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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aarohi at Sus - What is an issue?

Members at Aarohi at Sus on September 5, 2009

In July 2010, i posted 2 blogs.

1) TUESDAY, JULY 20, 2010

Teerth Realties' Aarohi at Sus - Group Housing Project of IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune (ITPWAP) - Construction Updates and Availability

2) THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2010

Teerth Realties' Teerth Towers at Baner Sus Pune 411 021 - pre-launch group bookings open!

Teerth Towers - 10 acre township of 2 BHK, 3 BHK Flats, and Fully Furnished Studio Apartments with VIBGYOR High School - by the developers of Aarohi at Sus, Group Housing Project of IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune (ITPWAP)

Out of these 2 blogs, one is about the pre-launch offer of Teerth Towers at Baner Sus - so this was my first blog on Teerth Towers. But, my blog on Aarohi at Sus was not the first one. It was a follow up blog. I have already posted 2 blogs on Aarohi at Sus.


Now, 96 IT Professionals can buy spacious 2 & 3 BHK Flats at an affordable property rates in an ITPWAP's township at Sus which has all amenities!

2) MONDAY, OCTOBER 5, 2009

Aarohi at Sus:
Tirth Developers' Eco-Friendly Township for IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune (ITPWAP)

An attempt to collect information about the housing project started by Information Technology Professionals working in Hinjewadi, Pune!

Angry Comments:

However, this time, on my blogs posted in the month of July 2010 on Aarohi at Sus and Teerth Towers at Baner Sus, i saw many comments talking negative about Teerth Realties, developers of these projects.

Though most of the comments were posted as "Anonymous", the anger expressed in the comments convinced me that these are genuine comments. So - i didn't reject these comments. I published these comments. Which i always do. Because, i believe that you are not only a reader. You are also a contributor.

I am working in Pune real estate market for more than 20 years. As an advertising and marketing consultant. And as a salesman. Obviously, i have my prejudices and preferences. Which i never hide. In fact, i make it a point to disclose. I write about Pune real estate from my point of you. Which is, i believe, only a 50% part of my blog. Rest of 50% comes from you. From Pune property buyers. Your contribution, property buyer's comment, makes my blog complete. So, i respect your opinion and, many times, sentiments - expressed in your comments. Even posted anonymously. And without any proof.

However, this time it was different. Most of the comments on Aarohi at Sus and Teerth Towers at Baner Sus, were claiming that they were expressing the opinion of Aarohi Co. Op. Housing Society Ltd. Sus Gaon – Pune - IT Professional Welfare Association at Pune (ITPWAP).

Own your contribution to Pune real estate market:

So, i did two things.
1) I changed the settings. Now, i don't moderate your comments. Now, you have to "sign in" to post your comment. You can't post as anonymous. It means, now, you are responsible for your views expressed in your comment. Now, you can take a credit for your valuable contribution to Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog.
2) I asked for the official views of Aarohi Co. Op. Housing Society Ltd. Sus Gaon – Pune - IT Professional Welfare Association at Pune (ITPWAP).

Here is the covering letter of Communication Team of Aarohi Society and their "write up" which throws light - as per the covering letter - on the "pure facts" - means without the "emotions" - you find in the comments on my blogs - about an Aarohi at Sus issue.

Aarohi Co. Op. Housing Society Ltd. Sus Gaon – Pune says:

Please, go through these documents. Understand the side of Aarohi Co. Op. Housing Society Ltd. Sus Gaon – Pune. Sign in and express your views in the comments.

To help you to take your decision to book a 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flats / Fully Furnished Studio Apartment at Aarohi at Sus or at Teerth Towers at Baner Sus, i am going to ask the builder, Mr. Vijay Raundal of Teerth Realties, my ex-client and a favorite builder, to tell me his side of the story.

Covering Letter of Communication Team Aarohi Society:

Aarohi Factsheet

Aarohi Society ✆ to me
show details 11:53 (20 hours ago)

Dear Ravi –

Its very nice to see you are appearing in very much professional way on your Blog.

