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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Om Developers' Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412 101 Launched!

Approximate All Inclusive Property Prices at Om Developers' Tropica
Off Mumbai Bangalore Bypass, just after Pavana river, before Santosa Resort, on Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path, after Sameer Lawns at Ravet PCMC, Pune:

2 BHK Flats - 656 to 713 sq.ft. Carpet Area + Terrace - Rs. 35 Lakhs!

3 BHK Flat - 928 sq.ft. Carpet Area + Terrace - Rs. 45 Lakhs!

Tropica Ravet Launch Ad (Mumbai) (Click the Ad to Enlarge) (14-5-2011)

View Om Developers' Tropica 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass at Ravet in PCMC Pune 412101 in a larger map

Views of Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412 101:

Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 -6
Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 6

Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 4
Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 4

Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 3
Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 3

Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 2
Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101 - 2

Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101
Om Developers' Tropica Blessed Township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101

Om Developers' Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune - Worth taking a risk!

For the last couple of weeks, i am recommending Om Developers' Tropica to everyone (who called me on 919860044110 and) who has a budget of around Rs. 35 - 40 Lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat or around Rs. 50 Lakhs for a 3 BHK Flat and wish to own a home in Wakad, Pimple Saudagar - Gurav - Nilakh in PCMC or Baner - Balewadi, Bavdhan in Pune.

First, because, you know, Tropica is a blessed township! Of course, that's what i felt when i visited the site. It's just my gut feeling.

And the property prices at Tropica - a 2 BHK Flat for approx Rs. 35 Lakhs and a 3 BHK Flat for approx Rs. 45 Lakhs was also one of the most important reasons for recommending Tropica Ravet.

Add to it the construction quality, down to earth floor plans, sensible and touching ambience of the township and fair transactions of Om Developers and you will find it's worth taking a risk of investing in Tropica Ravet.

Though, Tropica Ravet has not received all necessary sanctions and approvals! Considering the current Pune real estate locha, these sanctions may take a lot of time - a few months - but i feel, it's worth waiting for!

Like many other recently launched projects, launch of Tropica Ravet, i believe, is not only an effort to collect your booking amount and own contribution before the double digit home loan interest rates completely slow down the Pune real estate market.

Because, here at Tropica Ravet, there is a win win situation. Om developers get interest free funds to develop the township. You get a 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 35 Lakhs or a 3 BHK Flat for Rs. 45 Lakhs. In a blessed township, Tropica. In Ravet. In PCMC. Off Mumbai Bangalore Bypass. Which is a rare, may be the last, opportunity, in Pune real estate market!

Contact for more information:

Mr. Satish 91 8600 201 201 / 86000 35 201/202/203/204

Land line: 020 6510 7100 / 8100




1) SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011

3 BHK (45 Lakhs) & 2 BHK (35 Lakhs) Flats in Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412 101

2) MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011

3 BHK (45 Lakhs) & 2 BHK (35 Lakhs) Flats in Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412101, receive huge response

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  1. This project is already launched and their asking rate/SFT is 2950 .

    1) Will they negotiate a bit as its far from main city ?
    2) What’s the % of loading (Sellable and Carpet)?
    3) This place is almost at the end of Pune boundaries so whats the appreciation chances compare to Wakad or Baner .
    4) Public transport and commutation is yet to be there (Bus / Auto etc).
    5) If we want to rent out this flat in future then it'll hard to get tenant as people used to prefer stay near or inside city.
    6)what was prelaunch rate ??

    I am not commenting anything, I just want to your view???

  2. Dear Bhushan,

    1) Good news - property rates are fix - not negotiable at Tropica Ravet.

    2) Tropica is on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass at Ravet, in PCMC - Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. Kiwale - is the adjoining area in PCMC.

    Dehu Road is the nearest railway station.

    Means, by Mumbai Bangalore Bypass and by Ravet - Akurdi - Chinchwad road and by under - construction Ravet - Aundh BRTA Road - and by train - Tropica is well connected to many parts of Pune. Which is quite rare in Pune.

    So, 2 BHK Flat for 35 Lakhs & 3 BHK Flat for 45 Lakhs in Tropica Ravet have a big potential for appreciation.

