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Friday, January 11, 2013

Dajikaka Gadgil Opens Booking of Anant-Shrishti Phase 2!

3 Day Booking Event (11th, 12th & 13th January 2013) of
Only 200 Units of
1 BHK Flat - 594 Saleable - for Rs. 17.34 Lakhs
2 BHK Flat - 831 Saleable - for Rs. 25.2 Lakhs
2.5 BHK Flat - 978 Saleable - for Rs. 29.35 Lakhs
(Approximate All Inclusive Property Prices)
Only 20 Bungalow Plots from 35 Lakh Onward
(Approximate All Inclusive Property Prices)
at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti Phase 2,
opposite Mahindra Ugine Steel Company,
Walking Distance from Kanhe Phata Railway Station &
Old Mumbai Pune Highway (NH4),
near Talegaon, Taluka Maval, Pune 412 106:

Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106
Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106 - Marathi Ad
Click to Visit Original Ad

Second Chance for the First Time Home Buyers:

Last time, in April 2011, when the 1st Phase of Anant-Srishti at Kanhe Phata was launched, it was booked in 3 days. All 224 Flats & some 70 Bungalow Plots.

At that point of time, I know, some of you didn't realize how good the offer was. Over the last 2 years, many more projects were launched and Kanhe Phata became ultimate destination for the first time home buyers in Pune.

So, this is a second chance for all of you. Go for it!

Freedom Pass:

For the last 2 years, I am recommending Anant-Srishti for 3 reasons.

1) Location offers an opportunity to live a free life.

2) Property prices offer an opportunity to live a free life.

3) Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a good builder who doesn't treat you as a slave.

So, for me, buying a home at Anant Srishti at Kanhe Phata is a freedom pass which is valid for life.

1) Location of Anant Srishti Kanhe offers an opportunity to live a free life:

View Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant Srishti - The 35 acre gated community of 150 N A Bungalow Plots, 74 Row Houses & 600 units of 1 BHK 2 BHK & 2.5 BHK Flats - at Kanhe, near Talegaon, Pune in a larger map

1) Life is not fair. Life was never fair in 2001.
Those who bought a flat on D P Road realized that life is not fair, because they wanted to buy a home at Aundh but had no option but to settle for D P Road.

Life is not fair. Life was never fair in 2003 - 2006.
Those who bought a flat at Rahatani & Pimple Saudagar realized that life is not fair, because they wanted to live in a home on D P Road Aundh but it was out of budget.

Life is not fair. Life was never fair in 2009.
Those who bought a flat at Celestial City Ravet realized that life is not fair, because Wakad became un-affordable and they had to go to Ravet.

Today, all of them who bought a flat at D P Road Aundh, Pimple Saudagar and Ravet accept that life was not exactly unfair too. Life was tough. Those who were tough, saw an opportunity in the problem. They took a tough decision and had a good life. Only those who don't understand that life is tough, make a fool of themselves.

Today, in 2013, for the tough first time home buyers, Anant Srishti at Kanhe Phata is an opportunity to live a good life. A free life.

A) Because of the fast, safe & inexpensive 20 Lonavala Pune local trains, they can go to work at any part of Pune. Like they do in Mumbai. And all most all big cities in the world.

B) Since the government is controlling water, having your own water source, supply and management has become essential.

Kanhe has lot more rains than any other upcoming fringe villages like Wagholi on Nagar Road, Chakan on Nashik Road, Shirval on Pune Bangalore Road. Plus, there is an ever flowing Indrayani river.

Anant Shrishti at Kanhe lifts water from Indrayani. Plus, Anant Shrishti has rainwater harvesting system. And the water recycling plant - which supplies water to your toilet for flushing. This water management makes your life self sufficient. Freedom from living a life of a slave in PMC & PCMC. Which give building permissions without water supply.

C) Anant Shrishti at Kanhe Phata gives you freedom from pollution & unhygienic living conditions in Pune (PMC) & Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC). Add to it the green hills which surround it.

