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Monday, January 21, 2013

Who owns Nanded City Pune?

Nanded City Development & Construction Company? Satish? Saheb? Who?:

I know who owns Nanded City Pune (www.nandedcitypune.com). Not only do I know, but, the other day, I actually met the owners of Nanded City Pune.

No. Not at Delhi, Baramati or Hadapsar. But at Nanded City Pune itself.

I could not meet all the owners, but only a few of them. Varsha & Sachin Singh. Dhanashri & Suhas Gandhe. And Chetan Dhumane.

Varsha & Sachin, Dhanashri & Suhas live in Nanded City Pune. Chetan Dhumane has recently booked, so as yet he does not live there. But, still, he was present. Only because, Chetan knows that he is one of the majority stake holders in Nanded City Pune.

Collectively all of them, have invested more money in Nanded City Pune than the combined investment of Magarpatta Township Development and Construction Company Ltd. , and all those farmers who pooled their land.

Chetan Dhumane, Nanded City Pune #
Chetan Dhumane, Nanded City Pune


As a owner, Chetan knows that it's his responsibility to get involved in the development & running of Nanded City Pune. Like the Campus of Infosys, I want to start bicycle sharing facility at Nanded City Pune. So, that anyone can move around in 700 acre Nanded City Pune freely.

"Visitors, like you, - addressing me - Chetan said, "don't have to walk couple of kilometers from the main gate to the particular cluster in Nanded City"

"Yes, and in the monsoon, you can get an umbrella at the main get which you can return at the end of your visit!," Chetan added.

"Cycle is good for fit & fighting individuals. Along with it, for the convenience of all, auto rickshaw on demand must be there. So that, when next time, my great grand father & mother - in their 80s - will visit me, they don't have to pinion ride on my scooter - with a suitcase on their lap - from Mangal Bhairav to the main gate!," Varsha said.

"And PMPML bus stop should be at the main gate of Nanded City Pune!," I said.

"Yes, I am working on it. Internal conveyance & connectivity to important points in Pune city is on top of the list of our priorities," Sachin said.

"Along with the timings of hot water supply?," I asked.

Mrs. Dhanashree & Mr Suhas Vithal Gandhe, Asawari, Nanded City Pune
Mrs. Dhanashree & Mr Suhas Vithal Gandhe, Asawari, Nanded City Pune

Cost of a Drop of Water:

"Hot water will remain most discussed topic - till majority of the owners start living in Nanded City Pune. For example, when we shifted - we were the only family at Asawari - in those days - we had to wait for hot water - till the cold water is completely drained out of the pipe - and then bathe. It was not practical and financially affordable - because, hot or cold - you have to pay for each & every drop of water at Nanded City. So, I asked PMS - the maintenance team - to look into the issue. They responded quickly - but took time - because, even they didn't know what to do - but, yes, they solved the problem!," Suhas said.

I looked at my glass on the coffee table. There was some water left in the glass. Picking my glass, I said, "I liked the taste of your water!"

"Thanks for the compliments! From day one, we made up our mind to drink only this water. And you know what? The taste of water was not much different from what we used to drink at our old home - at Dhayari Phata in Pune Municipal Corporation," Dhanashri said.

"Not only the taste - but the quality of water is also good. After shifting here, we have stopped using our old water purifier!," Suhas said.

"And what about the price of water?," I asked.

"I have lived abroad for years. So, I am comfortable about paying for water. We don't have water meters in Pune. But we pay "Panipatti" - water charges along with property tax to PMC. Means, water is not exactly free in Pune. Difference is - here we measure the usage and pay for every drop - which some find uncomfortable," Suhas said.

"What is your approximate monthly water bill?," I asked.

"200 rupees. Not much for a family of 4. Credit goes to Dhanashri. At an early age, she taught our children to close the tap while brushing the teeth," Suhas said.

"Same about my wife! But, she failed to teach me to do the same while shaving," I said and asked, "Can I see your water meters?"

Suhas took me to his kitchen and showed the 2 meters installed on the wall. While I was shooting the photograph of the meters, Dhanashri came with an IC Card. Suhas told me all about how to add money and how to recharge the meter with IC Card.

"To recharge your prepaid power meter, you have to deposit money at the office and manually enter the numbers on your voucher," showing the voucher Sachin said.

Looking at those numbers, I asked, "Too many numbers....how do you manage to enter without making any mistake?"

"No big deal for Sachin. He remembers & enters these numbers as if he is entering his credit card number!," Varsha said.

Mrs. Dhanashree & Mr Suhas Vithal Gandhe, Asawari, Nanded City Pune
Smart Water Meter at Nanded City Pune

Cost of a Drop of Your Sweat:

Varsha & Sachin Singh, Mangal Bhairav, Nanded City Pune
Varsha & Sachin Singh, Mangal Bhairav, Nanded City Pune

While we were in the kitchen, Dhanashri noticed that I was looking at the curtain in the dry balcony. Opening the curtain slightly, she pointed at the connecting passage and said, "For the sake of privacy, I have put the curtain. I don't feel comfortable working in the kitchen when someone is peeping in from the passage"

"Is privacy serious issue in the planning of Nanded City Pune?," I asked.

