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Friday, January 18, 2013

Who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots"?

How 'stupid people' started calling themselves 'investors':

Gruhapravesh 2013 by IndiaProperty.com - 4, 5 & 6th January 2013
Who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots"?

Ben Bernanke made "Fiscal Cliff" popular term by using it for the current U S budget deficit riddle.

Isaac Asimov coined the term “robotics” in his short story “Liar” in 1941.

Some BBC media man coined the term "Bollywood".

But, who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots"?

No doubt, he must be highly qualified - mostly Non-Matric.
Certainly, a land developer in Pune real estate market.
Who should be given 'Honorary Doctorate' for his in-depth knowledge about income, IQ & psychology of stupid people in Pune.

The one who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots", showed the way to get rid of that little extra money these stupid people had earned - by mistake - and didn't know what to do with it.

The one who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots", gave respect to these stupid people by calling them "investors".

The one who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots", told them that they were not just getting rid of that extra money - but, they were doing something meaningful. They were investing their extra money in a plot of land.

Because of the one who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots", these stupid people became proud of themselves.

Result is, all stupid people confidently announced that - We are not stupid. We are investors in a plot of land.

Now, if someone asked them, "Why are you investing in a plot of land?"

"Investment in land is the most profitable investment. Land appreciates more than the flat. Dream of my life is to construct a bungalow!," the stupid people could proudly answer.

If you ask these stupid people, "But is your plot of land in the residential zone with Non Agriculture Order from the collector?"

Now, the stupid people can proudly reply, "You know what? It's Proposed NA Plot!"

"Means what? Land can be either NA or Agriculture. Like a man and an animal can either be dead or alive!," desperate to understand the meaning of "Proposed NA Plots", you ask.

"Not really. Only a coin has two sides. Life and land has many dimensions. For example "Atman" - Soul - is something more than death & life. The same way, "Proposed NA Plots" is something more than just an Agriculture land & Non Agriculture - N A - land!," the stupid people claim.

"I didn't know that! You are really an intelligent person!!," you say so only to end the conversation.

"Yes! My mother was right. Shadi ke baad Main Bohot Sudhar Gaya Hoon!!," the stupid people reveal the secret.

"What your wife says about you?," you can't control yourself and ask.

"My wife calls me "Prince!" She says that if a frog like me can become her prince - why Proposed NA Plot can not become "N A Plot" someday down the line?," the stupid people say confidently.

"You are an intelligent family!," you say and start wondering who coined the term "Proposed NA Plots"!

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  1. Replies
    1. 1) You are my inspiration!


      I admire you for taking legal action.

      2) This blog is my reply to Mr. Ravikant Agarwal's comment on my blog Blessed Avani & Anshuman - bungalow plots at Anant Srishti Kanhe . He said -

      "I read that above project have NA plots. On similar lines, there are so many builders selling Farm plots (non NA plots) around Marunje road, Hinjewadi these days. What is your take on it in terms of conversion of these plots farm plots to NA plots in coming time for residential purpose? Is it worth investing around Marunje road farm plot?"

  2. But when magarpatta was launched , first building offered was daffodils. .and the planned iris in phase 2 was still pre launched on proposed NA land...but conversion happened..I guess this is how real estate is working ! Magarpatta got developed and they also got exemption from urban ceiling law. .

    1. Means, every frog turns into prince. Right, Nitesh?

    2. Magarpatta had very strong political backing, so getting permissions was easy for builder. This may not be case for other schemes.

  3. I agree, I could have fallen prey in such a case, but lack of sufficient money saved me. And when I had sufficient, I realized the emptiness of all this "Proposed NA plots"

    This "Investor" fails to understand is that:

    1) Proposed NA plots have no time schedule for conversion. Are you the one going to run pillar to pole to get it converted? Haaa! then you realize that its not in your hands.
    2) No water or electricity supply is ever assured at such a place, and civic amenities will have to wait till high profile request arrives.
    3) There is never ever any clear demarcation on land that can last, and you don't have resources to appoint security.
    4) Buyer will not be around, so if you decide to sell it off, be prepared to wait patiently and at lower rise than expected.
    5) If government decides to acquire for some project, you have not choice but to comply at determined cost.

  4. It provide solutions in land and property investments, Villas At Old Madras Road like appartments, individaula villas, row houses.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. We have na plots land for sale in talegaon-kanhe a collection sanctioned property in pune area

  7. Hi Sir,

    How much minimum agri land area can be converted into non agri land in rural Mulshi Taluka?
    Is the same 10Guntha minimum requirement applies here?
    Can i purchase agricultural land near "nere"village?This is project by FDCC..
    I will be thankful to you for answer.

  8. Hello Sir,

    Can you please tell us the NA / TP sanctioned plots schemes in & around Pune so that it will be safe