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Monday, August 23, 2010

1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi - For Whom?

Whomsoever wishes to invest Rs. 25 - 26 lakhs in Pune real estate!

Blue Ridge 1 BHK Slim Fit Home 571 sq.ft.
1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Pune 411 057

This is a 1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi.

Floor Plan of 1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Pune 411 057

This is a floor plan of a 23 story building in Blue Ridge Hinjewadi which will have 9 / 10 units of 1 BHK Slim Fit Homes on each floor.

1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi is not a home. Not a Flat. Not a Service Apartment, nor a Studio Apartment.

In fact, i have realized that, 1 BHK Slim Fit Home is not a real estate product - like a 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, 5 BHK Flat, Duplex, Penthouse, Row House, Twin Bungalow, Bungalow, Farm House and all.

1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi is much more than that!

As a consumer, we consume many products which offer something more than they are normally supposed to offer.

For example, diet food like Special K - can take one jeans size off for overweight adults!

You start using Olay and battle against aging!

You give Complan to your child because you know that "Children who drink Complan along with a regular diet grow in height 2 times faster..."

To go on and on and on, there is Kohinoor Xtra Time.

To fulfill our extra-ordinary demands, every manufacturer takes extra efforts. He doesn't stop at manufacturing a product which fulfills our basic need.

Why can't a builder do what a consumer product manufacturer can? Paranjape Schemes' must have asked themselves. And they came up with a 1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi!

So, there is no point in asking "For Whom is Blue Ridge Hinjewadi constructing these homes?" Whoever goes for Special K, Olay, Complan, Kohinoor Xtra Time could buy a 1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi. Obviously, whoever has Rs. 25 - 26 lakhs! Look how extra-ordinary it is:

Slideshow of Paranjape Schemes' 1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Pune 411 057:

Brochure of a 1 BHK Slim Fit Home at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi Pune 411 057:

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  1. [RaviK] So, there is no point in asking "For Whom is Blue Ridge Hinjewadi constructing these homes?"

    Gosh...Who dared to ask such offending question? :)

    Frankly, the only reason I think Paranjape came up with 1BHK Slim Fit holes is that they wanted to cramp as many apartments in small piece of land and still make handsome profits.

    Someone else can always differ from this viewpoint though...and that's perfectly alright :)

    Few thoughts abt BR 1BHK Slim Fit Holes..oops..Homes (sorry abt typo):

    1. Flat layout: No balcony, cramped internal space.
    a. Some flats are actually "studio type". No closed bedroom.
    b. Huge common passage, railway bogie like layout.
    2. What will be the approx monthly maintenance?
    3. As an investor:
    a. Will there be any appreciation if any during resale?
    b. What will be “in-hand” rent after maintenance & property tax?
    4. I am still can't see who is target 'End user'?
    5. 9 flats per floor, approx 20 floors/bldg, 5 buildings = 900 flats and Only one swimming pool & tennis court as amenities.

    If someone still wants to stay in SlimFit Homes, best way is to rent these apartments when they are available...and believe me lot of supply of rental homes will be there in BR.

  2. In one of the brochures in your posts few days back, I could see 5 buildings of 1BHK SlimFits.
    In this post, it has been changed to 4 buildings and position of buildings has also changed w.r.t each other.

    Hope builder does not pop-up 5th building in-between after sufficient bookings are grabbed. And I said "if"

  3. Hi Ravi,

    I am reading your blogs whenever they publish with all comments as well. I am not in India right now but want to buy a flat in blue ridge (3BHK). The rate seems to be very high for me. I feel the rate should be 3000 and not 3500. What you feel abou the rate?


  4. Yes, at one point of time, it was 3000. That's why now it is 3500.

  5. But do you personally feel the area where the Blue Ridge is worth of 3500? I want your personal views on this.

  6. "Yes, at one point of time, it was 3000. That's why now it is 3500."
    ....so helping and so not rude.

  7. [RaviK] "Yes, at one point of time, it was 3000. That's why now it is 3500."

    And come Dassera, Diwali it will be jacked up to Rs. 4000 or may be even higher...
    Hurry, Hurry, otherwise you will be left out (...of EMI burdened people's bandwagon.)

    Current levels of RE prices have squeezed out purchasing power of IT NRIs to the maximum possible extent. Forget about local IT Guys.

    In general Builders are pushing higher middle class guys (ITGs used to consider themselves here) to the middle class & middle class people to lower middle class and so on.

  8. I have pulled out of this expensive experiment .... really ont intrested in being guinea pig ... yes i am same prashvd .... http://prashvd.blogspot.com/

  9. Heard that Cancellations are not allowed in Blue ridge? Can anyone provide update on this? If allowed, how much does Paranjape deduct?

  10. Feel free to cancel! No cancellation charges at Blue Ridge Hinjewadi.

  11. Hi Ravi,

    Can you publish BR 1BHK price sheet on your blog.

  12. Rama Builder - Air Castles, Marunji - Cancellation hassle

    My relative wants to cancel his booking at Air Castle , Marunji near Hinjewadi. Registration is not yet done.
    Booking amt was Rs.1lacs and cancellation charges were 50% (very high). Booking rate was 2450 and now he is quoting 2800 to new buyers.

    Now, when we want to cancel booking, Rama builder is asking to pay Rs.50,000 BLACK money in CASH and also told that we will get back Rs.1lacs only after the said flat is sold to some other buyer.
    But nothing of this sort is written in the booking paper, it just says cancellation penalty is 50% of booking amt.

    Ever since booking our experience with Rama builder is very bad.

    Avoid Rama builder!!!

    Please forward this to your friends, especially in Hinejewadi. Let this rogue builder know power of bulletin board, mailing lists.
    Without support from Hinjewadi IT people, these arrogant, crook builders will hesitate to act like this henceforth.

  13. I have booked a slim fit 1BHK flat in BR. After reading your blog and posted comments I am confused whether I should be go ahead with it or back track. Please advise. The purpose of booking a flat is purely investment.