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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sobha Ivory, 2nd phase and smaller version of Sobha Carnation, near NIBM, Kondhwa, Pune 411 048: Pre-launch Offer

Sobha Ivory, luxurious 3 BHK Flats of 1450 to 1900 sq.ft. saleable areas, in the property price range of Rs. 65 to 100 lakhs (approximate):

In the last 9 months, Sobha Developers (www.sobhadevelopers.com) have done quite well! Now, only last 3 - 4 flats - Duplex (3223 sq.ft.), Penthouse (3864 sq.ft.) - are available in the super-luxurious Sobha Carnation at Kondhwa, Pune 411 048.

So, many property buyers who were looking for a 3 BHK Flat of a good size (1400 - 1500 saleable) or spacious 3 BHK Flat with or without a servant room (1800 - 1900 saleable), were waiting for luxurious Sobha Ivory.

Sobha Ivory - Review:

Sobha Ivory, Next Phase of Sobha Carnation, at Kondhwa, Pune 411048: Layout Plan
Layout Plan Of  Sobha Ivory, near NIBM, at Kondhwa, Pune 411 048

On a 4 acre plot, Sobha Ivory has 140 flats of 3 BHK in 2 buildings. B 1 and B 2. Both buildings have 11 floors. Building B 1 has 3 BHK Flats of 1400 - 1500 sq.ft. saleable area. B 2 has 3 BHK Flats of 1800-1900 saleable area. All flats are open from 3 sides and have a good view - of NIBM &/or Bopdev Ghat.

First floor flats have (approx) 300 sq.ft. garden, and on the rest of the podium there are common amenities. Sobha Ivory has a club house, basket ball court, children's play area but if you want to swim, you have to use the swimming pool of Sobha Carnation. Parking is on 2 levels - on the ground and in the basement.

How to invest in Sobha Ivory Kondhwa Pune 411048?

View Sobha Ivory, near NIBM, Kondhwa, Pune 411 048 in a larger map

It looks like, Sobha Developers from Bangalore believe that having a range of 3 BHK Flats in different budgets and sizes would be more easy to sell in Pune real estate market. So, if you look at the layout plan and the floor plans of Sobha Ivory, you can see that architects have taken a lot of effort to fit the flats in a certain size and budget. But, in this process, i feel, they have made the things unnecessarily complicated. So, in reality, my guess is, you are going to have a tough time to finalize your flat. And ultimately, as usual, you have to compromise and accept that in your budget you can't get more than this! To avoid this unpleasant feelings, i feel that, you should simplify your buying process. Let me tell you how:

1) 3 BHK Flats in Sobha Ivory - size matters!:

First decide which size of a 3 BHK Flat is enough for you and don't look at other sizes! Sobha Ivory has 3 types of flats - 1) A Type (approx) 1667 sq.ft. saleable, 2) B 1 Type (approx) 1470 sq.ft. saleable and 3) E 1 Type (approx) 1824 sq.ft. So, if you feel that 3 BHK Flat of 1667 sq.ft. is enough for you, then don't look at the plans of other sizes!

Sobha Ivory, Next Phase of Sobha Carnation, at Kondhwa, Pune 411048: 3 BHK Flat, B1Type in Block 1
Sobha Ivory: B 1 Type 3 BHK Flat 1470 sq.ft. saleable (approx)

2) Sobha Ivory - Focus on Property Price Pays Off!

If you find it difficult to decide on the saleable area, ask for the property prices of the all types. If A Type Flat fits in your budget, then make it a point to not see B 1 & E 1 Type Flats at all!

Why? Because mostly, the property price difference between your choice and other types would be only Rs. 10 - 15 lakhs. If you see those Types and if you like some features of that type, two things can happen. You will waste your time and energy in thinking whether you should increase your budget or go for the smaller Type of a Flat, though you can afford to buy a bigger one! If you couldn't make up your mind, this exercise will only make you unhappy.

Besides that, you have to keep some margin. Yet, you haven't finalized the floor, which is going to add some cost to the property price of your flat!

3) Ass or Asset?