"If you look at it positively, you can say that "Curtain" plays an important role in your home at Nanded City Pune!," Suhas said.

"Yes, curtain has always played an important role in low cost housing!," I heard me saying this and realized that I had made a big mistake of calling Nanded City low cost housing. To cover up, I said, "I mean - middle class - mass housing in cities. Like - a chawl - in Mumbai"

"No offence! When I bought this 3 BHK Flat, it was really affordable. That's why I could sell my 7 year old 2 BHK Flat at Dhayari Phata and use that money to buy this 3 BHK Flat - without spending a single rupee from my own pocket!," Suhas said.

"Now a days, I wonder, why people pay such a huge property rate for Nanded City!," I said.

"Because of you!," Sachin said and looking at others added that he heard me recommending Asawari to someone over the phone.

"True, that's because he said he wanted a 3 BHK Flat in 70 Lakhs on Sinhagad Road!," I said.

"Property prices on Sinhagad Road are responsible for the price hike at Nanded City Pune! One investor asked 40 lakh for a 1 BHK Flat on Sinhagad Road and demanded 50 per cent cash. That's the reason, I didn't mind paying 31 lakh for Mangal Bhairav," Chetan said.

"So, what is cheaper? A drop of a water or a drop of your sweat?," I asked.

"Depends upon how much efforts you take to get returns of every rupee you paid, for your home. From my experience, I am convinced that if you assertively & proactively get involved - you can get value for your money. We all have formed Facebook Group - Nanded City Pune-A Family - with that intention," Sachin said.

"I admire all of you for that. Milind Kulkarni's Check list for possession is very useful document for every property buyer. I fail to understand why didn't Nanded City Pune come out with such a check list?," I said.

"That's because those who sit in the marketing & technical offices, don't know who pays their salary!," Sachin said.

Milind Kulkarni's Possession Check List

Click and Download Milind Kulkarni's Check List

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  1. Whatever happens Pune property prices are not going down. Even if 2-3 lakhs flat are vacant, builders will squeeze every ounce of blood, money from people.

  2. Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for visiting NC, I am residence of NC . living in Mangal Bhairav since last three months. I need to know about special township act. What is builder responsibility after taking extra FSI from Government ? I am not seeing hospital, connectivity , sport club , gym etc facility at NC. Even we don't know proposed space for that.... Can you sometime write about Township act and builder responsibility for your reader..

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Nice article covering most of the aspects in 'NC' i think so called promised amenities part is missing...may be @ next visit...Hope to see u soon @ ur next visit.....

  5. Thanks for such a nice article Ravi.....NC residents really charged up and working proactively in order to develop their city...Please convey my special thanks to Mr. Kulkarni in you next visit for chklist....

    What is the situation in other big townships like Blue Ridge...Life Republic and Megapolis?Can we expect something from you on them soon....?

    1. Yes, Abhiram. Soon I will write about the residents of Blue Ridge, Life Republic & Megapolis.

  6. Dear Mr. Karandekar,

    Please give your comments on Kingston Elysia.

  7. Last week I visited to see final work status before possession. They have used very cheap kind of material. The grils, aluminum sheet and other things are very Delicate. Its shows that they have used very very poor quality material in flats.

    Let see what we will get in future from this project

  8. what do you think the quoted price will be for a 2.5bhk after 1 year from now in NC by NC

  9. Replies
    1. Sorry. I don't have any idea. Dear Ajit, please, ask me simple questions.

  10. This township do not have common parking area... magarpatta is awesome but Nanded city has worst design

  11. Along with Pune, Nanded has also seen development in recent years..the difference in market is like you buy 2 bhk flats in navi mumbai rather than mumbai..

  12. dear ravi , as per my experience with nandedcity is - te sangtil tase nandayache ,
    staff is very non co-operative , quality of work is very poor , design problems , also they denies dwg file of our flat , ( needed for interior decorator ) - all thing are POWER Style
    shailesh bhandari - shubh kalyan - B 302

  13. planning to shift at nanded city on rental basis for 2 years. Please suggest.

  14. Hi Aditya, still looking for flat on rent in Nanded City ?

  15. To whom i should make complain against a shop in destination center nanded city pune


  16. Living in Nandedcity Mangalbhairav from 2months (as tanent)no proper rules for neighbour problem. People living above my floor keeps continously disturbing day and night.playing cycle,banging,throwing things,etc... Even complained at security but in vain nothing changed. Infact lady said as I have complained now she will start making more noise purposely. She said she bought the house for her convince and can do whatever she wants. There should be proper rules and also some punishment for not following rules.
    I even said I have my exams stop making noise she said " I am not making noise, my son is making noise" I said ask him to stop I have my exams.she replied "So what should I do with it"
    I cannot study My life is disturbed but no action taken on this by Nandedcity (worst I could have been with is living in Nandedcity).