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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How about Group Booking of Flats?

Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu"
Group Housing for Jain IT Professional at Sus Gaon, Pune:

Apurva Jain at Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
Apurva Jain at Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing Project at Sus Gaon, Pune

Last Sunday, I was invited for Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon. On the way, I met Anand Vanjape of No Worries Ad Venture who has designed the brochure of Davabindu.

"Good brochure! Big too....what is the booking rate?," I said.

"Booking rate? All flats are booked!," Anand said.

"Davabindu is sold out! How?," I asked.

"Group booking!," Anand said.

"Congratulations for group booking of flats!," accepting welcome of Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, M. D., Sanjeevani Group, I said.

"Thanks! Not any group. This is a group of 80 Young Jain IT Professionals. Please, have a seat and you will know what's great about it!," Mr. Sanjay Deshpande said.

Mr. Atul Shah, Director, Chandukaka Saraf & Jewelers, was not only "Guest of Honor" of the function but was the mentor of Jain IT Professionals Group!

Apurva Jain, member of the group, shared his experiences about group booking.

"It's easy to form a group. But difficult to strike a 'deal'," Apurva said.

Looking at Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, Apurva added, "It's difficult to realize the dream of group housing, mainly because, you don't know the right builder. Professional, transparent & ethical builder. We all were fortunate to have Mr. Atulbhai Shah & Sheetalbhai Doshi to guide us!"

Very true. These 80 Jain IT professionals must be blessed.

Otherwise, "group booking" is no doubt an easy, attractive & economical idea. But very difficult to realize.

What say you? Have you ever thought of forming a group and buying a home at a discounted property price? Share your views & experiences in the comments, please.

View "Davabindu", Group Housing of Jain IT Professional at Sus Gaon, Pune by Sanjeevani Developers in a larger map

Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
Mumbai Bangalore Highway & Pashan Sus Road Junction at Pashankar Auto - Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
"Gram Sachivalaya" of Sus Gaon - Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
PMPML Bust Stop at Sus Gaon - Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
Way to Aarohi (Group Housing of Hinjewadi IT Professional and "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
The site - Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
The site - Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
Bhoomi Poojan of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune by Sanjeevani Parth Developers
Bhoomi Poojan of Sanjeevani Parth Developers' "Davabindu" at Sus Gaon, Pune
Mr. Sanjay Deshpande, M. D., Sanjeevani Group, developer of "Davabindu", Jain IT Professionals Group Housing at Sus Gaon, Pune, speaking at Bhoomi Poojan

Contact Sanjeevani Group:


101, Sujal, 100’ Riverside DP Road,
Patwardhan Baug,
Pune- 411052.
Phone:020-2543 4021
Telefax:020-2545 4757

Marketing Department:



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  1. Instead of Group Booking what we need is a Group blocking ( collectively stop booking any flats )for the next 3-6 months to bring down real estate rate which goes up by
    50- 100Rs/ sq ft every month without any logical reason.
    Builders have formed a cartel ...the govt is playing deaf/dumb..Its time we group together and crash the party..

    1. Agreed with Sam.. buyers are not united so builders are palying game. and for booking underconstruction flat everybody should avoid. it is wastage of your money and timeas wel. most of the builders are here to make you fool.

  2. sam bhai thats the problem, the people are not united for good cause! Like builders dont stop building buildings for a year against corruption which would cut down the cost by nearly 20%
    Ravida thanks for coming & i feel more & more people should adopt group booking concept.

    1. Sure, Sanjay. More and more people will go for "group booking" if they find a builder like you!

  3. well I have different thought in mind- lets make group, purchase land & build own homes on no loss -no profit basis...

  4. How about another group booking by Anand Properties in Sus Gaon only? Please share some light on that builder & project

  5. Ravi sir, I would be pleased if you share the guidance given by "Mr. Atulbhai Shah & Sheetalbhai Doshi".

    1. That's what this blog is about, Vishal.

      Their guidance was - Go for a builder who is professional, ethical, & transparent in transactions. Even if he is little costly!

  6. Sanjay Deshpande has no right to talk about corruption as he himself is part of corruption. I went to Devraai project of sanjay builder and when i was talking to sales woman regarding price I was told to give 10% amount in black. When I asked why amount in black justification I got from sales lady was other builders are asking 20 to 25% in black , we asking for only 10% and it is justified. So please no big talks. If you do not believe in something then please do not talk about it.