2) Property prices at Annat Shrishti at Kanhe Phata offer an opportunity to live a free life:

1 BHK Flat - 594 Saleable - for Rs. 17.34 Lakhs at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106
1 BHK Flat - 594 Saleable - for Rs. 17.34 Lakhs at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106
2 BHK Flat - 831 Saleable - for Rs. 25.2 Lakhs at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106
2 BHK Flat - 831 Saleable - for Rs. 25.2 Lakhs at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106
2.5 BHK Flat - 978 Saleable - for Rs. 29.35 Lakhs at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106
2.5 BHK Flat - 978 Saleable - for Rs. 29.35 Lakhs at Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant-Shrishti - 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Bungalow Plots - Kanhe Phata Talegaon - Pune 412 106

Along with freedom to live a life at a well connected, pollution free neighborhood which has enough water, property rates at Anant Srishti offer you a financial freedom.

Like any first time home buyer, you don't have much savings in your bank account. But you are eligible for home loan. In today's market, you see that your own contribution & eligibility is not enough to own a home. But not so at Anant Srishti Kanhe.

Even if you have 4.5 lakhs in your savings and your combined - (you + your spouse's) - monthly income in hand is 35 - 40 thousand per month, you can own a 1 BHK Flat at Anant Srishti Kanhe.

Even if you have 6.5 lakhs in your savings and your family monthly income is 50 - 60 thousand, you can own a 2 BHK Flat at Anant Srishti Kanhe.

Even if you have 7.5 lakh with you and your income is around 60 thousand per month, you can own a 2.5 BHK Flat at Anant Srishti Kanhe.

You can own a home without taking any help from your parents. Not only that! You can invite your parents to buy a flat for themselves next to you too. So that, in their old age, you can look after them well.

Those who own a home today, say that owning a home was easy but because of the ever increasing inflation - managing cost of living has become difficult. Either you have to reduce your standard of living or see yourself sinking deep in debt. And become the slave of a bank, for life.

At Anant Shrishti Knahe, your home is affordable because it costs less. But that's the half truth. Complete truth is your cost of living in this home is also affordable. You will save on petrol cost, vehicle installments & maintenance. Food cost would be less. And other monthly expenses would be much less too. Kedar Vanjape, M. D. of Dajikaka Gadgil Developers, claims that because of the healthy environment you can save on medical bills too.

Point is, at Anant Srishti Kanhe you can avoid debt trap. You can maintain your standard of living. You can have good quality life. And at your earliest you can repay your loan and think about buying a second home. Exactly, like your seniors who bought their first flat at Pimple Saudagar for 15 lakh rupees in 2003 and the second in a few years later.

3) Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt. Ltd. is a good builder who doesn't treat you as a slave:

Mr. Kedar Vanjape M. D. Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt Ltd Pune
Mr. Kedar Vanjape M. D. Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt Ltd Pune

In 2012, Value Added Tax (VAT) was instrumental in creating awareness and uniting property buyers in Pune. For the first time, Pune property buyers realized that builders in Pune & Maharashtra Government treat them as if they are slaves.

Impressed by their guts to take a fight with the builders, I decided to prepare a list of rules. The property buyer's rules.

If Pune real estate runs on the property buyers' money, how can builders decide the rules about buying a property? I asked myself.

Before preparing a list of property buyers' rules, I started preparing a list of builder's rules. Which we must discard and replace these with the property buyers' rules. In my search, i found out that some builders have fair rules too. For example, Dajikaka Gadgil Developers. Have a look at some of their rules -

1) Booking amount is 1 Lakh. Not a few lakhs or 20 per cent of the property price. OK.

2) No cancellation charges. Good. Isn't it?

3) No price games at the launch. No "Special Rate for the First Few Bookings". Which is always over in no time. The builder who plays games with the property buyer is a bad builder.