    3) I don't own or drive a vehicle. So, i have visited Tropica by PMPL Bus, Tumtum and local train. Yes, Wakad Dehu Road Tumtums have less traffic so you have to wait for some time. If you know the time table of PMPL bus you can depend upon it. Walking or taking the lift and boarding a local for Shivaji Nagar or Pune Stations is what i prefer.

    4) Ideally, everyone prefer to rent out near the work place, convenient place, in a good neighborhood. Tropica Ravet would be all for certain people.

    5) If there had been an attractive pre-launch offer, certainly, i would have blogged it. Tropica Ravet, you know, is my favorite project.

    6) What is loading and saleable area?

    For the benefit of the property buyers, Maharashtra Government has passed a law. Now, the property is sold on the carpet area. Please, be with the time and give up the bad old illegal ideas.

    Bhushan, Pune is growing. Day by day, it's becoming difficult to appreciate and understand the unfamiliar areas.

  3. This one is a NO NO for investors. Rental demand/yield or resale is out of question here.

  4. Why "No No for investors" dear Mistral?

    You must have some valid reasons.

    There must be something more than your typical negative attitude, i believe.

    Making negative comments without giving any reason erodes your credibility.

    So, please, at least now, start explaining "why".

    I am keen to know your views, dear Mistral.

  5. erm... for starters - Too far. No facilities around.

  6. Not too far - but out of the way - unfamiliar part of Ravet!

    Best project at the 'up-coming' location - with 'within budget' price tag - always has a better potential for appreciation! Isn't this the fundamental rule of an investment?

    It means that this project is the best investment opportunity.

    So,dear Mistral, say "Yes! Yes!! for Investors"!

  7. Mistral, if you had visited the site, you would have realized that:

    1) the project has a good approach road

    2) You can cross the Mumbai Bangalore Bypass

    3) It's enough away from the Mumbai Bangalore Bypass

    4) No slums around

    5) In fact has a beautiful hill station type nature around

    6) PCMC has already sanctioned water connection

    7) Ground water level is good

    8) Project is designed as per the new development rules

    9) All towers are 12 floors - around 1,000 flats in 14 buildings on 12 acre plot - means, down the line - will be a good neighborhood and not look out dated

    10) Floor plans & specifications are good

    11) Landscaping adds "wow" factor which will make this property marketable after 5 years

    12) Builders offer fundamentally good construction quality and are ethical in 'transactions'

    13) Efforts to give quality housing and concern for the buyers is clearly visible in the planning and specifications - for example, fans & lights save trouble and cost after possession and will give better rent for the investor or comfort for the home owner

    14) Location is not only convenient for the people working in Hinjewadi - but even in Talegaon & Chakan MIDC!

    15) Most important - at this point of time - when home loan interest rate is 10.25% and at any point would be more than 11% - where can you get a quality 3 BHK in 45 Lakhs and a quality 2 BHK in 35 Lakhs?

    Dear Mistral, be realistic!

  8. Agree that 35 lakhs for 2 BHK is a good price.
    If I was working in Hingewadi IT and wanted to buy an apartment to live there myself then it's a considerably good offer.

    But still it's too far from Pune.

    It's your POV that it's good for investors but as an investor I like to take into consideration of the fact there are bad times as well as good times. And when the bad times come around they tend to prolong their stay. The property prices do not hold and the demand for rental and buying drops sharply. What are the chances of getting rental in such remote location and/or liquidating the asset (a flat) when the times are not good.
    The house prices sustain or go up only when the banks are willing to lend. The banks are willing to lend at the moment.
    But the way Indian debt bubble is ballooning, and the bad loans of the banks are growing, it's inevitable that Indian market collapse and credit crunch will happen sooner or later. Banks will reduce the lending then and lot of so called investors hoping to have a rate rise every year will see there property prices either dropping or stagnating for long period.
    The rental or buying demand will still hold (not as good as now but still better) in good areas.

    So again, if you are an investor it's a NO NO.

  9. Thanks for accepting that the property prices at Tropica - 3 BHK for 45 & 2 BHK for 35 Lakhs - are good, Mistral!

    Yes, Tropica is far from Pune. Far from Paud Road in Kothrud Pune 411 038 where 2 BHK goes for 80+ lakhs. Far from Sopan Baug - Empress Garden where 2 BHK costs 100 Lakhs. Far from Abhiruchi on Sinhagad road where 2 bhk goes for 60 lakhs. You are right about the distance and the property price!

