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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi opens booking of 2 new towers of compact 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats!

Property Prices of Blue Ridge Hinjewadi 30 Story 2 Towers:
2 BHK Flat - 1019 sq.ft. - Rs. 40.38 Lakhs All inclusive (approx) Onwards
2 BHK Flat - 1127 sq.ft. - Rs. 50.15 Lakhs All inclusive (approx) Onwards
3 BHK Flat - 1439 sq.ft. - Rs. 67 Lakhs All inclusive (approx) Onwards
Booking Amount Rs. 1 Lakh + 10 % in the next 10 days
Possession: 3 Years (!)

Luxury Homes or Blue Ridge Chawl?:

(Click the Plan to Enlarge)

(Click the Plan to Enlarge)

Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Pune 30 Story Tower No.  7 & 8 at the place of marketing office!
Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Pune 30 Story 2 Towers at the place of marketing office!

Is it about Mangoes or about Peti and Khoka of interest free booking amount?:

Blue Ridge Hinjewadi - 1
Blue Ridge Hinjewadi - Launch Ad of 30 story 2 Towers of compact 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats - 1

Blue Ridge Hinjewadi - 2
Blue Ridge Hinjewadi - Launch Ad of 30 story 2 Towers of compact 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats - 2

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  1. Hi Ravi

    I have been reading your blog since a long time; eversince I started searching for a 2BHK flat in Pune.

    If you look at the builder's perspective, they are continously increasing the sizes of flats and adding tons of amenties ,most of which are not required at all and ultimately rising the prices which are out of range of any middle class person.

    Can you please suggest some sites , or if possible create a seperate section on your blog wherein the middle class people like lecturers and engineers whose monthly income is anywhere between 20 to 40 thousand can buy 1 or 2 BHK flats ?

    Any addiotnal thoughts on this are higly appreciated.

  2. Hello Balaji!

    Thanks! Good - Great suggestion!! I will do it. However, section is bit difficult - because builders in Pune have almost stopped constructing homes for this class.

    However, you must have seen that i not only blog but intentionally promote the project developed for this class. For example, Vastushodh Projects' Urbangram at Kondhawe Dhawade!

    Or Dajikaka Developers' Anant Srishti at Kanhe:

    Or Sparklet Megapolis Smart Homes 1:

    Or River Residency at Chikhali:

  3. I agree with Ravi, Pune builders have stopped constructing homes for this class.

    This class is supposed to rent and not own from now on. Thankfully the rents in Pune in many areas are still well affordable.

    People with extra cash don't mind throwing money at the properties for "Buy to Let" so that they keep earning some income out of the "investment" over the longer period. But that pushes the people from middle/lower-middle salaried class out of the buyer's market.

    Better you buy while you can in the Ravi suggested or similar projects now or lose out in the long run, or just keep renting in the hope that the rents will keep up the speed with your earning over next 30 years!

    Sorry but that's the harsh truth!

  4. Hi Ravi,What do you suggest ? Is 1 BHK in blueridge around 25 Lakhs a good investment ?

    For 2 BHK flats the basic rate quoted by BR is 4200 per sq ft. Can you please provide your point of view on 3 Hinjewadi townships i.e. MegaP,BR and KUL echoloch

  5. Hi Ravi: What is your view about Rohan Leher at Baner ? THey are quoting 4100/sq ft non-negotiable !!! Is this a reasonable rate ? Do you think the area around Lehere will develop ?

  6. Yes, Jyoti! 1 BHK in Blue Ridge is a good investment. Good for the builder. Good for the unmarried persons who would be looking for the rental accommodation without a kitchen.

    I don't know anything about KUL Ecoloch - as an integrated township. Recently launched 1st phase has only 12 buildings of 7 stories. It doesn't give any idea about more than 100 acre township. So, it can't be compared with Blue Ridge & Megapolis. Anyways, i would like to talk about this project when it's 100 per cent ready and occupied.

    Blue Ridge, i have heard, is redesigning it's plan. So, don't know how it will turn out. However, till now, the focus of Blue Ridge is more on the glamor and marketing. Which is good for the builder. And bad for the "investor".

    I like Megapolis for it's down to earth planning, pricing and asset class quality of the property. In short, i believe, it would be a good place to live.

  7. Rohan Leher, like every Rohan Builders' project, is well advertised project. When a home is a basic need and availability is less - Why does the builder spend a lot on advertising? To sell fast and at the higher price! So, how can you expect "value for money"?

  8. So are you saying Rohan Leher is no Value for money ?? Also do you think the surrounding area has the prospect to develop ?

  9. Thanks Ravi for your response.I checked megapolis today, it is definitely very good. But for people like me who have limited budget of "only" 25 Lakhs, only 1 BHK in Blue Ridge is falling in budget. Only good thing that I found in BlueRidge, is 1 BHK is still Rs3500+ per sq ft but 2 bhk is Rs4200+ per sq ft. So your view finally is BR is not good for investors !!


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Dear D, certainly, no value for money. Prospects depends upon residents. If residents take effort any area can be developed, including subway to Baner!

  12. Jyoti, that's was the gimmick of Slim Fit Home! Anyway, you are not the first one. Take care!

  13. Didn't understand what you mean by 'Blue Ridge Chawl?'?

  14. Dear Ravi,

    I visited Megapolis earl this year. The project plan does look very good. But it raised a red flag when I heard it is a 99 year lease instead of a standard sale.
    What is your opinion about it? What are the implications of it?

  15. Dear Ravi,
    I Wanna Know As Per You, Which Would Be The Best of The Best Township To Live in Amongst, kolte patil,kul ecoloch,Blue Ridge or Megapolisis.

  16. Hi Ravi...i m planning to shift Pune.....so need some advise on residence.....have browsed across Township To Live among kolte patil,kul ecoloch,Blue Ridge or Megapolisis....My budget is 55 lakhs in which i m planning for a 2 BHK for residence and a 1 BHK or studio appt. as an investment.....Kindly suggest

  17. Hi Ravi.......
    i am planning to buy 1 bhk in blue ridge for investment purpose
    can you please suggest me whether its a good idea to buy flat in blue ridge
    what to you suggest where i should invest in pune
    Please reply me asap
    Appreciate your suggestion