At Anant Srishti Kanhe, Kedar Vanjape, M D, Dajikaka Gadgil Developers, told me that same fix property rate will be applicable for all flats booked in this 3 day event. Good for us.

4) No other charges! No infrastructure charges. No club house charges. No floor rise. No premium for garden facing flat. Kedar Vanjape considers that "other charges" is loot. Unfair business practice.

No charges for open parking. Only Rs. 50,000 for covered car park which is optional.

For the first phase, Kedar hasn't taken MSEB charges. But for the second phase, thanks to MSEB, you have to pay 50,000 rupees as a deposit. Kedar is not happy about it. He is going to tell you how he is going to use that money. Yes, it's builder duty to give you hisab kitab of every rupee he takes from you. Your right.

5) For the 10 kilometer radius from PMC & PCMC there is a town planning. Kanhe is beyond 10 km. There are different sets of development rules for Kanhe. So all buildings are 7 story. Like in PMC, PCMC & Town planning - terraces, staircases, & passages are not free from FSI. All are part of FSI.

The balcony is a part of carpet. So, the saleable area of the flat is carpet of the flat x 1.3. And if there is a terrace - carpet of the flat x 1.3 + terrace. Not like other builders who charge - Carpet of the flat + terrace x 1.3!

Even after loading of 1.3, Kedar says size of a floor plate is larger than the total saleable area of all flats on that floor.

Dajikaka Gadgil Developers has purchased this plot. Payment was made by demand draft. While explaining the property rate of 2,600 per sq.ft. at Anant Shrishti, Kedar told me that his land cost is 800 per sq.ft. & construction cost - including development costs - is Rs. 1400 per sq.ft.

When I asked him, "Is 400 per sq.ft. profit enough for you?" Kedar said, "Yes. Enough from the flats. My plots give me more & maintain reasonable profit ratio!"

6)Now, Anant Srishti has received "Environmental Clearance". Entire project - there are 2 more phases - is approved. Collector checks the plinth & gives occupation certificate. After which possession will be given.

Means this builder cares for the safety of property buyers' life and construct as per sanctioned plan.

Means, all documents are clear and agreement can be registered immediately.

7) Property buyers are given "log in id" to track their payments. Construction progress reports are given time to time - with photographs. Means there is transparency in transaction.

8) Compensation for delayed possession is given and it is mentioned in the agreement.

9) Before possession, every flat is checked 3 times. Last checking is done by the flat buyer. If there are any issues after the possession, they are attended as early as possible. To cross check his claims, Kedar has invited me to talk to the property buyers in Anant-Shilp at Bavdhan. Which, certainly, I am going to do. Even if they don't offer me a cup of tea.

Considering Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' all these rules, I can say that Kedar is a good builder. He doesn't treat you as a slave and exploit you in & out.

Moral of the Story:

Buying a home in unfamiliar location is not easy. Giving up an idea of owning a home in the known area is not easy. It's a tough decision. But good decision. Good for you. Good for your family.

Lot better than buying your first 2 BHK Flat for 50 - 60 lakhs and becoming a slave of a bank for life!

Much more safer than betting your life on some future development plan which never materializes.

Less risky than buying a home from the unethical builder in the known location.

Less stressful than buying in a big township like Megapolis, Nanded City Pune & Blue Ridge Hinjewadi where you are treated like shit.

I sincerely feel that you should seriously consider Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant Shrishti at Kanhe. Amen.

Contact Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant Shrishti at Kanhe:

95524 95524 / 83088 44468 / 92722 01414 / sales@dgdl.in / www.dgdl.in

Click to Visit Brochure of Dajikaka Gadgil Developers' Anant Shrishti at Kanhe:


1) Blessed Avani & Anshuman

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  1. Jago Grahak Jago! Well Written. Hope, It will be adapted by other builders too in near future.

    1. Grahak nahi , tum jago!!!! Ravi is pro builders in year 2013!!!

    2. Dear Mumbai Investor, thanks for joining Blogger in August 2012. Thanks for sharing your valuable views. Please, keep on visiting and sharing your views.