    1. Very important point, Sandeep.
      I am sure you must have refused to pay black money.

      Visit Sanjay's blog to know his stand

  7. dear sandeep, i myself have said i am no ramshashtri prabhune :) , with all due respect go in market & buy one sq ft of free hold land ( not ploted lay out) with all white amount & then u will realize why we have to take in cash! Ask all those IT( income tax) guys as well Govt to make all land deals in full white so all politicians will be out of business. Just one thing, ready reckoner rates in baner of flat are 5100/- per sft & land rates in baner are 800/- per sft. Does it mean profit margin is 2000/- per sft in baner? Sandep go & get me a land in 800/- per sft in baner i will buy whole baner :)
    To criticize is always easy, difficult is finding solution & executing them

  8. Btw, sandep, ramshastri prabhune was a character from history known for his upright stand for justice & against corruption :)

  9. dear sandeep & others plz go thru :)


    1. sanjay,

      My point is if you are asking for black money from customer then you can not blame others about corruption as you are also part of it. I can show you at least 5 builders in pune who are taking all payments in white. Any money given in black is not accounted any where and in case of issues you can not prove in court also. also it creates tax liability when you sell flat in future. Anyways, I refused to pay money in black and I am happy for it. I did not have intent to fight with you but to show others that do not go by words of person but see what he is really doing. In Marathi we have proverb JO BOLE TAISAA CHAALE TYAACHI VANDAAVI PAAVULE.

      sandeep powar

  10. Dear Ravi,

    I am more keen in investing in real estate and would like to know about any group booking scheme. Request you to let me know about the same. Meanwhile, just a thought, i would like to support you to if you take initiative to form group as you are expert and have indepth information about Pune real estate.

    Please share your thoughts.



  11. How to identify a good builder?

    My good frd ravida karandikar asked me the question. Read the answer by clicking the link below...


  12. Can you suggest any upcoming project from trust worthy developer near Hinjewadi preferably around Wakad or Pimple ? We are group of 15 IT professionals from Marathi families looking for group booking .

    1. Dear Chinmay,
      DAJIKAKA GADGIL DEVELOPERS PVT LTD is coming with a project at Punawale.
      Why don't you meet Mr. Kedar Vanjape, M D, at his office -
      Flat No.101, Amelia ,
      Lakaki Road, Model Colony,
      Pune – 411016.

      Contact No. 25665154/55,
      Fax No. 25665156
      Email: sales@dgdl.in

  13. Great Information and very nice blog. Keep sharing such blog posts.

  14. Hi Ravi,

    Good information, Writing to you in the Blog as i read that you start charging after 3 mins in the call :-)

    I am really frustrated by the fact that now a days buying a 2BHK or 3BHK is out of reach for many of us,Yes i am talking about the IT community.

    Today , I went to enquire in 24K Glitterati,Pimple Nilakh, they are charging Rs 6K/sq feet for a pre-launch. 2BHK is going around 88Lacs.

    I understand that cost of land has gone high,inflation is too much, but if you compare this with the salary hikes we are getting is just merely 2-10% yearly that too most of the hike is in variable components.

    I still that prices are inflated by the big builders in Pune, current projects doesn't have even 10% bookings but they claim that it is 70-80% booked.

    I would like to know your honest suggestion for all buyers, should we wait for another year to see the price correction and also the new real estate bill to be implemented where builders can't cheet buyers.

    Also, Is it worth constructing our own apartment building with 28-30 flats by taking a land , getting some good builders? Is there any mediatator who is doing this in Pune?

    Please share your views.

  15. Nice Blog and Ace Group offers residential apartment and flats in Greater Noida with affordable price.

  16. Hello Sir,
    Tumcha blog kahi mahinya pasun follow kartoy.Apla kam vakhannya joga ahe.\
    1 bhk residence purpose sathi shodhtana Sus gavat NIMHAN ASSOCIATES yancha Onella project baghitla.
    Apla builder athva project baddal kahi mat janu shakto ka.


  17. Dear Ravi Sir,

    Vikas is right. Now a days buying flat is out of reach for IT comminity as well. I have 10 years of IT service but my salary is not increases in last 10 year as realty rates in pune. So i can not think of buying the flat in pune. Frshers joining IT companies now are still getting same salary as it was offered to me 10 year back 2-4 lac per annum. But realty rates have imcrased by 3 or 4 times. I.e. 20 lac flat in 2005 is now being sold at 60-80 lacs that to 35-40% of build up area. In my opinion every one should stop buying as builder are palying games. They have enough money to hold for 1-2 year but can not hold longer. Also dont think that once you purchased you can sell it again by gaining profit. The realty rates are incrasing without any reason because 1 in 100 goes and pay what they ask. If you calculate they earn 50% of the land cost by just selling car parking and with amenities charges. We put all our hard money for just buying 500-600 ft carpet area. I request everyone to stop purchasing from builder until price corrction of 1000-1500 or wait till real state bill to come if our Prime Minister will take some strict action. If you are realy in need i am forming a group to purchase land and build a society of 50 or 100 flats. please contact me at 9021801945.