Its happen that – Some of the members of Aarohi Society were not happy as according to them the picture is presented in articles and comments passed on Blog were not complete and precise rather according to them its Misleading.

As this project is running now over 3 years and day by day possession for non registered members is becoming challenge from Builder on the ground of Market appreciation (This is inspite of Written MOU duly signed by both parties and Builder is sole responsible for delay in Project).

People those who paid partially (15%) over 2 years, but for some reason/s not able to complete their registration are qt sentimental with news on this project. Please consider its obvious reaction.

However we expressing our regret if you are heart directly or indirectly by any of the comments from our Society members.

In our Committee Meeting we have decided to come out with WRITE UP which will throw pure light on FACTS. This is without putting any emotions in it. These facts we are planning to publish on Society’s official website. We are in the process of discussing with Solicitor and registering domain.

Meanwhile we are sending this WRITEUP for your pleasure reading. You may decide on whether to publish this article or not. We are respecting your decision.

We are intentionally enclosing ‘Source file’ So that in the case you feel to publish on your Blog - it will facilitate you to Cut and Paste – But no editing please.

Further we are seriously giving thoughts on inviting you in our General Body Meeting.

Feel free to communicate with your Comments and Concerns.

The Best Regards,

– Communication Team –
Email: Aarohisociety.pune@gmail.com.

Link to webpage of the original mail of AarohiSociety.Pune

View Teerth Realties' Aarohi at Sus - Group Housing Project of IT Professionals Welfare Association Pune (ITPWAP) in a larger map

Aarohi at Sus: Write Up: Facts:


P R O J E C T - F A C T S H E E T

Background of the project: The project was conceptualized on Gated Community Concept for IT professionals. Idea was to get affordable housing with good amenity at reasonable price. A total of 167 units were planned as part of this dream.

Builder selected for the Project: Suyojit Infrastructure from Nashik was selected to construct the 166 units.

Amenity and Technical Specification: List of Technical specification and Amenity was prepared and agreed with the builder Suyojit Infrastructure limited.

Location Finalization: We wanted plenty of open space for our kids to play hence we went out to fringe village “Sus Gaon” as land was much cheaper in Sus Gaon.

Scope of Project: Initial Scope of project was 23 Row Houses, 18 Twin Bungalows and 3 buildings of 7 floors each with 6 flats in each floor (so total of 7*6*3 = 126 flats)

Price Finalization: Price of flats were fixed at Rs. 1900 per sq feet and for TwinBungalows and Row Houses Rs. 2100 per sq feet

Land Purchase: Suyojit Infrastructure had assured to buy land in 3-6 months time. We went ahead and paid 15% to enable the builder to buy the land.

MOU Signing: MOU was signed between both the parties listing key terms and conditions including date of completion.

Delay in Land Acquisition: There was a delay in land acquisition from Suyojit’s side. While we were trying to find out the details we came to know that Suyojit has partnered with Teirth Developers for land deal. This was the first time when we came to know about Teirth. We were told that Suyojit will be the major partner and Teirth will be minor partner. Time kept passing, we were told that in one week the land deal would be completed. Week turned into month and we always felt that right picture of the situation was not presented to us. It was getting very difficult for us to manage the members but somehow we continued.

Frequent Scope Changes:
While we were progressing our builders, by then the project was turned into a joint venture by Suyojit Infra and Teirth Developers, mentioned that there are rule changes and they need to add 4 more floor and make the 3 building C, D and E as 11 storey. This was defeating our whole purpose as we wanted less load on the open space and common amenity hence we asked the builder that we are backing out and project can be stopped. At that time the builder mentioned that they can live with 9 floors in C, D, E buildings and we as a group agreed. After some time builder mentioned that they want to add 2 more building F and G as that land belonged to people who did not want to part with their land. Scope kept changing and we all agreed on a scope which was 23 row houses, 18 Twin Bungalows, Building C of 9 floor, Building D of 9.5 floor, Building E of 10 floor, Building F of 9 floor and building G of 9 floor.
Registered Sale deed was done mentioning this scope. Though we were not happy with the additions of F and G building but we agreed with builder so that project could be completed.