    "Remote Location"! Dear Mistral, please, at least ones, visit the site of "Tropica".

    Please, explore the location - nearest residential area on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass is Wakad - behind Indira Institute - hardly 3.5 kms from Tropica - where Kumar Piccadilly is launching 2 bhk for 45 lakhs & 3 bhk for 60 lakhs!

    Plus, understand the size of the project - Tropica - it's 12 acres - 1,000 flats. An area where 1,000 families - 4,000 people - would be considered as a good neighborhood to buy a resale flat.

    Yes, investors like you who are aware about the economy - some times miss the good opportunity like Tropica - but never mind - at least you avoid taking a bad decision - which is more important for me.

    True, Tropica is good for those investors who think like investors.

    Not for someone like you, who is not sure - whether he is a home buyers or an investors!

    Dear Mistral, This is what is called "Chemical Locha in Brain" - confused mind!

  10. HI Ravi,

    YOu say,

    Though, Tropica Ravet has not received all necessary sanctions and approvals! Considering the current Pune real estate locha, these sanctions may take a lot of time - a few months - but i feel, it's worth waiting for!

    Still you recommending this project.
    Why it is so ?

    Also what's the rate per sqft?

    What's the saleable area of 700 sqft carpet flat?

    How much down payment I've to make for a 2bhk 35 lac flat?

  11. Because, Gurunath, when i visited Tropica, for the first time, i felt that, the plot of land of Tropica is blessed. Full of goodness.

    It is the best place to live.

    It's my feeling. The meaning of the 'vibrations' - i experienced at the site.

    So, i feel that it's worth taking a risk of investing and waiting for the official sanctions.

    These are my feelings.
    I take them very seriously.
    I have said so in my blog - in the first one and in this too.

  12. Dear Gurunath, please, give up the idea of "Saleable Area"! This is 2011! Not 1947!!

    Now, all good builders are talking about "Carpet Area" - the approx space inside the 4 walls of your home.

    Because, in Maharashtra - Carpet Area is the only legal description of your flat.

    Wake up, man!

  13. Booking amount is 10% of your property price in Tropica Ravet!

  14. Ravi..."True, Tropica is good for those investors who think like investors.

    Not for someone like you, who is not sure - whether he is a home buyers or an investors!

    Dear Mistral, This is what is called "Chemical Locha in Brain" - confused mind!"

    Don't blame you. As a real estate salesman you have sell the dreams and promises.

  15. There you go, if you don't want believe it then ET's saying it too


  16. hi ravi,i want daily alerts from your site

  17. I recently visited and they are planning to do agreement etc from start of next month and immediate amount required for 2 BHK is about 7 L which looks strange at the start of project and project completion date is 2.5 tentative .

    I am just wondering
    1)if its sensible to invest 7 L at the start of project while all approvals are not in place and work will start tentavely after 3-5 months.
    2)if builder going to increase the rate soon ?????

  18. when i went to Tropica they have given me price list in which they have mentioned carpet area and rate and basic flat cost.
    But when i calculated bisic flat cost value ( which should come carpet area * rate) it is not matching.
    So i went ahead and calculated basis flat vlaue = Saleable area * rate and this figure gets matched.
    If buliders are going to sale flat based on saleable area then what is the purpose of mentioning Carpet area on the manual.

  19. I agree with Bhusan and Abhijeets commnet. Ravi- Can you please throw some light on these points?

  20. I visited this Project yestarday. They told me that 3 BHK are 'SOLD OUT'. This sounds strange considering the project is launched recently only. Also, the lady told me that there will be 25% 'loading' in the Carpet Area. So, I agree with what Abhijeet Mane is telling.

    How is this project for a Home Buyer and not Investor ? Which are the approvals they have not got ?

    Is there anybody who has already booked the project and got a Home Loan without any problems ?

  21. Hi Ravi,

    Forgot to Thank You for such a Nice BLOG. Your visits, analysis is really helpful. I have visited many sites after first going thought your Analysis. Yestarday visited Ravet's projects Tropica, Celestial City, Devraai. In that, I am waiting for your suggestion on my above comment/query.

  22. You are welcome, Prashant!Thanks for the complements!!

  23. 1) In the 2 Buildings opened for booking, at Tropica Ravet, 3 BHK Flats were only around 44! And the budget for a 3 BHK Flat at Tropica Ravet was only Rs. 45 Lakhs. So, this was bound to happen!