  2. its starting lets see what is in the future lets hope for the best.......

  3. Hi Ravi
    Plots are offered at 1600 pft. What do you think about it for building you home later ?

    1. Ever wondered? his profit in construction is just 400 and in plots 800?? hard to imagine!!!

    2. Good! Keep it up, Mumbai Investor. Don't take any statement on face value.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I don't understand a few things Ravi...
    Is this part of your pro builder thing you have started ??
    Let's look at 1 BHK plan above. The salable area of that flat can not be more than 567 sq ft. Take a look at 2BHK flat. its carpet + balcony is hardly 570 sq ft. If you multiply by 1.3 it goes to not more than 750-760 sq ft. Loading is much more than what it is shown!!!
    And what makes you believe that 400 Rs a sq ft is his profit? If it is so, where is interest component in whole thing taken care? you have simply taken 800 Rs as cost of land per sq ft. But understand ( rather you do , you dont want to show) when he buys land at 800 psf, in 1 sq ft he might be selling 1.3 sq ft. So effective rate becomes 615 psf.

    All I am saying is people here trust you Ravi. This kind of biased reviews are not expected from you!!!

    1. 1) I admire you, Mumbai Investor, for asking direct question to me.

      2) Yes, it's time to understand how carpet area is calculated.

      3) For me, saleabe area has no use than justifying property rate for those who still live in the old days.

      I only consider the carpet area.

      Since, only an architect can certify the carpet area, I give importance to the room sizes.

      I ask my self - Is it worth to pay for the set of rooms of these dimensions?

      4) Demanding explanation about the pricing is the first step. I am sure, you will interrogate every builder when you will visit the site. Looking forward to hear from you on the pricing of the projects you visit.

      5) People, please, do not trust me. Trust yourself. Please, set the property buyers' rules. And take the decision based on those parameters. Because, Pune real estate runs on your money. So, you have the right to set the rules. Not the builder.

      6) Dear Mumbai Investor, I admire you for being critical.

      Please, add value by contributing to preparing set of the property buyers' rules.

      I am just an excuse. Target is empowering the property buyers. Focus on that. Please.

    2. Sorry if I have been blunt. But sometimes I find your views little biased. Like for kanhe you are okay with rate of 2600. But then there are projects in wakad with rate of 4500. Dont you think one should buy 1 BHK at wakad @ 4500 rate than to buy 2 BHK at Kanhe @ 2600 rate?
      I am noway against you... why I am writing this is because I want to know your views on appreciation. As i have clearly mentioned I am investor from Mumbai. So I will bet for appreciation...

    3. Mumbai Investor, Remember that Ravi is still a human being. He can have his opinion and publish it. He is not a judge in the court of law.

    4. Hehe.. Mr Khanzode, even judges in the court make mistakes...
      I am just seeking some explanation , nothing else.
      I have followed Ravi's blog for past one year and I have been pretty satisfied with his efforts. Rather I admire him.

    5. Dear Mumbai Investor,

      1) Feel free to express your views. Don't bother whether you are modest or blunt.

      2) I am not biased. I am trying my best to convince how buying a home at Anant-Shrishti is an ultimate idea.

      I am not only talking about the property rates. I am talking about home-buyer's financial future and life. About the good practices of the builder. My argument is based on the holistic view.

      I am not for or against Wakad. I am for the home buyer.

      3) Appreciation?

      I write for the home buyers. My focus is not property. My focus is home buyer.

      I am talking about surviving - not sinking in debt.

      4) I do not talk to investors. Mainly because, most of them don't know simple maths and basic laws of investment.

  6. I m in pune since 1nd half year..I m house wife..we are paying 6000 rent..so wants to buy a flat...but we dont believe to take a huge amt of loan and then pay EMIs for years nd years...we dnt have much case nd property of elders... also ...so finally decided to 1bhk flat..even we are searching for resale flat also..our budget is 20lac..15 to 16 lac loan ...so cn u guide me pls...