Plan Passing: Builder informed us that plan till 4 floor is passed and sale deed was done for all members till 4th floor in C, D and E building. We were told that the plan from 4th to 7th floor will be passed in 3 months……………….it’s been close to 2 years but the plan is still not passed. We were told multiple times that plan will be passed in 2 days but that never happened. There was an occasion when we were told to wait in builder’s office as the plan passing order from 4th to 7th floor was on the way but that never happened. Over all we got a feeling that we were not given the right status of plan passing.

Group status: As there was delay of close to 18 months in starting the project and since we were never given the right status of land acquisition group members started getting restless. In fact when finally the land was acquired and plan passed there were surprised members who took time to arrange for next step payments. There were many who were not sure that the builder will seriously complete the project. Right from beginning builder is avoiding meeting with members and further avoiding any written commitments for even basic documents like Project Plan with time line or any such commitment.

Project Status: Project progressed, we put together our own QC team at members cost, but the project continued without a project plan. We asked multiple times about project plan but we were never able to get it even after multiple promises from builder’s office.

New Twist in Scope: The new twist came when builder sent a mail to group that he will not build building F and G and wants to add 2-3 floors in building C, D and E. We as a group opposed this and sent notice not to build additional floor. However builder went ahead and started building the additional floors, which we still oppose as they are illegal in our opinion. Latest we hear is that the builder wants to now add even F and G buildings to the scope.

We as a group oppose builders move to add floors in building C,D and E. However builder is insisting on Written Consents from members to get authority in changing scope as he likes and when he feels.

Notifications on Legal Background: As Builder is avoiding meetings for discussions with Society and violating Agreed terms (signed in MOU by both the parties) and as time line is already exceeded – With no other choice Society hired full time lawyer and already couple of notices has been served to all partners of Teirth Developers and Suyojit Infrastructure (JV).

Appeal to the genuine buyers: Before booking your dream home in Aarohi Society be aware of bigger Picture of Project and current litigation status of Aarohi Sus Gaon project. Do not surprise with Stay Order from Court on Construction Work may be in very near future, which is in deed very last resource for the society.

Communication Team
Aarohi CHS Ltd. Susgaon – Pune.
Email ID : aarohisociety.pune@gmail.com.

Link to webpage of the original write up

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  1. Good eye opener. Hope Ravi publishes this information as actively as his rest of the news and retreats his words of falsely appreciating the builder by looking at one side of the coin.

  2. kudos to transparency, sigh ! I hold the decision for Aarohi

  3. Dear Karan, thanks for the comment!

    Ref: "Hope Ravi publishes this information as actively as his rest of the news "

    Sure, I am ready to publish. Thank Aarohi Society for sharing this "eye opener" info.

    Ref: "retreats his words of falsely appreciating the builder by looking at one side of the coin"

    My appreciation of a builder depends upon my views about Pune real estate, sometimes my professional relations with the builder developed over the years, sometimes friendship in a personal life.

    You are right. Info on my blog can be one sided, but only for some time. Because, i am not here to take anybody's side. I am on my side. Yes, it can happen that i am wrong. But if and when i realize this, for sure, i will correct myself.

    However, i do not stop appreciating any person - in my personal and professional life - or stop being friends with him, for a wrong action or a decision.

    For me, the action or a decision is wrong. Not a person.

  4. Really appreciate Ravi.The facts from Aarohi society's email clearly shows Teerth builder is exploiting Aarohi members in wrong way. Since this builder is launching new site & this could be the decisive factor for the potential buyer. As one

    Mr.Shashi who holds the decision on Arohi.

    This post is certainly lift Ravi's image in blog readers eyes.

    Once again big thanks to Ravi for transparency & unbiased views.