    In 45 Lakhs, at this point of time - in Pune real estate market, you get a good 2 BHK Flat!

    Tropica Ravet's offer - compact - luxurious - quality property - in an affordable budget - is the best offer in PMC & PCMC limits.

    As good as Megaplois Smart Homes 2 in Megapoliswadi in Hinjewadi.

    I hope the builder will increase the 3 BHK Flats in the 2nd phase.

    2) Brochure of Tropica Ravet and Property Price list of Tropica Ravet only mentions "Carpet Area of the Fla"t and "the Carpet Area of the Terrace."

    Because, - for the benefit of the property buyers - in Mahrashtra State property is sold on the carpet area.

    So, I didn't understand what you and Abhijeet are talking about. I am very sorry.

    3) Tropica Ravet is ideal for both - for the home buyer and for the investor!

    4) NA & environment clearance are applied for.

    5) For a home loan - you have to sign & register the agreement. It will take time. HDFC Guy told me that project will get a home loan, for sure.

  24. Yes, Bhushan! It's sensible to invest at this stage in Tropica Ravet and wait for the sanctions.

  25. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Is it ok to go for this project even if the NA & ENVIRONMENT CLEARANCE is pending ?

    Considering the worst, what happens if they don't get NA/ENV. Clearance on time OR at all ?

    Can I get the Home Loan sanctioned without this 2 basic approvals ?

    I am careful because I will be putting all my savings in the project & want to live there in future.

    About the carpet area & terrace area, I have observed that they are quoting something like 668(approx. carpet)+113(approx.terrace). (Don't remember exact area as costsheet is not there presently with me.). However, when I put the rate, I can see that they are charging for 1073 area i.e. Saleble area. So, Is this difference of around 273 sq.feet is normal ?

    Also, what's your view on comparing Ravet with Ambegaon/SinhgadRoad Locality ? NandedCity/Vyankatesh LakeVista is also available around the same rate if I am not wrong.

  26. 1) It will take it's own time - but the project will get all sanctions.

    2) Before the project is approved by the bank - in the mean time - you can get your loan sanctioned from HDFC. (Actually, one should get the sanction letter and then start searching home!)

    3) Tropica Ravet has approx 1000 flats - if you are not sure - or comfortable - wait till they get all sanctions. Paying more is cheaper than the stress!

    4) For the benefit of common man - property buyers - now, in Maharashtra State, property is sold on the Carpet Area.

    I fail to understand what you are doing and why you are doing these calculations. I am law abiding common man. I don't know much abouit illegal matters or maths. Sorry!

    5) I am not "International Property Consultant" to talk on these lines!

    Comparing Ravet which is in PCMC and Ambegaon which is a Gram Panchayat - is like comparing by batting style with Sachin Tendulkar.

    And i know the rates of Nanded City Pune and Lake Vista.

  27. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for your reply. Nice Explanation. :-)

  28. NA & environment clearance are applied for....
    It will take it's own time - but the project will get all sanctions....

    sounds like a case of interest free money for the builder :-)

  29. Request to All,

    If anybody gets an update on the approvals of this Project, please post it here.

  30. Hi Ravi,

    Can you suggest other projects in Wakad OR any other area which you feel are at par with this Project.

    Thanks in Advance.

  31. Dear Ravi,

    HDFC, SBI, LIC Housing, and Axis bank has approved Tropica but ICICI has still not cleared the project.

    I have found ICICI has the best interest rates (10% upto 25 lakhs).

    What could be the reasons for ICICI delaying clearance. Tropica people has told me that file is given to ICICI for approval.

    Should I wait for ICICI clearance of project, or should go ahead with HDFC and others who are charging between 10.15 to 10.25% ROI.

    Sandeep Prabhu

  32. Dear Sandeep,
    "Rate" - it may be a property rate or - a home loan interest rate - is not the only parameter to decide the bank!

    Please, visit these links:

    1) Six tips to choose your home loan lender : Rupee Times

    2) How To Choose A Home Loan Lender - International Business Times

  33. Is there any group for this project where all buyer are discussing the progess? Also can you please give your point of view on which is better Tropica Or Celestial City?


