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Saturday, August 7, 2010

MyWorld at Baner - Achalare Associates and Rachana Lifestyle Joint Venture - Re-launched!

Last time: In April 2008: Achalare Associates and Rachana Lifestyle Joint Venture was "Technopolis"! Property Rate: Rs. 3, 600 per sq.ft. (Affordable Property Price!)

Technopolis Baner: Luxurious residences. But affordable property price!

Now! In 2010: "MyWorld at Baner": Property Rate: Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft.

2 BHK Flat: 1122 - 1145 Saleable: Rs. 51 - 52 Lakhs (approx)

3 BHK Flat: 1435 - 1485 sq.ft. Saleable: Rs. 64 - 65 Lakhs

MyWorld Baner - Achalare Associates and Rachana Lifestyle Joint Venture

MyWorld, Baner - India’s first themed residential property!

(Press Release) When is Diwali, this year? When is Ganesh Chaturthi? Standard questions at this time of the year. But what is a festival really about? Rituals, date, time? Festivals initiated as an expression of a feeling. They are less about a date, time and rituals and more about a spirit. ‘The collective emotion of an elevated joy.’ Across the centuries to the contemporary times, a general belief is that festivals have lost their charm. The glitter is present but the light is diminished.

One avenue is advocating a complete role reversal here. Its mantra - everyday is a festival. If the ambience is warm, mood – energized and an infectious buzz of laughter all around, it’s a festival. If kids feel secure, breaths - soaked in natural air and you smile for no reason, it’s a festival!

That’s the unique vibe of MyWorld, Baner (www.myworldpune.com) - India’s first themed residential property! With a signature ambience of celebration and a sense of elevation. You will sense it in the air. A setting that outreaches security, comfort and pampering to conceptualize and nurture a festival everyday, in every moment.

Located at Baner, it brings everything, from Terrace apartments with an impressive elevation to Vast expansive garden, Swimming pool, Children’s play area, Gymnasium and Club house. Unmistakable and distinctive, is the care with which it’s all put together. To pamper every inhabitant. To celebrate every moment. Promoted as a Joint Venture of Achalare Associates (achalaregroup.com) and Rachana Lifestyle (www.rachanaassociates.com), MyWorld Baner (www.myworldpune.com) is clearly, the next level of living in Pune, that has gone beyond standard features and amenities to truly understand and reciprocate the sensitive side of Pune.

Mr. Abhijeet Achalare, Director, Achalare Associates states, “A home is not about bricks and cement. It’s about people. It’s about life. Hence, we thought of a themed residence that truly celebrated life.” Mr. Surendra Dhumne, Head-Sales & Marketing at Rachana Lifestyle adds, “The measure of MyWorld is not in square feet. It will be in how many smiles, how much joy, we can initiate.”

A simple yet philosophical take on cultural richness of Pune, the festival-themed residential property is a first of its kind in India. From press and outdoor media to the site and online (www.myWorldpune.com), festivities are on, 24/7. The site too, is a perpetual carnival. Celebrating Diwali, Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi…all at the same time! Prospective inhabitants are not just queuing up, they are also joining the festive dances…to the beats of the Dholki!

How about some Diwali, Holi, Gudi Parva or Navratri today when MyWorld Baner is launched?

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  1. Hello Ravi,

    I would like to thank you for your blogs. After reading your blogs I have invested with Rachanalife Style’s project Bella Casa. I believe which was a good decision.

    I need your suggestion on the problem which I am facing right now. It is almost more than 14 month I have booked my flat. I have also paid 1st installment before 6 month on request of RachnaLife style Management. But Builder has not started the construction work also there is no information when they will start the registry process. When we contact them they don’t have any deadline for that as they did not get the NOC from the government.

    Is there a way we can try to join all the people who have invested in PROJECT BELLA CASA. So that we can talk to BUILDER as Group of people.

    Usually how time it will take to get the NOC for a project?

    Is there a way we can get more details about the current status of the project.