Sobha Ivory, Next Phase of Sobha Carnation, at Kondhwa, Pune 411048: 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room, A Type in Block 1
Sobha Ivory: A Type 3 BHK Flat with Servant Rroom 1667 sq.ft.  saleable (approx)

For a moment, consider that a 3 BHK Flat you are buying is a man or a woman! For all of us, certain portion or some part / parts of a man or woman's body are more important. We never give importance to the complete body - from head to toe - front and back - of a man or a woman. Right? Some give importance to the face. Some give importance to the body above or bellow the waist. For some, a person's butt has more appeal. Right?

Then why consider the complete flat while buying a property? While choosing a flat, focus only on the part of the flat which is more important to you. If for you common space in the flat is more important, then only look at the size and shape of the living cum dining and kitchen. If private area in a flat is more important to you, then look at the room sizes and their positions. Simply don't give much importance to less important part of your flat. Just accept the way it is! If you do this, you will not torture yourself by asking questions nobody likes to answer!

For example, if you are going for B 1 Type 3 BHK Flat because it fits in your budget and you like the clean layout, size, shape of your living + dining & kitchen, then don't bother about all those 3 bedrooms which are crowded in a one corner of your flat!

If you are going for E 1 Type Flat because you like to have your children's bedroom close to yours but your parents bedroom far away from yours and near Pooja, then don't bother about servant's room and convert it into kitchen and shift your dining into the kitchen and have two seating arrangements in the living!

4) No If. No Butt:

Sobha Ivory, Next Phase of Sobha Carnation, at Kondhwa, Pune 411048: 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room, E1Type, in Block 2
Sobha Ivory: E 1 Type 3 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1824 sq.ft. saleable (approx)

Like a man and a woman, no 3 BHK Flat in Sobha Ivory is perfect! So, focus on what you have in your chosen type of flat. Don't make yourself dissatisfied by expecting some feature from other type of flat. You know that there is no point in complaining, - why didn't Shahrukh Khan try to increase his height - instead of developing six packs? Don't you focus on Mallika Sherawat's assets and ignore her face? So focus on what your chosen type of a 3 BHK Flat in Sobha Ivory offers and don't disappoint yourself by comparing it with other types! For example:

1) If you have chosen A Type Flat of 1667 sq.ft., please, don't ask "Why the master bedroom of A Type Flat is 11'2"x13'? Why is it not 15'11"x 11'6" like E 1 Type Flat?"

2) If you are going for E 1 Type Flat, please, don't ask, "Why my bedrooms in my 1824 sq.ft. E 1 Type Flat don't have privacy like small 1667 sq.ft. A Type Flat? Dont' you think i deserve it more?"

3) If you want to book B1 Type Flat then don't ask why this smaller flat of 1450 saleable has both - an attached terrace and a balcony whereas bigger flats, for example A Type Flat of 1667 saleable has only one balcony - no terrace? Is it fair?

5) Why invest in Sobha Ivory, near NIBM, Kondhwa Pune 411 048?

If you simplify your buying process by focusing on what you are getting and ignoring what you would have liked to have, you can be a proud owner of a property which is constructed by the trained workers. Your property will have better water proofing and mostly, walls of your 3 BHK Flat in Sobha Ivory will have no cracks like other flats in Pune. Because, of the type of the paint applied on the inner and outer surfaces, your Sobha Ivory will never loose it's sheen even after 10 years.

6) Sobha Ivory: Book early. Pay late!

Oh! I forgot to tell you the most important benefit of simplifying your buying process and booking your flat in less time than others! You can get a better choice, more options and longer period for not paying your booking amount! Because, at this point of time, since sanctions and approvals are in the process, Sobha Developers is only collecting your cheque dated 25th August 2010! So, your time starts now!

Contact Sobha Ivory for the Pre-launch offer:

Mr. Promit Kumar
91 99756 50000 & promit.kumar@sobha.com

Mr. Arun Mulchandani
91 95610 00282 & arun.mulchandani@sobha.com

Pune Office:

Tel: 020 2612 4138, 99756 40000, 99756 50000
Email: punesales@sobha.com

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  1. sir, i am investor in shobha carnation,kondhwa block b , 8 floor 3bhk flat area 2165 sf ,due to personal reasons i want to sell the flat . can i get ur esteemed advise ,help in arriving the lump sum price i should get for my sale . regards harish manuja 217, aurora towers, m.g.road, pune m)9371041563