  7. hi Ravi, i have been following this blog for quite some time now.I belong to lonavla.. and down the line want to settle in Pune. But not finding any suitable (moreover in terms of money)flat in and around Aundh/Baner. after seeing ur review of this project.. i went and saw it myself.I liked ur funda of not becoming slave.. and found these guys really genuine. I booked a 2.5 bhk flat. i dont have any plans to stay there.. but its moreover as investment. Now i wonder if 2.5bhk is somewhat bigger compared to the locality.. i mean when i will be looking for rent .. is 1 or 2bhk better ? will i be getting more for the extra bedroom?.. was think of switching to 1 bhk.. need ur advice..

  8. Dear All, Do not follow blindly whatever is written by Ravi. Consider this as a information about project & evaluate yourself the worth of project. Calculation of Carpet Area is not rocket science, you can simply multiply the sizes of all the areas (room / living room / kitchen / toilet / Balcony / Dry balcony) & sum up also don’t forget to add some area for open spaces not covered in all above for example – space in front of toilet or passage given in apartment for moving in between one room to another. Generally open space is very less & sizes are not clearly mentioned in floor plan given to buyer, so if you make some small mistake in calculating this, it will not make big impact to per sq. ft. rate.

    Never consider the first house as investment, because this is your basic need & even if you sale this you need to buy another. It only protects you from inflation. So you should not consider that price will increase & accordingly your property value will increase & you will be richer. This only gives benefit to builders or govt. in taxes.

    Now I must mention that why I written not to follow blindly because I am reading Ravi blogs since last 2 years & especially for Megapolis Hinjewadi. Initially he recommended Megapolis & later on started criticizing like anything. You can see the below link


    The below blog will definitely make buyer a rush & go for booking immediately at Megapolis before price increase again


    Now see these blogs :


    Even the blog you just read about Dajikaka Gadgil Opens Booking of Anant-Shrishti Phase 2! – he mentioned “Less stressful than buying in a big township like Megapolis, Nanded City Pune & Blue Ridge Hinjewadi where you are treated like shit.”

    Hope you are smart enough to understand. Best Wishes & I remember some lines of TV advertisement & this perfectly suits here “Dikhave par na jao, apni Akal lagao”

    1. 1) Dear All, Do not follow blindly whatever is written by Ravi. Consider this as a information about project & evaluate yourself the worth of project. - I completely agree with you, Manish!

      2) One small correction. I didn't recommend "Megapolis".

      I recommended "Sparklet - Megapolis Smart Homes 1" & "Sunway - Megapolis Smart Homes 2".

      I criticized "Splendour Megapolis Smart Homes 3" because it was not customer friendly like 1 & 2.

      3) And, even if, I recommend any project - I will not mind criticizing it.

      Because, I am loyal to the property buyers.
      I am not loyal to any builder or any project.

      4) About Sangria - Its my duty to help my readers.

      I feel sad when one property buyer doesn't stand for the other and blames the one who supports.

      God bless you.

  9. Hi Ravi,

    I am searching for good Flats under 30 L budget- Preferable 1.5 BHK if not then 1 BHK with descent ammenities. Working at Hinjewadi so would love to be in the Nearest Areas.

    Please let me know if you have some analyses on any new project launching or already launched project under the above mentioned budget.

    I will really appreciate ur help.

    Anand Singh

    1. Dear Anand,

      1) Anant Shrishti at Kanhe is what you are looking for!

      2) If not yet convinced, please, visit this blog - Current Property Prices & Availability in Pune

  10. I have purchased flat at Anantshrishti in Feb 2015.
    Still wating for possession and looks like they are fooling people now.
    They do not give any timeline not do they have any courtesy to send an update to inform their customers.
    Any idea when is K building going to get possession?