    Have ba@ls enough to appreciate a person when he is right.
    Oh and many of us have low IQ so next time please specify when you are saying something where "The comments are meant to be in lighter vein".

    Ravi Ka Chela
    Jai ho Ravibaba Ki. Happy now.

    ps: Ravi please get some of these huys out from your blog when they talk nonsense or instigate others to post nonsense(like I just did)

  10. "I am sure you will definitely qualify to be a AadhaPurush. You know what I mean 50/50."

    Why are you feeling so insecured? And how do you know whether someone is Aadha Purush or Zero Purush. Please do not try to hallucinate and thrust your own being onto others.