  34. hi Guys,
    I am planning to buy 2BHK in this area.
    I searched lot many flats in wakad, baner , balewadi but there prices are too high for me.
    It seems 3000 /sft is not a bad deal.
    Do you think that Ravet will be developed as a residential area in next 2-3 years?

  35. Dear Yogesh,

    what exactly do you mean by "developed as a residential area"?

    What kind of development you expect in Ravet?

    Are Wakad and Balewadi "developed residential areas" for you?

    Can you plan your life as per the time table of the development of Ravet or any area?

    Looking at "Hinjewadi First", haven't you realized that you have to fight for the development - better infrastructure - of your neighborhood?

  36. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  37. Tropica Or Celestial City? Which one would be better If I had to go for a 2BHK (we can exclude the cost factor here)?

    Thank you for your reply.

  38. Certainly, Tropica!
    If you value "goodness"!!
    Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog:
    Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

  39. Hello Ravi,

    Is it possible to elaborate why one should prefer Tropica over Celestial City based on facts?

    Really appreciate your reply.

  40. Hello Mihir!

    Thanks for asking - 'why one should prefer Tropica over Celestial City?'

    You know, I was 'real estate salesman'. For me most important distinguishing factor between any two projects is you - the home buyer.

    Because, i know, any 2 projects are as good as they can be.

    Now, important factor is which project fulfills your most important desire.

    I value 'goodness'. That's what i look for in a home and in a person. So, for me 'Tropica' is the right choice.

    If someone looks for 'smartness' - then i think he should go for 'Celestial City'.

    Point is, it all depends upon you. What you want. "Urvashi" or Goodness?

  41. Hello Ravi,

    Thanks for the feedback. But I was not able to interpret your remarks, it appeared pretty much subjective.

    I would really appreciate if "Goodness" of Tropica is elaborated based on facts.


  42. Dear Mihir, i have written a blog about the flat, amenities & concept in Tropica. Isn't it enough?

    For me, what you like is more important!

    I don't believe in the comparison - i believe in the right choice - If I like to marry Urvashi then I won't be happy in Celestial City!

    I hope you can understand me. I am talking about your liking and preferences. And i request you to focus on yourself!

  43. Hi
    I bought 2 BHK here and now they want to get the agreement done , I have got the draft of agreement and I have lot of queries , is there any lawyer in Pune who can help me with this agreement, also do these builders change agreement language if required? how much will lawyer charge
    Sorry my questions may be stupid, its just that I am based out of mumbai and did this investment at Ravet

  44. Hi Ravi,I guess
    TROPICA havent received Environment Clearance, Still they are asking for signing agreement.So is it wise to do agreement even if the Environment clearance is not received?need ur view

  45. Ok so your yes was to sign an agreement without sanctions or wait till all clearances are received?

  46. Hi
    my 2 questions
    1. Is it ok to sign agreement without environmental clearance or not
    2. I went through the draft agreement and they have a "price escalation clause" i.e, in case the cost of material or labour increases so will be the price of flat increase in the same ratio.. I found this clause to be very strange should we be signing on this clause

  47. how is the construction progress on this project? is there any group where buyer discuss about the progress? Kindly suggest.

  48. Hello Ravi sir,

    My budget is near about 25L, Looking for 1 BHK flat can you please suggest me where should buy the property. I working in Hinjewadi its easy to me 14-15 KM around, So please suggest me or any project suitable to my budget.


  49. Hello Ravi,

    I have bought a flat in Tropica. Two years down the line and the project stil hasnt got the enviormental clearance. The construction of flat is as per the deadlines, but the amenities are not constructed as the enviornmental clearance is not there.

    My question is how long shall we wait for the clearance. We have paid extra amount for the garden facing flat and the last demand for the flat is near. Is there a way we can pressurize the builder by not paying this demand letter until he get the clearance and hence get the amenities built.


  50. Om developers is one of the worst construction builders i have come across. I have couple of flat in Pune, one of them is in The Island, Wakad built by om developers. The construction is full of leakages and cracks, most of the society members are suffering and some of them are even planning to file suit against the builders. Be ware home buyers.


  51. Om developers is one of the cheap builder, he has taken full money from owners but not providing amenities of daily use, they are not able to complete a single internal road.

    One more example of cheapness-
    Builder has already taken money for mseb meters but since last 6 months there is no progress. But builder installed private meters @7rs per unit per flat and they installed private meters within 30 minutes because building is getting money.