  5. Dear Ravi,

    You are on your side. Appreciate it. But you change your side too frequently - rather it is a flip flop! And that puts ? on credibility!

    Dont be a hypocrat. be a true one your face kind of Punekar!

  6. Shocking....to say the least. I am really keen to know what Teerth builder and Suyojit Infrastructure has to say about their side of story.

    It sounds like Aarohi society's member has paid for everything - including land and construction . Suyojit Infrastructure was merely a company hired to do the construction and look after the legal and oprational details. Still the company managed to fool people who are literate and upper class of society is a symbol of condition of systems are in India.

    Ravi, I am thankful that you are publishing both sides of story. But statements like "I am on my side.", "We treat the brochure as a story book or a Fairy Tale."
    doesn't sound like a wellwisher for real estate buyer.

    India badly needs real estate regulator.

  7. Ref: "But statements like "I am on my side.", "We treat the brochure as a story book or a Fairy Tale." doesn't sound like a wellwisher for real estate buyer."

    Dear Ajay, why these statements don't sound like a well wisher of a real estate buyer?

    How about:

    "I am on the side of Pune real estate buyers"

    "Real estate brochure is as truthful as Bhagavad Gita"

    Sounds good? Happy?
    Now, please, vote for me!

    Dear Ajay, these statements may not sound good. But these are the facts.

    My ad agency had designed brochures of more than 300 real estate projects in Pune.

    I love me more than i love anybody else in this world.

  8. Ref: "India badly needs real estate regulator"

    Good idea! Somebody else should be always there to take the responsibility!

    Citizens - property buyers should be always free to live a carefree and happy life. Right?

  9. Ref: "You are on your side. Appreciate it. But you change your side too frequently - rather it is a flip flop! And that puts ? on credibility!"

    Dear Shanti, you are my new true friend.
    Please, visit my every blog and criticize me.
    God bless you!

  10. I appreciate your stand. You state the facts bluntly.

    But it is not just about facts. It is about you taking side of builder. Instead of criticizing builder for not honouring the brochure; you are quoting like this :
    My dear friend Ritu has ignored this reality. She doesn't acknowledge that a human being is a romantic and a dreamer. Like a typical representative of a consumption based economic culture, she thinks that we are nothing but "consumers"! What a false claim!

    Do you really think that people make biggest investment or take biggest debt for a "dream" which may not be honoured?

  11. Yes, Ajay!

    It is written on every brochure that this is just a concept. Not a legal offering.

  12. Thanks Ravi for publishing this perhaps helpful for buyers.
    To me something like Aarohi as first project is a great opportunity to any builder to prove himself. Looking at the construction speed (based on info available), I imagine a huge delay to this project. Builder must rethink/renegotiate with society and should not waste this opportunity.
    On the other hand if builder has any good reasons for changing specifications of the projects, he should bring in a little transparency (may be though this blog's medium or whatever way).
    Legal battle would harm buyers and tarnish builder's image and hence spoil future of Teerth.

  13. Dear Ravi,

    Do you know Current status of this Project? whether the dispute between Teerth Realties and ITPWAP is solved?

  14. Dispute between the builder and ITWAP! Recently, I had a talk with the both parties. My impression is both are not in a hurry. They want to solve it. But are taking their own time. Considering that many people are involved in this - it's fine.

  15. Thanks for the reply Ravi!! what is your suggesstion shall purchase a Flat in Aarohi?

  16. Ravi,

    You are trying to promote the builder we dont know why, but you are very well aware that what is going on both the parties, as you know there is already case filed from society side for not selling those flats and its pending in court then why are you trying to fooling innocent buyers.
    Please see the link below.
    Soon society is going to complain in economic offenses wing, national consumer forum, going to publish paper notice in times of india and there is already talks going on between some news channel for creating a big story on this.
    Below is link of society public paper notice.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Does anybody know the current status of this project. I liked it very much as it fitted in my pocket but looks like they have a dam good reason for selling it at lower rate. Ravi why do still suggest to buy a flat in aarohi